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Colorado husband on trial for wife’s disappearance, knew she was having affair with high school flame, the month she vanished – Barry Morphew is charged with killing his wife, last seen 15 months ago

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Suzanne Morphew was having two-year affair before she vanished last May

Murder trial for her husband Barry Morphew began in Colorado on Monday with testimony from police investigators who uncovered the affair

Morphew, 53, was arrested in June on suspicion of murdering his wife Suzanne Morphew, 49, after she vanished in Colorado in May 2020

He’s charged with first-degree murder, destroying, mutilating, concealing, removing or altering his wife’s body in an attempt to avoid arrest, possessing an illegal short rifle

A police investigator was the first witness and he revealed that Suzanne Morphew had been having a two-year affair with a man she met in high school

Suzanne Morphew vanished on May 10, 2020 and police believe she was murdered but, her body has still not been found

The case remained unsolved for a year until May this year when Barry Morphew was arrested in May and charged in her killing

The investigator testified that Barry found out about the affair last May

Suzanne vanished without trace days later, while out biking – her bicycle was found abandoned on a road

Morphew is also facing a seperate case of forgery and attempting to influence public servants, – in the 2020 presidential election, he filled out his wife’s mail-in ballot, voting for Donald Trump

Barry Morphew learned his wife Suzanne had been having a two-year affair with one of her high school classmates in the days before allegedly killing her last Mother’s Day, police revealed at the first day of his murder trial on Monday

Suzanne Morphew had been having an affair for two years before she vanished last May, police revealed on Monday at the first day of her husband Barry’s murder trial.  
Barry is on trial for the murder of his wife who vanished from their Colorado home last May. She went out for a bike ride and never returned but her bicycle was found afterwards. 
The case went unsolved for months until May this year when Barry was suddenly arrested and charged in her death. 
In addition to first-degree murder, Morphew is accused of destroying, mutilating, concealing, removing or altering his wife’s body in an attempt to avoid arrest, as well as possessing an illegal short rifle and attempting to influence public servants.
In the 2020 presidential election, Morphew filled out his wife’s mail-in ballot, voting for Donald Trump. He is charged with forgery in that case, which is separate from the murder case.
Prosecutors haven’t revealed any of the evidence they used to charge him nor have they laid out a motive but on Monday, the first witness at his murder trial revealed Barry had just discovered that Suzanne was sleeping with Jeff Libler, who she went to high school with, and had been for two years. 
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Suzanne vanished without a trace on May 10 last year after setting off from her home on a Mother’s Day bike ride.
Morphew has long maintained his innocence.
A week after his wife was was reported missing, Morphew issued a bizarre video online pleading for her to come home and saying: ‘Honey, I love you and I want you back so bad.’  
‘No questions asked, however much they want, I will do whatever it takes to get you back,’ he said. 
Morphew also made a reference to the couple’s two adult daughters needing their mother. 
By contrast Suzanne’s brother and sister both went public with their suspicion of their brother-in-law in their sister vanishing adding that they suspected Morphew of murder. 

The case went unsolved for a year, until June when Barry was suddenly arrested

Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said following Morphew’s arrest in June, that authorities believe Suzanne is dead after conducting over 135 searches across Colorado and interviewing 400 people in multiple states.
While the arrest affidavit remained sealed, investigators insisted they had a strong case against him.
They also hinted they had knowledge of an ‘incident’ that led to Suzanne’s killing but did not elaborate.
On Monday Chaffee County Sheriff’s Commander Alex Walker testified during cross-examination that Suzanne Morphew had a two-year extramarital affair, being in frequent contact with her lover and meeting up with him at least six times in cities across the US.
Suzanne suspected her husband of having an affair so placed a bug in his car, only to be caught her in her own liaison, instead. 
Instead, it was she who was having the affair. She and Libler – who lives in Michigan – met up six times in Indiana, according to Walker. 

Barry Morphew appears in court in Salida, Colo., on Thursday, May 6, 2021

Walker also testified that Suzanne kept a “spy pen” — a voice-activated device that looked like a normal pen but recorded audio — which she place in his car because she feared her husband was having an affair.
Investigators found no evidence that Barry Morphew was having an affair, although the pen did record conversations between Suzanne Morphew and her lover, whom she referred to in the recordings only as “Jeff.”
In November 2020, authorities identified the man, who did not come forward on his own after Suzanne disappeared but spoke willingly with investigators after he was identified, Walker testified on cross-examination.

Morphew was taken into custody on May 5 on charges of first-degree homicide, tampering with evidence and attempting to influence a public servant in relation to his wife’s disappearance

On Monday, the court was also shown bodycam footage of people police spoke to in the early stages of their investigations last May, after Suzanne went missing. 
A neighbor called 911 after Mallory, one of the couple’s daughters, tried texting her to wish her a Happy Mothers’ Day but became alarmed when the texts didn’t go through. 
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Suzanne Morphew seen here with and her husband Barry and their two adult daughters, vanished in May 2020 – on Mother’s Day. Barry has been charged in her disappearance and presumed murder.

Shortly afterwards, police interviewed the other daughter Macy’s boyfriend Miles who told them that Barry and Suzanne had ‘problems’ and had discussed separating.
‘They’ve had some problems in the past. They have talked about separating. I’ve known this through Macy,’ he said.   Sheriffs found out about the affair when they were looking into Suzanne’s disappearance in November. 
They then went to Libler and asked him about the affair and he asked if he was a target in the investigation. 
According to FOX21, Libler and Suzanne had been friends since attending high school together in Alexandria, Indiana.
Monday’s preliminary hearing offered the first look at the evidence against Barry Morphew, which has been kept secret since he was arrested.
Investigators filed a 130-page affidavit detailing the case, but it was sealed by 11th Judicial District Chief Judge Patrick Murphy.
The revealed affair was one of several pieces of testimony that characterized the couple’s marriage as troubled, despite the defendant appearing weepy in court and describing his wife as “his angel since she was 17 years old.”
In his testimony, FBI special agent Kenneth Harris told the court that the “spy pen” recorded one barely-audible conversation in which the couple seemed to be arguing about money.
He further testified that in text messages to a friend, Suzanne Morphew complained that her husband was picking fights and putting their children in the middle.
“He’s not stable,” she wrote in one message shown in court. “It’s guilt and desperate measures he’s taking … I can’t win with him. He’s too good at the manipulation. I feel stuck.”

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