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Member of notorious ‘SNOW’ gang charged with disposing the body of high end escort stuffed in a barrel and transported to NJ, after she died during party at apartment in New York’s Financial District

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Member of NYC’s notorious ‘SNOW’ gang is charged with disposing the body of prostitute, 42, in a barrel after she died during party at Manhattan apt

Ex-con turned himself in after he was accused of helping to move body of NYC escort, last seen in Wall St. building, found in a plastic barrel

Aquellio Parker, reportedly a member of NYC’s notorious ‘SNOW’ gang, has been accused of helping dispose of the body of Nicole Flanagan, found inside a barrel on a New Jersey street on Aug 13

Parker, 29, from Queens turned himself to the NYPD on Sunday but will now be taken into custody by Bergen County Police in New Jersey

The mother-of-three, and high class escort, Nicole Flanagan, was last seen entering a building in the financial district, accompanied by a Parker on Aug 6

Police has not specified if Parker is the man Flanagan was last seen with

Parker was said to be member of Queens-based SNOW gang who served time for conspiracy and was released from parole in 2018

Aquellio Parker, [left], from Queens, NY, has been charged with being an accomplice to disturbing, moving human remains, concealing and desecrating a deceased body after allegedly, helping dispose of the body of  high-end NY escort Nicole Flanagan [right], that was found in a barrel on a New Jersey street on Aug 13

An ex-con has been charged with helping to move body of NYC escort, last seen in Wall St. building, only to be found found dead in a plastic barrel across state lines in New Jersey, a day later.
Aquellio Parker, allegedly, a member of the SNOW gang turned himself in and was held after he was accused of helping transport the body of a sex worker stuffed into a plastic barrel, from New York to New Jersey after she died in a Manhattan apartment building.
Parker, 29, from Queens, turned himself in to the NYPD on Sunday and was being held in New York pending his extradition to Berger County, New Jersey, where the 55-gallon drum with the remains of Nicole Lee Anna Flanagan was found last week on a street in Ridgefield Park, a few miles after the George Washington Bridge.

Nicole Flanagan’s body was found in a 55-gallon barrel in a New Jersey last week after being carted out of 95 Wall Street in the barrel on Thursday95 Wall Street in Manhattan where body of escort was carted out

Parker was charged with being an accomplice to disturbing, moving human remains, desecrating, damaging and/or destroying human remains and conspiring to disturb, move, conceal and/or desecrate a deceased body.
Surveillance video, which has not been released to the public, purportedly showed Parker meeting 42-year-old Flanagan, a mom-of-three, when she arrived by a livery cab in Manhattan’s Financial District just before 2am on August 6, entering the building, before riding up to its 11th floor.
Investigators had previously said that Flanagan was accompanied by a 25-year-old gang member that was a person of interest in the investigation. Parker was then allegedly seen bringing a large barrel into the building at 95 Wall Street on August 11, which contains offices and rental apartments. 
The next day he was seen again, bringing the barrel out and loading it in a U-Haul van that had been parked outside, around 10.45pm, according to cops.
No one else has been arrested in connection to the crime.  At this point, It is not known if Parker’s chargers will be upgraded to murder, with a cause of Flanagan’s death yet to be established. 

Aquellio Parker allegedly seen bringing a large barrel into the building at 95 Wall Street on August 11

The New York Daily News reported, citing unnamed police sources, that Parker lived in the Springfield Gardens section of Queens and was a member of the local SNOW gang. 
According to public records, Parker was among more than 30 alleged gang members who were arrested in 2014.
He was convicted of second-degree conspiracy in 2016 and was released to parole supervision in September 2017.
He was discharged from parole a year later. He is due in Manhattan Criminal Court on September 7. However, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has not set a date for the suspect’s extradition to New Jersey.  
Flanagan, a high-end escort and resident of the Bronx, was originally from Queens.
The mother-of-three who has family in Connecticut, had lost contact with her family after she started having problems with drugs and alcohol, a family friend told the New York Post. She was most recently living alone in an apartment building in the Bronx’s Woodlawn neighborhood.
Law enforcement sources described her as a prostitute with a record of arrests on drug charges.

A day before her death Nicole Flanagan [photo], checked into the $300 a night Hampton Inn on Pearl Street on August 4 for a planned one-night stay in Room 804

Flanagan was last seen alive on August 6. Moments after Flanagan and Parker met on the street on August 6, they were captured on surveillance video riding an elevator to the 22nd floor of the apartment building at 95 Wall St.
Later that morning, around 10:45 a.m., Parker bought several scented candles at a Duane Reade store across the street, sources said.
Five days later, on Aug. 11, he arrived at the building in a livery car and walked in while carrying a large plastic barrel. When a security guard questioned him, he allegedly said he was using the barrel to move out.
The next day, a U-Haul van with Arizona plates arrived at the rear service entrance to 95 Wall around 9:30 p.m., driven by an unidentified male.
Parker was seen conferring with the driver and grabbing a moving cart from the van. The men then went up to the 22nd floor and were seen using the cart to roll the barrel out the rear of the building around 10 p.m., sources said.
On Aug. 13, Flanagan’s decomposing body was found inside a 55-gallon plastic drum that was left in a residential neighborhood in Ridgefield Park, NJ, after residents called cops about the foul odor coming from it..
Her body was found undressed and with no evident injuries on August 13 and identified on August 20 by the Bergen County Prosecutor Office. 
Toxicology results are still to determine the cause of her death.   

Flanagan left the room late Aug 4 or very early on Aug 5, When she didn’t return to check out, employees at the Hampton Inn entering the room allegedly, found crack pipes, almost empty bottle of Hennessy and weed laying around

Just before her death Flanagan reportedly, checked into room 804 at the Hampton Inn on Pearl Street, Lower Manhattan, on August 4 for a planned one-night stay.
After her death, booze and drugs were found in a luxury room in the hotel that usually goes for $300 a night but Flanagan, a frequent guest, used her ‘silver member’ points to cut the cost in half, hotel staff said, adding that they found a nearly empty bottle of booze, crack pipes and a joint in her hotel room. 
‘It’s the best room — with a balcony, the city view and everything,’ they added. 
Flanagan either left the room late August 4 or very early on the morning of August 5 but never returned to check out, so the hotel extended her stay and charged her an an extra $100.
But when employees realized she was not returning they entered the room and found crack pipes, an almost empty bottle of Hennessy cognac and weed laying around.  Also found in the room were a pair of pink panties, a pair of black ‘booty shorts,’ cosmetic bags and a single, slingback stiletto heel shoe.  
Days after her apparent wild hotel stay, the mother-of-three’s body was found in a barrel.   
Earlier in the evening, she was accompanied by the man the NYPD identified, a 25-year-old who has since been said to be a member of the notorious SNOW Gang, according to the Post.

Police in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, are seen inspecting the green barrel containing Flanagan’s body. Cops were called in on Aug 13 were responding to reports of a foul smelling strange barrel left in the street

Other evidence tying Flanagan to the gang member was found on her cell phone, which showed his number was the last one she called shortly before the rendezvous.
The phone was found outside the Wall Street Grill restaurant, about three blocks away, by the eatery’s manager around 8:15 p.m. on Aug. 9.
Cops confirmed it was Flanagan’s phone by calling it using a number provided by her ex-boyfriend, who described her as a “high-end prostitute,” sources said.

NYPD officers execute raid on 95 Wall Street, NYC, on August 19

On August 19, police in bulletproof vests raided the apartment on the 22nd floor of 95 Wall Street, which Flanagan listed as a residence. According to neighbors, cops missed the ‘two guys’ that live there by a few hours.
‘They were OK guys. They would stop and talk. They were loud and would play hip-hop music but they seemed harmless,’ one neighbor said .
‘You never know. One day they seem harmless, but one day you’re in a barrel in New Jersey,’ the neighbor said.
One neighbor living next to the men on the 22nd floor said the cops had ‘missed these guys by a few hours.’
‘I thought they were dealing drugs, but they were always riding skateboards. I just thought they were on the delivery end.
‘Their apartment smelled like marijuana and bad air freshener. They always had some strange incense going,’ he added.

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