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Cops in search of suspects in quadruple-homicide after two women and two men are found shot dead in SUV abandoned in Wisconsin cornfield – Police say victims are residents of neighboring Minnesota

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Man working in Wisconsin cornfield Sunday found SUV with four bodies inside

Victims were identified as Jasmine Sturm, 30, her brother Matthew Isiah Pettus, 26; her boyfriend Loyace Foreman III, 35, and her lifelong friend, Nitosha Flug-Presley, 30- all residents of Minessota

Autopsies revealed all four people had been shot to death

SUV had Minnesota license plates, and investigators said victims had no known ties to Dunn County, Wisconsin

Foreman III and Sturm were in a romantic relationship, and Sturm and Flug-Presley were close friends

Flug-Presley, Sturm and Pettus leave behind young children

Family members supplied photos identifying the victims: From left to right: Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, Jasmine Christine Sturm, Loyace Foreman and Matthew Pettus

Loyace Foreman III, 35, was identified on Tuesday as one of the four people who were found shot dead inside an SUV parked in a Wisconsin cornfield on Sunday 
Authorities in Wisconsin on Tuesday identified the two men and two women who were found murdered inside an SUV with Minnesota license plates that was found abandoned in a cornfield over the weekend, revealing that all four had been shot to death. 
The four friends were found shot to death in an SUV abandoned in a cornfield on Sunday, in Sheridan, 50 miles north Minneapolis.
Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd named the victims as Jasmine Christine Sturm, 30, and her 26-year-old brother Mathew Isiah Pettus, her childhood bestfriend Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, 30, and Sturm’s boyfriend Loyace Foreman III, 35.
Flug-Presley was from Stillwater, while the other three were from Saint Paul, Minnesota. 
Autopsies that were performed on Monday by Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that all four victims died from gunshot wounds.
‘Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these victims,’ Bygd stated. ‘I wish we could release more details of our investigation but we have to balance the public’s desire to know the details with running the risk of harming our investigation and losing evidence for building a good homicide case.’

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Loyace-Foreman-III-left-and-Mathew-Pettus-right-1.png
Loyace Foreman III, [left], and Matthew Pettus, [right], were identified on Tuesday as two of the four people who were found shot dead inside an SUV abandoned in a Wisconsin cornfield on Sunday 

The Dunn County Sheriff’s office believe the killings happened in St. Paul because, all four victims were last seen late Saturday night at the Shamrocks Grill, where both Sturm and her brother had worked for several years.
When Shamrocks closed, employees said the quartet headed across the street to the White Squirell which stays open until 2 am.
Twelve hours later a farmer working the fields discovered their dead bodies in the abandoned SUV 50 miles away.
Police said someone picked up the four friends in an SUV, as they hunt for the driver as well as of the driver of the other vehicle that accompanied him to Wisconsi

Law enforcement officials in Wisconsin are pictured investigating a homicide involving four people who were found dead inside an SUV in the middle of a cornfield on Sunday  
The crime scene is located in the town of Sheridan in Dunn County, Wisconsin, located about 70 miles east of Minneapolis 

The sheriff’s has not disclosed a possible motive behind the killings. It is also unknown at this time what the four Minnesota residents were doing in rural Wisconsin at the time of their deaths.  
The case began unfolding at around 2.20pm on Sunday when a 911 caller alerted deputies to the black SUV that was off a rural road in the Town of Sheridan, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office. 
In a Facebook post Monday, sheriff’s officials said the victims do not appear to have any connection to the area.
The posting also said there may have been a second dark-colored SUV traveling with the vehicle that was abandoned. Dunn County, Wisconsin, is located about 70 miles east of Minneapolis. 
The man who made the 911 call that set off the homicide investigation told News 18 he was working in a cornfield on Sunday afternoon when he came across the SUV.
He approached the vehicle and saw multiple people inside who appeared to be dead.  

On Saturday night the four friends were at the Shamrock grill in St. Paul. till it closed. Jazmin Sturm and her brother Mathew Pettus both worked at the bar
When Shamrock closed the four friends moved across the street to The White Squirrel, which stays open until 2 am
Loyace Foreman III [right] and Jessica Sturm [left],were in a relationship. The couple were among the four bodies found dead inside the abandoned SUV, in a Wisconsin cornfield, on Sunday

Audio from a police scanner obtained by the station KSTP has revealed that none of the victims was in the driver’s seat. ‘Do we have an accident, or we got something else?’ one officer asks.
‘It’s gonna be something else, from what I can tell,’ another replies cryptically.
Meanwhile, devastated family and friends have been flooding Facebook with tributes honoring the four victims. 
Loyace Foreman III was the son of Loyace Foreman Jr, senior pastor at New Vision Faith Center in Saint Paul.   
‘He was stolen from us,’ Loyace’s mother, Jessica, wrote in a post. ‘And we will find the thief. If it takes my very last breath. We will not rest. Loyace PulzeRazr Foreman III was my Prince.’ 
According to recent social media posts, the 35-year-old man was in a romantic relationship with Jessica Sturm.  *Sturm worked as a paralegal at a law firm and was raising her two sons, ages 11 and 5. The youngest boy had just celebrated his birthday last month. 
Foreman’s mother confirmed that he was in a relationship with Sturm and that Sturm and Pettus were siblings. Foreman’s mother also said Foreman had two sons, ages 7 and 13.
Mourners online described Sturm and Nitosha Flug-Presley are close friends. 
‘There was never a time where i would see 1 without the other,’ a mutual friend wrote. ‘Y’all were literally inseparable and to think we lost y’all together don’t even sit right.’ 
Flug-Presley leaves behind a young son and daughter. 
According to public records, Matthew Pettus was a relative of Sturm. He leaves behind a young daughter under the age of two.    
No arrests have been announced as of Tuesday afternoon. 

A man working in the field came across the abandoned black SUV and saw multiple dead bodies inside, which he then reported to the authorities.
Investigators are asking local residents to come forward if they saw or heard someone who was walking in the Sheridan area

‘As we have learned more throughout our investigation, we do not believe there to be present danger to the public in the area,’ the sheriff’s office stated. 
Sheriff’s officials said earlier that there may have been a second dark-colored SUV, with a Minnesota number plate, traveling with the vehicle that was abandoned.
The Dunn County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and the Wisconsin State Patrol and assisting in the investigation.
Investigators are asking local residents to come forward if they saw or heard someone who was walking in the Sheridan area, or going to a home to ask for a ride early Sunday morning or late Saturday night, reported WQOW. Neighbors are being urged to lock their doors and be aware of their surroundings.  

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