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Amnesiac ‘Disney Town killer’ does not remember admission to killing family: Anthony Todt, on trial after admitting to killing his three kids and wife, says SHE murdered kids with a ‘poisoned pudding pie’, before committing suicide

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‘I came home and my kids were dead’ Anthony Todt told a Connecticut jury on Wednesday

Anthony Todt, 46, alleged his late Wife Megan Todt killed their three children, then took her own life

Todt is facing four counts of murder and one count of animal cruelty after killing his wife, three kids and the family dog in Dec. 2019

The physical therapist was under investigation for insurance fraud in Jan. 2019, when feds and deputies executing an arrest warrant entered the family’s vacation home in Disney Town, Florida

Deputies found the heavily decomposing bodies of Megan Todt, 42, their children Alek, 13, Tyler 11 and Zoe, 4, as well as the family dog Breezy in an upstairs bedroom

In his first police interview, Todt admitted to killing his family, following a pact he made with Megan

On Wednesday instead, he accused his wife Megan of killing their children in Dec. 2019, after feeding them ‘poisoned pudding pie’

On the stand Wednesday, he claimed that he did not remember making the confession that was played for the jury

Todt in three seperate interviews had admitted to the crime, but jury hard only

Confessed killer, physical therapist seen, [photo], in court on Wednesday, is accused of stabbing his two sons in their Disney town home after they were already dead

A disgraced physical therapist accused of killing his family in their Disney town home nearly three years ago blamed his wife for murdering his children during his trial, despite having previously confessed to their slayings.
Anthony Todt, 46, the court heard killed his wife and three children in 2019 and keeping their bodies wrapped in blankets inside their Florida rental for weeks.
Taking the stand in Connecticut on Wednesday, he pinned the blame on his dead wife who he said believed the family needed to “pass over” before the end time: ‘I came home and my kids were dead,’ Todt told the jury.
‘It was the most horrible day of my life. What made it more horrible was that my wife died in front of me also.’
The defendant who had earlier admitted to the quadruple slaying claimed Megan Todt murdered all three of their children with a poisoned ‘pudding pie’ because she believed they needed to ‘pass over’ ahead of the apocalypse, The Daily Beast reported. 

Todt is accused of killing Megan, as well as their sons 13-year-old Alek and 11-year-old Tyler, daughter Zoe, 4, and dog Breezy in Dec 2019 because he thought the world was ending. Victims allegedly, were drugged with Benadryl, suffocated, stabbed and left to rot for two weeks inside their Celebration, Fl. vacation home. 

He claimed Megan, who had allegedly battled life-long chronic illnesses, believed by dying the family could be reincarnated into a better life. 
Todt is accused of killing Megan, as well as their sons 13-year-old Alek and 11-year-old Tyler, daughter Zoe, 4, and dog Breezy in late December 2019 because he thought the world was ending. 
The victims were allegedly drugged with Benadryl, suffocated, stabbed and left to rot for two weeks inside their Celebration, Florida vacation home. 
He has pled not guilty to multiple counts of homicide. He is also charged with one count of animal cruelty for Breezy’s death.   

A recanting Anthony Todt has alleged that his wife Megan Todt, seen here with the couple’s children Alek, Tyler, their daughter Zoe kpoisoned the kids and the family dog Breezy before killing her self

Todt’s accusation against Megan comes just two days after the jury saw a video of three police interviews following the murders in which he confessed to killing his family.
In that early interview Todt said he suffocated and stabbed his kids and wife as part of an apocalypse-fueled suicide pact with Megan. However taking the stand on Wednesday he introduced amnesia into his defense.
He didn’t remember confessing at all he said, but he remembered telling his wife he would take the blame: “I was covering for my wife. Obviously unsuccessfully. I had no clue how my kids died,” Todt said on Wednesday, adding that he had “no idea” his wife would kill their family and noting that on the morning of the murders she had woken up “pain free.”
“I didn’t see this coming,” he said, before stressing he did not kill his family.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anthony-Todts-home-where-he-allegedly-killed-his-wife-and-three-children-4.jpg
The victims were allegedly drugged with Benadryl, suffocated, stabbed and left to rot for two weeks inside their Celebration, Florida vacation home where cops found the bodies in a decomposing state on Jan 13, 2020. Todt told deputies they all died before Christmase

Todt claimed he returned to the Celebration, Florida home later that day and found Megan holding a suicide note.
‘She had blood on her shirt and after that, after I said a few uncolored words to her, I went and discovered the kids. I went into the rooms and found them dead,’ he told the jury, according to WESH.  
He claimed Megan then drank a family-sized bottle of Benadryl and stabbed herself in the stomach.
The defendant claimed that he tried to kill himself at least 10 times after his family’s deaths. He admitted to various suicide attempts including by overdosing on Benadryl and hanging himself. 
He said he ‘chickened out’ when he attempted to knife himself.
‘I chickened out, yes,’ Todt told his murder trial. ‘I tried other means. I tried at least three episodes of Benadryl.’   
Authorities were first made aware that the Todt family was missing just after Christmas in 2019, when family members asked Osceola Sheriff’s deputies to perform a wellness check.
At one point, an FBI agent who had been investigating Todt’s Connecticut business for medical fraud also grew concerned and asked the Florida sheriff’s office to locate the physical therapist.
Federal agents and deputies investigating Todt for alleged financial crimes, in the process of executing an arrest warrant entered the home on Jan. 13, 2020, and found the heavily decomposed bodies of Megan, Alek, Tyler, and Zoey Todt in the upstairs master bedroom, under blankets.

Todt is seen with the children he initially confessed that he killed. Now he claims his wife who was also found dead with stab wounds, poisoned the children before killing herself. He initially claimed he slaughtered his family because he thought the world was coming to an end

On Tuesday, jurors heard an interview Todt had with detectives at the time of his arrest when he confessed to the murders. He told police he and Megan had initially planned to kill the entire family together.
‘How are you doing?’ a detective is heard enquiring of Todt in the interview. 
‘Health wise? I’m sad I’m still here,’ Todt responds.
‘Is there somewhere else you’d rather be?’ the official asked. 
‘With my family on the other side,’ Todt answers.
In that same interview, Todt detailed how he and Megan plotted and attempted their children’s murders. ‘So my wife made a pudding pie, nothing happened,’ Todt explained to officials at the time, adding that after the failed attempt the couple decided their family would bleed to death instead. 
He said he suffocated Zoe first, then the boys. He then stabbed Alek and Tyler numerous times. 
‘The kids were dead before Christmas,’ he told investigators, as heard in the recording.
He then added that Megan had tried stabbing herself to death and after repeatedly failing, asked him to suffocate her as well. Todt reportedly laid in bed next to her after she died. 

On January 13, 2020, deputies went to arrest Todt on insurance fraud charges related to his physical therapy business. Instead they found everyone in his family portrait except Anthony Todt, dead and decomposing in the family home, including the family dog

Todt testified Wednesday that Megan started practicing a Hinduism-based religion with an afterlife component after she started battling lime disease and depression and had suffered miscarriages.
It is unclear exactly what religion they practiced but the couple allegedly started watching videos about the afterlife in April 2019. 
Earlier this week, the court was played a 911 call placed by one of Todt’s sisters saying her brother believed the world was ending in late December 2019. She requested police conduct a welfare check on the family. 
Prosecutors on Monday alleged Todt carried out the crime ahead of what he and Megan believed was an impending apocalypse: ‘Everybody needed to die in order to pass over to the other side together because the apocalypse was coming’.
Assistant State Attorney Danielle Pinnell told the jurors that
Special Agent Michael Phelps told the court Monday that the family’s bodies were found ‘discolored, black and blue’ when they reached the house.
The victims, who were found wrapped in blankets, were killed by ‘unspecified violence’ combined with overdoses of Benadryl, medics said.
Emily Seda, a forensics supervisor at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, testified on Monday a cherry-flavored liquid Benadryl bottle was found in a trash can.
She said the bottle had Todt’s fingerprints on it. Boxes and and bottles of Benadryl were also found in the house, prosecutors said.
Special Agent Phelps told the court Todt was mumbling as authorities searched the house, noting how an arrest affidavit said during the search ‘Anthony could barely stand and appeared to be shaking’.

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