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Love triangle ends tragically with Wendy’s worker, 20, being shot dead by jealous off-duty NYPD cop, 36, for having affair with his wife, 35, after tailing pair to their motel rendezvous

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Edward Wilkins was gunned down on Sunday night at a parking lot in upstate New York, by off-duty police officer Sean Armstead

Armstead, 36, suspected Wilkins, 20,of sleeping with Alexandra Vanderheyden, his 35-year-old wife, and trailed the pair out on a date

The enraged NY police officer was supposed to be working a midnight shift in the Bronx but called in sick to hunt down his wife and the young lover she employed as a dog walker

Armstead tailed his wife and the Wendy’s employee, out on a date to a motel then a sports bar in Wallkill, 80 miles from NYC, on Sunday night 

He cornered the pair outside a Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 211 before chasing down the mystery ‘lover’ and shooting him dead

The After shooting a fleeing Wilkins multiple times in the back of the head, Armstead shot himself, falling dead on top of Wilkins in the same parking lot

Armstead’s wife Alexandria, though present was not harmed in the shooting

Edward Wilkins, 20, (left) was gunned down on Sunday night at a parking lot in Wallkill, upstate New York, by off-duty police officer Sean Armstead [right], who suspected him of sleeping with his 35-year-old wife, and trailed the pair out on a date

A young Wendy’s employee was shot dead at a restaurant in upstate New York on Monday by a jealous husband who suspected the victim was sleeping with his wife.
NYPD officer Sean Armstead had been tailing Edward Wilkins on suspicion that he was sleeping with his wife, Alexandra Vanderheyden. He followed thee couple as the drove too their date on Sunday.
In a brazen murder-suicide Armstead, 36, rammed 20-year-old Edward Wilkins’ car as he left the Buffalo Wild Wings in Wallkill upstate New York.
When the young man got out of his Dodge Charger and tried to flee on foot the off-duty cop gunned him down down, shooting the fleeing man multiple times in the back of the head, before turning the gun on himself.
At the center of the love triangle, 35-year-old Vanderheyden, who was present at the shooting apparently was not harmed. She reportedly, met Wilkins when she hired him to work at the dog walking business she owns.
It’s unclear when Armstead became suspicious of this wife, but on May 8, when he was supposed to be working the nightshift in the Bronx, he called in sick. Instead, he tailed Wilkins and Vanderheyden on a date in Wallkill, about 80 miles from NYC, where the lovers spent some time in the La Quinta Inn.
The pair then had dinner and stopped over at a Dave & Busters sports bar, according to the New York Post.
The Vanderheyden told police that she believes her husband tracked her through her cell phone.

Alleged shooter reportedly, was off-duty police officer Sean Armstead [left], who tailed his wife Alexandra Vanderheyden [right], and a man he suspected she was her lover, through Wallkill, 80 miles north of New York City late on Sunday night.
Enraged, officer Sean Armstead, [right], was supposed to be working a midnight shift in the Bronx but called in sick to hunt down his wife, Alexandra Vanderheyden, [left], and the 20-year-old lover she employed as a dog walker

Wilkins an avid social media poster, who appears to have juggled jobs as a Wendy’s employee and dog walker, appears to have been an exercise fanatic who was focused on self improvement, according to his TikTok.
One video shows him doing yoga and meditation, taking online courses in business, studying cryptocurrency, NFT and stocks, exercising and focusing on his personal development.
The 20-year-old’s life was cut short on May 8, after Armstead followed Wilkins and Vanderheyden when they left their dinner date at Dave & Busters sports bar.  
Wilkins and Vanderheyden got into separate cars and that’s when Armstead sped after his wife’s alleged younger lover in a grey Dodge Charger, slamming into his car just outside the Buffalo Wild Wings.

NYPD officer Sean Armstead [right], was supposed to be working a midnight shift in the Bronx when he confronted and shot dead Edward Wilkins [left], who worked as a dog-walker for the wife’s business, in a murder-suicide
Cut down by love rival: Edward Wilkins, [L-R], who was killed by his alleged lover’s jealous husband on Sunday night, frequently posted to his TikTok account bragging about his personal habits and successes

Armstead reportedly, shot the fleeing Wilkins multiple times in the back of the head.
A guest at the neighboring Super 8 hotel said she heard the smash and saw Wilkins jump out of his car with Armstead chasing after him.
After a volley of gunshots, the younger man slumped to the floor in a parking spot.
‘I heard eight shots. The cop shot him multiple times until he was dead,’ said the shaken guest, who would only give her first name, Jennifer.
Then the cop, in shooting himself, landed on top of the body. They were both on top of one another in the same spot in a pool of blood.

Edward Wilkins, the 20-year-old shooting victim in middle of NYPD love triangle was an avid poster on posts on TikTok

‘The woman was screaming and running in and out of Buffalo Wild Wings. She was crying hysterically, it looked like she was going to pass out,’ the witness said.
‘Upon arrival, officers discovered two deceased males in the parking lot,’ the statement said. The first victim was identified as Armstead, 36, and the second, Wilkins, of Wurtsboro, New York.
‘A Glock 19 handgun and several spent shell casings were found at the scene,’ the statement added.
In Wallkill, people were still at work cleaning up the blood in the parking lot at 4:30am on Monday. 
At the couples home in in Port Jervis, officers were seen roping off the front of Armstead’s driveway with police tape Monday morning

Off-duty NYPD officer Sean Armstead from Port Jervis, NY tailed his wife and a man he suspected she was having an affair with Sunday night. He shot the man dead in the parking lot of this Buffalo Wild Wings in upstate New York

The shooter’s wife Alexandria Vanderheyden, was not thought to have been harmed in the shooting that unfolded around 10:40pm. The couple’s marital $450,000 home in Port Jervis, 40 miles from Wallkill, was being guarded by multiple police cars Monday morning. 
For her young paramour Edward Wilkins, loved ones were seen gathered at his home in nearby Mamakating, New York, to mourn on Monda.y

Vanderheyden [left], told investigators she believes that her cuckold husband Sean Armstead [right], tracked her through her cell phone, before unleashing the mayhem

Sources say Armstead cornered the pair outside a Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 211 before chasing down the mystery ‘lover’ and shooting him dead.
Sean Armstead was living with his wife in a log cabin in the sleepy rural town nearly two hours from NYC, for the past five years.  
They had set up a dog boarding business on their property. ‘He would hire local kids to walk the dogs,’ one neighbor said. Wilkins the man accused of sleeping with Alexandria Vanderheyden had been hired as a dog walker by the family, in the past.

Armstead tailed his 35-year-old spouse, Alexandra Vanderheyden, and her 20-year-old suspected lover Edward Wilkins to a La Quinta hotel on the opposite side of a parking lot to the Buffalo Wild Wings
K-9 units inspect victim’s vehicle after NYPD cop, Sean Armstead, begs off sick on Sunday night, instead travels upstate to shoot dead wife’s young lover, before shooting himself

Online records state Armstead has been a cop for 11 years and was on a salary of $105,000.
The veteran officer, in his mid-30s, in his law enforcement career picked up five complaints involving his use of physical force and alleged abuse of authority.
However, none of the complaints were upheld, according to publicly available disciplinary records.
Armstead also made the news in June 2016 when he was mugged while walking his dog in Harlem.
The off-duty cop was punched and beaten by four men who fled with his wallet and NYPD identification card.

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