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6′ 9” Alabama jail escapee Casey White is back in custody as cops say he may have fired shot that killed his prison guard lover – Vick White was found shot in the head at end of police chase in Indiana on Monday

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Escaped Alabama inmate Casey Cole White is back in custody, arrested by US Marshals in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday, after 11 days on run

His lover and travelling companion, prison guard Vicky White died from a gunshot wound to the head hours after a dramatic police chase

It’s unclear who pulled the trigger as Sheriff Singleton speculates that he was the one who pulled trigger as she died and he was arrested

Vickey White was driving the fugitives vehicle, audio of a dispatch call reveals that she told operators she was in the vehicle with her ‘finger on the trigger’ before the pair crashed in Evansville on Monday

Vicky White was supposed to be transporting Casey Cole White from the county jail to court in Lauderdale, Alabama, on April 29, but the pair made a run for it 

Dumping the first car in Tennessee, they evaded police for nearly two weeks, hiding out in Evansville, Indiana, since May 3

The manager of the car wash reported their dumped truck to police on May 4, but cops said they couldn’t do anything, since it wasn’t reported stolen

On May 8, US Marshals contacted him about his surveillance footage, tracked the pair to their motel on Monday, before the brief high speed chase which ended when getaway driver, Vicky White, rolled the grey Cadillac

Casey Cole White is awaiting extradition back to Alabama

Murder suspect Casey Cole White is seen [left], in his new mugshot after being taken into custody in Indiana yesterday, bringing an end to an 11 day manhunt. His prison guard lover Vicky White [right], died after being shot in the head during a dramatic police chase last night in Evansville, Indiana.  

Casey Cole White, the escaped Alabama inmate who went on the run with his prison guard lover for 11 days was back in custody. Captured Monday night in Indiana, Cole White is now back in jail and can be seen for the first time in his new mugshot today. 
US Marshals finally caught up with the fugitive convict and his 56-year-old prison guard lover, Vicky White, on Monday in Evansville, Indiana, two states away and nearly 217 miles from the Lauderdale County facility where the pair were last seen at the end of the month.
The eventful chase brought an end to a nationwide manhunt that began on April 29. He is now in custody in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, but renegade corrections officer Vicky White died after being shot in the head during a dramatic police chase Monday night in Evansville.
Initial police reports said she killed herself as audio of a dispatch call between 911 operators revealed that Ms. White told them she was holding the gun and had her finger on the trigger.

After the fugitives rolled their vehicle after a high speed chase on Monday, US Marshals were seen arresting Casey Cole White
Video shows the Marshals arrest escaped inmate, Casey Cole White after a brief chase in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday afternoon. His companion Vicky White, was found with a headshot injury. She died in hospital, hours later

However as of Tuesday, it remains unclear if she killed herself or if Cole White shot her. An autopsy is pending. 
‘When we made the arrest yesterday afternoon, when we were taking Casey into custody he said “help my wife, she just shot herself.” Obviously, there’s an ongoing investigation to determine just that.
‘That’s the information we were given from Casey White,’ US Marshals said in an interview with Good Morning America.
As of Tuesday afternoon, it was reported that Cole White is awaiting extradition back to Alabama. 
It turns out that the fugitive pair had been hiding out in Indiana since May 3. Their abandoned truck was reported to local police on May 4, by a local business operator who saw it parked at a strange angle on his premises. 
Car wash manager James Stinson, says he called Evansville police and suggested that the vehicle might belong to the pair after they dumped it on his premises last week. Because it hadn’t been stolen, the authorities said there was nothing they could do. 

The odyssey of fugitive pair, Vicky White and Casey Cole White ended Monday afternoon in Indiana after leading US Marshals on a car chase that lasted ‘less than a few minutes’. They had been in Evansville, Indiana, since May 3 after fleeing Lauderdale, Alabama on April 29.
Car wash manager James Stinson [left], told NewsNation reporters Brian Entin [right], that he reported the suspicious vehicle parked at his business to Evansville police on May 4, the day after the pair dumped it. Cops did nothing, so he had the vehicle towed

Stinson told NewsNation that he had the F150 truck towed on May 4. 
‘I walked up to the truck and went, ‘Oh my God, it’s probably this guy from Alabama.’ I walked and looked in the truck because I think he could be dead, passed out, who knows? So I backed up. I opened the door, the keys are in it. I start it up. I Googled the local police department’s number because I didn’t want to call 911.
‘They send a cop out. The cop says, ‘Well there ain’t nothing I can do. It’s not reported stolen.’ He ran the plates. Then he left and came back. He looked in it again. He found a gun lock in the seat and said, ‘Oh my God, there’s a gun lock but there ain’t no guns around.’ So he left. He just said, ‘Do what you’ve got to do.’ I towed it.’ 
On Sunday, May 8, police finally contacted Stinson and asked about the truck. That is when he checked surveillance camera footage from his business and found video footage of Casey. 
‘I’m just glad it’s over and nobody got hurt. I was more concerned about one person trying to confront them. It took a team, and I’m glad it ended this way. This guy has nothing to live for; he’s dangerous. Any one of us could’ve said something wrong and he’d have went off. I could’ve got on him for leaving the car in the wash bay, but I chose not to,’ he added.  

Audio of a dispatch call reveals that Vicky White told operators she was in the vehicle with her ‘finger on the trigger’ before the pair crashed. 

Initially, police believed Vicky shot herself in the car after the chase ended in a crash. 
However Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Sheriff Singleton said he would not be surprised if Casey was the one who pulled the trigger. He was awaiting trial for the murder of a different woman when Vicky helped him escape on April 29. 
‘He will never see the light of day again. He will be in a cell by himself. He will stay in handcuffs and shackles while he’s in that cell and if he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it. 
‘He’s not getting out of this jail again. I’ll assure you that,’ Singleton said. 
Vicky was driving the pair’s vehicle when it crashed after a police chase. When officers surrounded the car, Casey told them to help his ‘wife’ who had been shot. 

Alabama murder suspect Casey Cole White is seen on surveillance camera at the car wash in Evansville, Indiana, where he abandoned the vehicle on May 3

The dead guard was the ‘mastermind’ of their logistical escape plan, Sheriff Singleton said on Tuesday morning, but it’s unclear who came up with the idea to get Casey out. 
‘To go from day one, thinking she’s been kidnapped and maybe in danger then finding out she took him out willingly, then trying to determine was she threatened or coerced in some way…then finding out that she was basically the mastermind behind the whole plan. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster. 
‘Obviously, he was behind bars – he couldn’t have planned too much behind bars. Personally, I think she was the one who put the plan together. She was in a position of knowledge. She made sure the other armed deputies were out, she arranged to purchase the getaway car, she sold her house got her hands on cash, went shopping. ‘She obviously put the plan together,’ Singleton told CNN. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Vicky-White-s-car-1.jpg
The fugitives were spotted on a gas station camera in Alabama on April 29, in this Ford Edge, having abandoned Vicky White’s official cruiser. She bought it days before the escape. Later that day it was found in rural Tennessee. Several days more passed before authorities linked it to the pair

Audio of a dispatch call reveals that Vicky told police she was in the vehicle with her ‘finger on the trigger’ before the pair crashed. When police swarmed the car, Casey told them that she had shot herself. An autopsy has not yet proved that.  
The pair fled the Lauderdale County Jail on April 29 then changed vehicles, driving to Tennessee before dumping that car and picking up another. 
It’s unclear what their ultimate plan was before their luck ran out.

The Surveillance footage from an Evansville car wash, released Monday, showing Casey Cole White [photo] where the pair abandoned a Ford F-150, on May 3. The business owner called cops on May 4, to report the truck, but nothing was done until Sunday, May 8

In the months leading up to the escape, Vicky sold her home and withdrew $90,000 in cash from her bank account. 
Video posted on Facebook by Joey Medicis shows local Evansville police cruisers speed into a business, followed by police SUVs and pickup trucks with emergency lights.
The footage was filmed moments after Vicky White crashed her gray Cadillac into a ditch.
Casey White is then led away in handcuffs.
‘He went through the gate at work where we’re usually at,’ says a voice behind the camera. ‘They spun him out into the grass.’
Regarding Vicky, another person says, ‘She’s probably dead.’
The jail guard was found in the car with a gunshot wound to the head. She died in the hospital a couple hours later. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Vicky-White-and-Casey-Cole-White-crashed-their-getaway-car-2.jpg
Vicky White, who was driving, was found pinned inside with a gunshot wound to the head, said US Marshals

Inmate Casey Cole White, 38, and 56-year-old Vicky White, an assistant director of corrections services in Lauderdale County were in a ‘romantic relationship’ and that Vicky was ‘just as concerned about coming back and facing her family and her co-workers as she was the charges,’ Singleton offered
Vicky was a widow and had no children.
Before she died, Singleton said of his former subordinate, ‘I hope she survives this. She has some answers to give us.’
He continued: ‘You don’t know who you can trust. I had every bit of trust in Vicky White. She has been an exemplary employee. What in the world prompted her to pull off something like this, I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ll ever know.’
Guard Vicky White was set to be put in a different facility than the Lauderdale County jail where she worked for 17 years before facilitating Casey Cole White’s escape.
Cole White who is serving a 75 year sentence while awaiting his capital murder trial, will be sent back to state prison, the consequences of his latest brush with authority is yet to be announced.

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