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California dermatologist, 45, is arrested for ‘intentional poisoning’ of her husband after he told cops he’d been sick for a month and set up camera in their $2.7m Irvine mansion to prove it

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Dermatologist Yue P. Yu, 45, of Irvine was arrested at her job Thursday after she was accused of poisoning her husband 

The husband, whose name has not been released, suspected that his wife was poisoning him after he fell ill, suffering serious internal injuries

The husband set up surveillance after he grew suspicious and handed that video over to police on Aug 4, to be used as evidence

The couple who are both physicians, wed in 2012 and live in a $2.7 million mansion in Irvine, California

Dr. Yu was released on Friday after she posted bond at $30,000, officials said

No motive for the shocking crime has emerged.

The attack left the husband badly injured, but he is now recovering from his injuries 

Dr. Yue P Yu, [photo], has been arrested after her husband called police and showed evidence which apparently proves she induced his severe illness by deliberately poisoning him

A California dermatologist has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband and causing him serious injuries after he told police he became sick and handed them video evidence he says proves his claim.
Yue P. Yu, 45, was arrested on Thursday night around 6 pm outside her dermatology office located in Mission Viejo, approximately fifteen miles away from her home in Irvine, California.
Lt. Bill Bingham of he Irvine Police Dept. said the husband, who has not yet been named, called police earlier in the day on Thursday and shared with them that he was ‘being poisoned by his wife’ and said he had ‘video evidence to share.’ 
‘Our officers reviewed the video,’ he said. 
After the victim who is also a physician fell ill in In July, he grew suspicious of his wife of ten years, so he set up surveillance video. On August 4, he captured video evidence supporting his suspicion and turned it over to Irvine Police Department. Just after 6:00 p.m. that day, detectives from the department interviewed her and served a search warrant for the couple’s house in Irvine where they arrested her
No motive for the shocking crime has emerged. Yu, who works at the Providence Healthcare system in Mission Viejo, has had her work headshot removed from her employer’s website.
A spokesman said they were cooperating with police. 

Accused of poisoning spouse: California based dermatologist, Yu [photo], allegedly was caught on camera preparing the poisons by her spouse, a fellow physician who was the target of the macabre plot

‘The allegations that were made by the husband was incredibly serious and we thought it was important to take quick investigative action on the case based on the allegation,’ Bingham said.
The nature of the poison employed has been disclosed, but the husband after ingesting the substance began to develop symptoms that worsened over the last month.
He did seek medical treatment once he became ill but details of the nature of the poison in his bloodstream from the blood test has not been released.
‘Due to the integrity of the case it appears the poisoning happened over a period of time,’ police said.
Yu was arrested at her office after she she was interviewed by police.
‘Our detectives contacted Yu as she was leaving her place of employment. They interviewed her and following her interview detectives placed her under arrest,’ Lt. Bingham said.
He added: ‘She [Yue Yu] was arrested under a section of California law that alleges she woefully placed a poison or harmful substance in food, drink, medicine or pharmaceutical product.’
Police said that they have not discovered any connection of this incident with Yu’s employment. 
‘The motive is still under investigation. It appears it was a domestic related incident between a husband and wife.’  

The alleged poison attacks are believed to have happened at their $2.7 million mansion in Irvine, California 

Bingham said he has seen cases of ‘accidental poisoning among children,’ but said ‘intentional poisoning’ cases are not common: ‘I’ve been doing this 22 years and this is a highly unusual and unique case,’ he said. 
The couple who got married in 2012 lived together in a $2.7 million home in Irvine, California and after Yu’s arrest, a search warrant was conducted by Irvine police officers at the home.
The attack is said to have left the husband badly injured, although he is now recovering from his injuries. 

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