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Colorado teen Chloe Campbell, 14, is found by police at a home, 10 days after vanishing from high school football game – She was found a day after her parents assailed Boulder cops and for casting her a ‘run away’ instead of ‘missing’

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A day after Boulder police reclassified the case of a teenage girl as ‘missing’ instead of ‘runaway’, she has been found

On Monday police announced that Chloe Campbell was found at a home 25 miles away at a house in Thornton around 5pm

She’d been missing 10 days after vanishing from high school football game

The 14-year-old vanished after attending a school football game in Boulder, Colorado, on September 30

Witnesses said she was last seen in the company of two ‘sketchy older men’ and seemingly ‘intoxicated’

Police said she appears to be unharmed, but would not confirm whether she knew the people she was found with 

Some initial reports suggested the teenager could be in Arizona, but she was found just 25 miles from where she was last seen

Her parents think she may have been abducted, describing her as vulnerable, but police on Monday said they still think she ran away

She’s currently in hospital for evaluation

Chloe Campbell, 14, was last seen at a Boulder High School football game on Sept 30, accompanied by two ‘older sketchy men’ before witnesses claim they saw her looking ‘intoxicated’ on a trail close by. She was found apparently unharmed, on Monday at a house in Thornton, 25 miles from the school game

The 14-year-old Colorado high school student who vanished from a school football game 10 days ago has been found alive at a house in Colorado – 25 miles from where she was last seen.
Chloe Campbell was discovered around 5pm at the house in Thornton, Boulder police chief Maris Herold said on Monday.
Police said she appeared to be unharmed and was not being held against her will – but refused to confirm if she knew who she was found with.
Chloe disappeared on September 30 after being spotted at a Boulder High School football game and was last seen looking ‘intoxicated’ on Boulder Creek Trail.
Reports stated that the teen was in the company of two ‘sketchy older men’.
Her parents launched a desperate attempt to bring their daughter home, by hanging flyers around town. Her dad, David Campbell, in an interview said his daughter was a ‘high risk’ target for predators after struggling through the pandemic.

Chloe’s Campbell’s parents, Dr Jessica Knape Romo and David Campbell, [photo], launched a desperate attempt to bring their daughter home, by hanging flyers around town. David said his daughter Chloe had been ‘struggling since the pandemic’

Boulder police chief Herold at the time said authorities: ‘had no belief that she was held against her will.’
‘While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation into where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family.’
Deputy Chief Stephen Redfearn said Boulder police learned of her disappearance on October 1, when her father reported her missing.
‘Detectives had frequent contact with Chloe’s family, and communicated with numerous acquaintances,’ he said.
He defended their decision not to issue an Amber Alert, saying the designation is limited to ‘suspected abductions,’ adding that ‘Boulder police had no evidence to suggest an abduction had occurred.’
A ‘Missing and Endangered Persons Alert’ would have been issued on Monday, had she not been found,’ the police chief said. 
‘We had indications she was alive throughout the week,’ Redfearn said.
‘Our detectives pursued multiple leads throughout the week, and we were confident based on several things that she was alive.
‘We never throughout the week had any indication she was in harms way,’ he added.
After the detectives spent ‘hours and hours’ combing through social media, ‘We have no belief at this time that she was held against her will,’ he said.

Chloe Campbell was last seen on September 30. Police said they were informed of her disappearance on October 1, but always believed she had run away – despite her father suspecting she may have been targeted by traffickers.
At the height of the search for the missing teen, her family says they received a sinister photo from an anonymous Snapchat profile which showed Chloe looking ‘injured and unwell’
Dr Jessica Knape [left], fretted that daughter [right] had not been able to take her medication for her underlying health conditions
Chloe Campbell was a student at Boulder High School in Colorado. She was last seen by the school football pitch during match against Fairview High on Sept 30

The family were upset an Amber Alert was not issued for the teenager.
Dr Jessica Knape Romo and David Campbell claimed they reported their daughter missing the night of September 30, but police waited until October 8, to urge anyone with information about her whereabouts to come forward.
Campbell warned those who he thought could have taken his daughter that he would find them, and the family will ‘never stop until Chloe is home safe.’
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said it was ‘working closely’ with the Campbell family to help locate the missing teen.

While missing,several friends reportedly received messages from the Chloe Campbell, but her parents say they have come from social media accounts that they are unfamiliar with and expressed belief that their daughter’s friends knew more than they were letting on

days into their search, the missing girl’s parents said one of their daughters’ friends from an anonymous Snapchat account they were passed an ominous photo to them. It only produced more agitation because while the image proved that she was alive, her parents said, she looked ‘injured and unwell’, adding that it could have been sent ‘from anyone’.
Late Monday, Boulder police defended their operation, stating that they knew all along that she was alive, insisting that they were right in classing her disappearance as a runaway, rather than an abduction.

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