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Colorado security guard to be charged with murder after shooting boss in the face because his name was misspelt on $165 paycheck and he couldn’t cash it – Guard Lloyd Love Jr, 35, had worked for Marvin Johnson’s company for just four days

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Colorado security guard, 35, killed boss by shooting him in the face after his name was misspelt on $165 paycheck and he couldn’t cash it

Newly employed security guard Lloyd Love Jr. allegedly shot his boss in the face and killed the 52-year-old business owner after confronting his wife and co-business owner over the paycheck leaving

Love Jr, allegedly shot Marvin Johnson during in a row about the paycheck

Johnson and his wife, Patricia co-owned the security firm which employed Love

He was charged with first-degree murder but has refused to leave his cell to appear in court

Johnson’s wife branded Love the ‘devil’, while his daughter paid a moving tribute

Love had only worked for the couple for about four days before the alleged murder

Lloyd Love Jr [photo], allegedly murdered his boss, Marvin Johnson, over an error on his $165 paycheck on Oct 20, in Aurora, CO. He faces one count of first-degree murder, but did not appear for his first court hearing on Monday after refusing to leave his cell. The arraignment is rescheduled for Thursday

A newly employed security guard allegedly shot his boss in the face and killed the 52-year-old business owner because his middle initial was misspelt on a paycheck for $165, leaving him unable to cash it.
Lloyd Love Jr, 35, is accused of shooting Marvin Johnson in the face during a confrontation in Aurora, Colorado, on October 20 after he was unable to cash the check.
The suspect who faces one count of first-degree murder, did not appear for his first court hearing on Monday after refusing to leave his cell.
Johnson’s wife, Patricia, branded Love the ‘devil’ after the court hearing had to be rescheduled, while his daughter, Kuonteisha, also shared a moving tribute describing her father as ‘everything to me’.
Love had only worked for the company for three or four days before the shooting.
An affidavit states Love was handed his first paycheck from Johnson’s firm, American Eagle Protection Services, last Thursday.
But he couldn’t cash it because he was named Lloyd K. Love instead of Lloyd C. Love, according to the document obtained by KDVR.
Love called Patricia Johnson, who co-owns the security firm with her husband, to demand a new paycheck immediately.
But she said this wouldn’t be possible until the initial check was accounted for.

Shooting victim Marvin Johnson and his wife, Patricia [photo], co-owned the security firm which employed Love

Love, who claimed he tore up the first check, traveled to the parking lot of a Raytheon facility where Patricia was working as an outdoor security guard.
Marvin Johnson arrived to try and resolve the situation and even told his wife to write a new paycheck.
But as he was speaking to Patricia, Love shot Johnson in the face, witnesses claimed.
Five .380 shell casings were recovered from the scene by police.
Love then ran away and called his girlfriend, asking her to pick him up. After getting into the car, he allegedly told her: ‘I just did something stupid… the less you know the better.’
A nearby SWAT officer identified a man who matched the description, who turned out to be Love. He was detained just minutes later when a SWAT unit pulled over the couple and arrested him.
He was riding in the passenger seat of a white Ford Explorer when officers stopped the vehicle and arrested Love and his girlfriend, the affidavit says.
The suspect who has a criminal record and told officers he had “found” the gun he used to shoot his former employer, the affidavit says.
Love later told police ‘he had too many things going on in his life and too much pressure. He said he deals with voices. Lloyd said he is “fed up”.’
He had only worked for the Johnson’s security company for three or four days.
He said his job was to watch a Forever 21 store at a local mall but he was not allowed to be armed because he is a convicted felon.

The confrontation between disgruntled new employee Lloyd Love Jr and his new boss Patricia Johnson that led to the fatal shooting of the latter’s husband reportedly, happened in the parking lot of a Raytheon facility in Aurora, Colorado, where Mrs Johnson’s had been working.

Love’s girlfriend told police he had previously said he was ‘diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, although she had never seen Lloyd take medication for these mental disorders … because he does not like the way they make him feel’.
She told a detective he was upset on the day of the killing and possibility suffered a schizophrenic episode as he was ‘hearing voices, believing that people were in his head, knowing what he is doing, and controlling him’.
Following his arrest, Love reportedly told a detective ‘his girlfriend was having sexual relations with Marvin, but he would later clarify it was voices in his head telling him this’.
He also said he felt bad and ‘should have just killed himself’.
In a tribute to her father, Johnson’s 32-year-old daughter, Kuonteisha, said: ‘You wanted the best for me because that all you did was lecture to me about my career in life and I was your princess no matter what.
‘At the age 32 I was still was a baby in your eyes, I had to remind you that I was grown. I’m gonna miss your phone call and text messages everyday saying hey baby girl.’

Johnson’s daughter, Kuonteisha, said her father was ‘everything to me’ in a moving tribute
Marvin Johnson and his wife co-owned American Eagle Protective Services based in Aurora, Colorado

Johnson’s wife, Patricia, blasted Love for failing to appear in court.
In a post online, she said Love’s ‘judgment day is coming… get comfortable in that jail cell.. cuz that’s where you belong for the rest of your LIFE.’
She shared a mugshot of Love and added: ‘You took my life partner and my best friend for $165 paycheck. May god have mercy on your soul.’
Johnson’s own Facebook profile had proudly displayed the badge of the American Eagle Protective Services firm.
Love was reportedly released on a Personal Recognizance bond in July for assault after he allegedly hit his sister with rocks. He is to be arraigned for that charge on Friday.
His arraignment on the murder charge was rescheduled for Thursday.

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