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New Jersey mom, 51, is charged with murder for shooting dead her Republican-activist husband, 57, while fighting at home on Christmas Day

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Marylue Wigglesworth has been charged with murder shooting dead her husband on Christmas Day

Wigglesworth, 51, called police after gunning down David Wigglesworth, 57, at their Mays Landing home, in Hamilton Township, NJ, late Sunday evening

Affidavit of probable cause for her arrest states that the suspect called 911, saying she’d been in a fight

Responding officers found David suffering from a gunshot injury, he was pronounced dead at the scene and Marylue was arrested

Police recovered a handgun from the couple’s bedroom

David Wigglesworth is remembered for his local efforts to elect GOP candidates 

Marylue Wigglesworth, [photo], was been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly shooting dead her husband on Christmas Day

A middle-aged New Jersey woman has been arrested for shooting dead her politically active husband on Christmas Day.
Marylue Wigglesworth, 51, was arrested after fatally shooting her husband, David Wigglesworth, 57, late Sunday night at their home in Mays Landing, in Hamilton Township, NJ.
The affidavit charging Wigglesworth with murdering her husband on Christmas Day said the couple was in an altercation before the fatal shooting, according to court records. 
The circumstances leading to the fight before the fatal shooting remain unclear, but according to an affidavit of probable cause for her arrest, Marylue Wigglesworth called 911, saying she’d been in a fight.

Police found David Wigglesworth, [left], suffering from a gunshot wound at their Mays Landing apartment at around 10.19pm on Christmas Day after Marylue [right], called 911 to report that there had been a fight

Officers responding to their Mays Landing apartment on Somers Point Road at around 10.19pm on Sunday, found David suffering a gunshot wound, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release.
David was pronounced dead at the scene.
Marylue Wigglesworth told the officer she had shot her husband. A handgun was recovered from the couple’s bedroom, according to the affidavit.
Following an investigation, Marylue was taken into custody on suspicion of murder and remanded at the Atlantic County Justice Facility on Monday.
The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said Tuesday that the autopsy report stated that the cause of death is a single gunshot wound and the manner of death to be homicide.

The couple seemed happy, [photo], always taking trips together and enjoying their time in the sun. however, tragedy struck on Dec. 25, after they allegedly got into a fight at home

David’s Facebook showed the couple happily spending years together, going on trips to Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Maryland and enjoying summers by the ocean.
David is remembered for his local efforts to elect GOP candidates to town positions, even running for office once himself on the Republican ticket. 
But his politics, judging by his footprint on social media, appeared to be a mixed bag. He regularly supported liberal ideals like defunding the police and gun control.
The couple who share an adult son also named Dave, appeared to be happy together, taking family vacations, enjoying their each other’s company. Photos posted to David’s Facebook showed him and Marylue smiling as they took various trips together across the country and overseas.
In September, David posted photos from a trip to Maryland, and in November, Marylue posted photos from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

Marylue Wigglesworth [left], has been charged with murder after shooting her dead her husband David Wigglesworth [right], and remains imprisoned at the Atlantic County Justice Facility

David is remembered for his community service and political activism, even serving as the best man for the current Mayor of Hamilton Township.
David Wigglesworth was a public figure in Hamilton Township, having previously been president of the Planning Board. He ran, albeit unsuccessfully, as a Republican for the Township Committee in 2012, losing to Democratic challengers Rodney Guishard and Judy Link.
He regularly volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City. 

The couple share an adult son named Dave, [seen left with his dad. and right, with his mother]. The younger Wigglesworth works as an economist

Online, he shared his support for local Republican candidates for town council, but many of his posts in recent years have been denouncing the national GOP as he defended President Joe Biden against complaints about high gas prices and his failed pullout of troops from Afghanistan.
The enigma of his political leaning extended to David Wigglesworth reposting memes supporting socialism and the Defund the Police Movement, as well as one in which he calls himself ‘woke.’

The Christmas day tragedy happened at Wigglesworths’ home in Mays Landing, in Hamilton Township, New Jersey
Despite running as a Republican in 2012 and supporting local GOP candidates, many of David’s recent posts have supported liberal leaning ideals like defunding the police and in favor of socialism

Friends online said they could not believe the tragedy.
One friend posted: ‘I cannot believe this. Our hearts are completely shattered. We’ve known Dave and Mary for years.’

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