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‘Lawyer to killer?’ – Close friend of Murdaugh family testifies he is 100% positive three voices in cell phone video taken at crime scene just minutes before double murder were Alex, Paul and Maggie

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Close friend of Murdaughs testified that he is 100% positive three voices in cell phone video taken at crime scene just minutes before double-murder belonged to Alex, Paul and Maggie Murdaugh

Rogan Gibson was confirming identity voices heard in a video taken by Paul at the kennels on the Murdaugh estate at 8.44pm on June 7, 2021

Gibson’s testimony contradicts Alex Murdaugh’s claim that the last time he saw his wife Maggie and son Paul alive was when they were having supper at the house at 8.15pm

Coroner estimates that Paul and Maggie Murdaugh died between 9pm and 9.30pm

Citing the video, prosecution said: ‘The evidence will show that he was there. He was at the murder scene with the two victims’

Alex Murdaugh

A close friend of the Murdaughs today told the jury he is 100% positive that Alex, Paul and Maggie’s voices were in a cell phone video taken at the crime scene minutes before the murders.
Rogan Gibson, who described the Murdaughs as his ‘second family’, listened to a video taken by Paul at 8.44pm at the dog kennels where the 22-year-old was shot dead with his mother Maggie shortly after 8.49pm on June 7, 2021.
Gibson told jurors he was positive he could hear Paul, Maggie and Alex in the footage.
Paul had promised to send Gibson the video of his dog who he was looking after, but it was never sent despite the pair talking on the phone moments before.
Prosecutors say younger Murdaugh couldn’t send the video as promised because shortly after his father shot him dead with a shotgun before turning a rifle on his mother. 

Alex Murdaugh’s last phone call to wife Maggie and younger son Paul with three voices, proving he was with them minutes before they were shot dead

Gibson’s testimony contradicts Alex Murdaugh’s claim that the last time he saw his wife Maggie, and Paul alive was when they were having supper at the house on the estate in Islandton, South Carolina. The disgraced attorney, 54, told cops he only saw them at the kennels when he arrived back from his mother’s home to find them dead. 

Alex Murdaugh wept at the defense table as the video was played to the court Wednesday. Paul’s voice can be heard speaking to the dog as he tries to film its tail, the prosecution says that a woman speaking in the background is Maggie, and the third male voice heard is Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh, 54, former legal luminary from South Carolina is accused of shooting his wife of 28 years, Margaret ‘Maggie’ Murdaugh, 52, and younger son Paul, 22, at the family’s hunting estate in Islandton, South Carolina, on the night of June 7, 2021.
So far prosecutors have told the court their timeline of events as they unfolded on the night of June 7 2021, which begins at 7.56pm when Paul Murdaugh sent a Snapchat video to friends, of himself riding around the estate with his father.

Prosecution played footage of Alex Murdaugh at murder scene played in court

At 8.15pm, Murdaugh’s wife Maggie arrived home and the trio had dinner together. Autopsies would show similar stomach contents in Maggie and Paul.
Electronic forensics show that about 8.30pm, Paul’s phone starts moving towards the kennels. 
Then at 8.44pm, a second video taken by Paul at the kennels, allegedly proves that Maggie, Paul and Alex were there together.
At 8.49pm the prosecution say Paul’s phone locked and went silent – forever.
Between 9pm and 9.30pm, Paul and Maggie were killed – according to the coroner.
At 9.06pm, Murdaugh’s car is fired up. The alleged killer said he went to go visit his mother, who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, in Almeda, 15 minutes away. 
At 10.07pm, Murdaugh called 911 claiming he had arrived home a to find his wife and son shot dead.
Earlier, Maggie’s iPhone records showed how her husband’s frenetic series of calls and texts to her in the immediate minutes after her death.
Murdaugh called Maggie three times between 9.04pm and 9.06pm, and then twice more at 9.45pm and 10.03pm. Prosecutors suggest the calls were an effort ‘to manufacture an alibi.’
Paul’s phone locked at 8.49pm and 35 seconds and Maggie’s locked at 8.49pm and 31 seconds. Neither victim read another text or picked up another call ever again. 
However, after Maggie’s phone locked, it recorded steps during the time prosecutors say she was dead.
Jurors heard that the iPhone’s sensors proved the device was picked up by somebody at 9.06pm. Just two seconds later the device received a call from Murdaugh.

The lone Murdaugh left standing -Buster Murdaugh, [left], and his girlfriend Brooklynn White watch a video clip from his younger brother brother Paul’s phone in the double murder trial of their dad

Alex Murdaugh’s defense team has attacked the theory that Murdaugh was holding his wife’s phone at the murder scene.
During cross defense counsel Phillip Barber, argued that the steps recorded on Alex’s phone did not match up, as would be expected if they were both being held by the defendant. Prosecution witness police Lt. Dove agreed with Barber, saying: ‘I would expect to see steps on both phones, yes sir.’
Prosecuting Dove had confirmed that between 8.09pm and 9.02pm, Alex Murdaugh’s phone stopped recording steps. Prior to this, the device had recorded regular movement.
Prosecutor John Conrad paused testimony to note this hour-long break. On resumption, the state alleged Murdaugh killed his wife and son at 8.50pm.
Data obtained from Maggie Murdaugh’s cell phone showed that at 8.49pm, she received a text from her sister-in-law as part of a group chat about the family patriarch Randolph III’s failing health. This was the final message marked as ‘read’ on Maggie’s iPhone.
A text at 9.08pm from Alex to Maggie was never read. At 9.47pm Alex texted her, saying: ‘Call me babe.’

Alex Murdaugh covers his face during his double murder trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro on Wednesday

After Maggie’s iPhone locked and went silent forever, sensors on the phone picked up movement. It recorded 59 steps from 8.53pm to 8.55pm.
Lt Dove, who assessed the cell phone, told jurors Tuesday how the phone orientation changed at 8.53pm, waking the screen and activating its camera for Face ID.
Dove told jurors that, based on this evidence, it appeared that someone who was not Maggie picked up the phone. The camera activated and scanned their face, but the phone did not unlock.
Maggie’s phone orientation shifted again to portrait at 9.06pm, indicating that it was held in someone’s hand.
Two seconds later, the phone gets an incoming call from Murdaugh.

At 9.47pm when Alex Murdaugh texted Maggie: ‘Call me babe.’ The prosecution say she had been dead almost an hour by this point. The phone also shows Maggie’s missed calls, including five from Alex on the night of the murders
Paul’s friend Rogan Gibson texted Paul about his dog, housed at the Murdaugh kennels, at 8.49pm, following a conversation they had on the phone. That message went unanswered. Gibson then sent a text to Maggie at 9.34pm: ‘Tell Paul to call me’

At 8.49pm, Paul’s friend Rogan Gibson sent the last of his text exchanges with Paul and Maggie.
Gibson in his text to Paul was inquiring about about his dog, which was being housed at the Murdaugh kennels, following a conversation they had on the phone. That message went unanswered.
Gibson then sent a text to Maggie at 9.34pm, saying: ‘Tell Paul to call me’.
Maggie’s phone was discovered on a roadside about a quarter mile from the crime scene the following afternoon. The defense suggested to Lt. Dove that the orientation change logged at 9.06pm could indicate the phone being tossed out of a window of a getaway car.

Expert testifies that gaps in Alex Murdaugh’s phone log indicates that calls were deleted

The defense theory is that Paul and Maggie were killed in revenge for the fatal boating accident in which the 22-year-old youngest Murdaugh son was driving under the influence. The crash killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach.
Phillip Barber floated the idea that the killer [or killers], had thrown Maggie’s phone out of their vehicle after becoming freaked out when Alex made the call.
Prosecutors have also presented data from Paul’s cell phone which was found lying on top of his back after Murdaugh told cops he placed it there after it fell out of his son’s pocket while he was checking his body.
The call logs showed he rang his friend Rogan Gibson from the kennels at 8.44pm. The pair were discussing Gibson’s dog, which was in Paul’s care. This is the Labrador which Paul was trying to film in the video, which the prosecution says proves Alex was at the murder scene. 
Five minutes later, at 8.49pm, Gibson messaged Paul: ‘See if you can get a good picture of it. Marion wants to send it to a girl we know that’s a vet. Get him to sit and stay. He shouldn’t move around too much.’ 
That message went unanswered.
Dove told jurors that the last text Paul read was at 8.48pm. This is also the same time as the last text Paul ever sent, a movie recommendation for a girl he was chatting to. He suggested A Star Is Born.
Gibson tried calling Paul five times between 9.10pm and 10.08pm.
At 9.34pm, Gibson sent a message to Paul’s mother saying: ‘Tell Paul to call me.’ But she didn’t respond. 
He sent a final follow-up text to Paul at 9.58pm, which simply said: ‘Yo.’
Paul’s phone logged regular steps throughout the evening, but after 283 steps between 8.32pm and 8.42pm, his phone recorded no more movement. A few steps here and there are not necessarily recorded by an iPhone.

Murdaugh arrives at court Wednesday on day eight of his blockbuster trial at the Colleton County Courthouse in South Carolina
Buster Murdaugh [second right], and John Marvin arrive at court Wednesday

Alex Murdaugh claims that the last time he saw his wife and son was when they had supper together around 8.15pm, claiming he fell asleep in front of the TV while Maggie and Paul went down to the kennels.
The alleged killer said he tried calling Maggie before going to visit his mother, who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
Call logs show Murdaugh tried ringing Maggie three times between 9.04pm and 9.06pm. She did not pick up. He fired up his Chevrolet Suburban at 9.06pm and he texted Maggie that he would be right back and was going to check on his mother, who lives around 15 minutes away.

Alex Murdaugh with his wife Maggie and their sons Paul and Buster [Right]. Buster the older of the boys who is a lawyer working in the family law firm was staying with his girlfriend near Charlotte when his mother and brother were killed

Murdaugh called his wife twice more, apparently on his way back home, at 9.45pm and 10.03pm. She did not answer.
Waters told jurors last week, it is ‘up to you to decide whether he’s trying to create an alibi.’
Murdaugh claims that when he arrived back at the house, he found Maggie and Paul lying dead at the kennels. He called 911 at 10.07pm.

Images of Alex Murdaugh out hunting with Paul [right] uploaded to Maggie’s Facebook page. Video Paul shared with his friends minutes before his murder shows the pair riding together

However, the prosecution allege that Murdaugh was with Maggie and Paul at the kennels.
The coroner estimates that Paul and Maggie died between 9pm and 9.30pm.
Citing the video, Waters told jurors last week: ‘The evidence will show that he was there. He was at the murder scene with the two victims.
‘More than that, just over three minutes later, 8.49pm and one second, Paul’s phone locks forever. Never reads another text, he never sends another text, he doesn’t answer calls.
‘Three minutes after that video has the defendant at the murder scene with the two victims, Paul’s cell phone goes silent forever.’ 

The hangar and kennels at Moselle where Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were killed. Murdaugh claimed he had been visiting his elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s and arrived home to find Maggie and Paul dead near the estate’s dog kennels
A pool of blood outside the kennels marks the spot where Maggie Murdaugh was found shot dead with two AR bullets to the head
Blood spatters the floor inside the storage room at the kennels where Paul Murdaugh was shot dead. He was shot in the chest and the head

The trial is being held at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, a rural town 50 miles west of Charleston in a low-lying region of South Carolina over which the Murdaugh family has wielded immense judicial and political power.
Prosecutors have accused Alex Murdaugh of killing his wife and son to generate sympathy and distract from his financial crimes.
What prosecution said is the motive doesn’t make sense, Murdaugh’s lawyers have argued.
The defendant has insisted from the moment he found the bodies of his wife and youngest son shot multiple times that he was not the killer.

Family portrait of Alex Murdaugh [right], with his wife Maggie and their two sons Paul [second right], and Buster [left]
Murdaugh weeps inside a detective’s car during his second police interview on June 10 – three days after the killing

Following the murder trial, Murdaugh will have to face more than 100 additional criminal charges, ranging from drug trafficking to allegations that he stole nearly $9million from clients and other attorneys.
Prosecutors say Murdaugh lured his wife and son to their 1,700-acre hunting lodge and shot them dead.
The state also claims that his life was spiraling out of control amid years of opioid addiction and ballooning debts.
Murdaugh pled not guilty in June, and the blockbuster trial is expected to include wild allegations of dark family secrets, financial ruin and hedonistic excess.

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