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Charges against cop shooter, Randy Jones, 38, upgraded to murder as New York cop Adeed Fayaz, dies three days after Jones lured him to fake car sale in Brooklyn

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Career criminal who lured NYPD officer before shooting him in fake a car sale, has charges upgraded after victims’ death

Alleged shooter Randy “Popper” Jones was initially charged with attempted murder before his victim died

Charges against Jones, 38, were upgraded to include murder on Tuesday

NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz, 26, died Tuesday afternoon in a New York hospital

The father-of-two was taken off life support, three days after he shot in the head by Jones

Hundreds of NYPD officers lined outside the hospital as the body of the fallen officer was wheeled out, saluting as the ambulance drove past

Officer Adeed Fayaz, who worked for the NYPD for five years, is dead. He left behind a wife a two children. Flags were seen flying half-mast at the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn after his death was announced

An off-duty NYPD officer, who was shot in the head while trying to buy a car three days ago, has died.
Adeed Fayaz, 26, succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. The five-year police veteran was gunned down Saturday night when a man lured him into a dark driveway after arranging to meet to sell a car through Facebook Marketplace. Critically injured, he was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn.
The five-year veteran who was was assigned to Brooklyn’s 66th Precinct died in hospital Tuesday, officials announced.

NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz, [photo],was shot in the head on Saturday allegedly, by Randy Jones. He succumbed to his injuries after a three-day battle for his life in the hospital. Jones is now in custody

The suspect shooter was arrested on Monday after being found hiding out in a hotel in upstate New York. The irony could not be more obvious when 38-year-old Randy “Popper” Jones, was arrested using the handcuffs he took off officer Fayaz on Saturday.
Jones, a career criminal with at least 22 arrests to his name, was previously charged with attempted murder. With Fayaz’s death, those charges have been upgraded to include murder.
Fayaz who was taken off life support on Tuesday is survived by his wife and their two children.
Flags were seen flying half-mast at the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn after his death was announced.

The officer’s alleged killer, Randy “Popper” Jones, [wearing white regulation suit], is walked out by officers after he was charged with murder in Brooklyn on Tuesday night

The NYPD posted a heartfelt dedication to Fayaz while announcing his death Tuesday: ‘It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of NYPD Police Officer Adeed Fayaz, a devoted public servant, husband, father, brother, and son. 
A friend at the hospital described Fayaz as a ‘great person, great father.’

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell delivers addressed the media on the death of officer Adeed Fayaz at a press conference
Funeral corsage for slain NYPD cop Adeed Fayaz

An officer who graduated from the Police Academy alongside Fayaz said ‘he’s a great person.’
‘No one has one bad thing to say about him,’ they said.
‘When it hits home, everyone comes together,’ said another police officer who visited the hospital. ‘It’s always the innocent.’
Former NYPD officer Ahmen Nasser, 57, had strong words for Fayaz’s killer. 
‘I hope you rot in hell,’ he said. ‘What can you say about a police officer? It’s someone who dedicated their life to serve and protect. And he’s family man. A good man. He will be dearly missed.’ 

Officers of the NYPD bring the body of their fallen colleague Adeed Fayaz, out of the hospital on Tuesday night
The alleged shooter Randy “Popper” Jones was initially charged with attempted murder before his victim died. Those charges were upgraded to include murder. Jones was then led out of the 75th precinct in cuffs on Tuesday

Responding to an auto sale ad on Facebook, Jones reportedly, arranged to meet Fayaz in East New York to purchase the advertised Honda Pilot. However, when Fayaz and his brother-in-law arrived with $24,000 in cash to buy the vehicle, the suspect drew a gun on them.
After inquiring and ascertaining that the buyers were not armed, the suspect put Fayaz in a headlock and demanded the cash. When they told him the cash was not on them, Jones allegedly opened fire and struck Fayaz in the head.
The victim’s brother grabbed the Fayaz’s gun and fired back, but the robber managed to escape in a black BMW SUV. Following a city-wide manhunt, the getaway vehicle was located abandoned in Harlem, close to the where the suspect lives with his girlfriend.
Sources also said the BMW belonged to the suspect’s mother, who lived near the crime scene in East New York. Authorities believe Jones could be behind a similar robbery which took place near the shooting scene on January 13.

Hundreds of NYPD officers stand outside Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn as the body of officer Fayaz was brought out
Officer Fayaz’s body passes by in an ambulance and officers salute him
Officers of the NYPD stood lined up outside the hospital in solidarity, saluting as the ambulance bearing Adeed Fayaz drove past
NYPD officers and NYFD officers salute Fayaz as his body passes by in an ambulance after he died from his injuries Tuesday

On Monday Jones was put in handcuffs that reportedly belonged to Fayaz after he was arrested. Police found the alleged shooter hiding out with his girlfriend and her two kids at a hotel in in Rockland County, on the New Jersey border.
Randy Jones, aka “Popper”, a career criminal with a rap sheet which includes at least 22 arrests on it for a variety of crimes, including some violent attacks, previously had been booked for harassment, grand larceny, and strangulation, according to the records.
He was wanted for a traffic and vehicle related warrant from 2019 at the time of his arrest on Monday.

Randy Jones, 38, was arrested while at a hotel in Rockland County, northwest of Manhattan
Randy “Popper” Jones shackled with the handcuffs belonging to the NYPD officer he allegedly shot in the head when he was taken into custody in Rockland County on Monday

‘Our prayers, of course, are to the officer and his family as he continues to fight for his life,’ said Mayor Eric Adams’ faith advisor, Gilford Monrose, at a vigil Sunday.
Over 300 officers stood at attention as the fallen officer’s body was removed from Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening.

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