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Man arrested after he shot and killed six people, including his ex, in a series of shootings in rural Mississippi – one victim killed in a store, five others in separate homes

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Richard Dale Crum 52, was arrested Friday in Tate County, Mississippi, after he allegedly killed six people and injured one more

One victim was killed in front of a convenience store five others in separate homes, in the small town of Arkabutla, on Friday

After killing the first victim outside a gas station, Crum drove to his ex-wive’s home, killed her and injured her fiance

Deputies tracked the suspect to his home where two bodies were found, two more bodies were found in his neighbor’s home

He faces multiple counts of first-degree murder

Victims were identified as Chris Boyce, 59, Debra Crum, 60, George McCain, 73, Lynda McCain, 78, Charles Manuel, 76, and John Rorie, 56 

Cops examine the scene of the first shooting, an Express Mart in Tate County, Mississippi, on Friday

Six people have been shot dead in rural Mississippi after a gunman went on a shooting spree in in Arkabutla, Mississippi, on Friday, Feb. 17.
Authorities in Tate County arrested a man in connection with the incidents after spotting him inside a vehicle on Arkabutla Dam Road where the shootings took place.
Richard Dale Crum, 52, who was arrested after the alleged rampage in Arkabutla, population of less than 300, 45 miles south of Memphis on Friday, is facing charges of first-degree murder. Additional charges are expected to be filed.
Authorities got the first 911 call around 11 a.m. ET after the suspect pulled into the parking lot of an Express Mart in Arkabutla, a small rural town in northern Mississippi, and fired into the car next to him killing the driver, Lance said. The passenger in the vehicle was not injured.

Multiple-murder suspect Richard Dale Crum [photo], allegedly killed six people and injured one more, before he was arrested on Friday

Police said Crum shot a man outside the Express Mart on Arkabutla Road at 12.30pm, with a worker at the shop said that she and colleagues ‘ran and hid.’
She said: ‘No one in the store was hurt, the man was shot outside. He came in here with a gun and we all ran and hid. I don’t know who he was.’
Crum, then reportedly traveled 3.8miles to his ex-wife’s home on Bend Road. He shot and killed Debra Crum, 60, inside her property before striking her fiancé, who was also in the residence – he was injured, but survived.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance, [photo], said the shooter was in custody and the bodies of six victims recovered. All had been shot dead

Deputies caught up to the suspect after finding a vehicle matching its description in front of a residence that authorities determined belonged to him, Sheriff Lance said.
The suspect had traveled to a home on Arkabutla Dam Road where he shot another two people dead inside the property, before his vehicle was spotted by authorities. 
Tate County Sheriff Deputies tried to apprehend Crum. When he failed to stop, a car chase ensued. Authorities caught up with the suspect after locating a vehicle matching its description in front of a residence that authorities determined belonged to him.
After he was arrested deputies discovered a dead body in a car and one more lying in the roadway.
Two bodies were found in a house neighboring Crum’s home. These last victims, a man and a woman both had been shot. Authorities believe the suspect might be related to the the suspect.
A seventh gunshot victim was treated by emergency crews.
Lance said deputies found several handguns and a shotgun in the suspect’s car. The suspect is being held at the Tate County jail, according to Lance.

After his first kill Richard Crum reportedly, traveled 3.8miles to ex-wife’s home to kill her before he was arrested at his home on Arkabutla Dam Road. Four more bodies were found between his home and his neighbor’s home

The Tate County Coroner identified the victims as Chris Boyce, 59, from Lakeland, Florida, Debra Crum, 60, George McCain, 73, Lynda McCain, 78, Charles Manuel, 76, and John Rorie, 56. The last five victims were all from Coldwater, Mississippi.
Authorities said they are currently unaware of the motive behind the shooting or if those killed were known to each other.

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