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Surveillance footage captures attackers being let into Miami LA Fitness gym, by another suspect, before three men stomp rapper in men’s locker room – Tekashi 6ix9ine remains hospitalized with multiple injuries

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Newly surfaced surveillance footage shows the men who allegedly attacked rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine gaining access into a gym

The rapper was ambushed by three men inside the restroom of a Florida LA Fitness in Miami, Florida, on Tuesday 

He was taken to the hospital from injuries to his face, back, ribs and jaw  

Video was also shared on social media showing the beating inside a bathroom

Shocking new video shows the minutes just before a group of men jumped rapper Tekashi 6ix9nine inside a Florida LA Fitness on Tuesday 

New video has surfaced showing events unfolding minutes just before a group of men ambushed and attacked rapper Tekashi 6ix9nine inside a Florida LA Fitness on Tuesday.
Gym surveillance footage, obtained by TMZ, shows the this probably was a pre-planned attack on the rapper.
The footage opens with one of the alleged attackers letting another into the facility just before the beating. In the video, one man inside the gym is seen talking on his phone before he approaches a door and lets a second man into the LA Fitness in South Florida. 
The men approach the front desk employee who they briefly chat with before they walk directly toward the bathroom where the brutal attack took place. 
Footage of the attack itself was posted online late Tuesday evening and shows the jump on the rapper who was seen bloody and blue with severe injuries. 

In the new footage, one man who appears to be bald is seen staring out the windows at the front of the gym as the woman at the front desk talks with a patron. 
The man looks around, appearing to be waiting for someone, and then opens the door and hangs up the call as he sees the person coming. 
The first unidentified attacker wears black from head to toe, and has a large beard. 
The man, who had just been let into the Palm Beach LA Fitness, is wearing a black tee shirt and black shorts with a large chain around his neck. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s was bloodied by a group of men who attacked him inside the men’s locker room of the Florida LA Fitness in Miami, on Tuesday
Tekashi 6ixpine was rushed to a hospital Tuesday night after the attack, suffering from injuries to his face, back, ribs and jaw. Reportedly, Tekashi is still receiving treatment in the hospital

As they pass the front desk, the first man motions to the front desk employee toward the bathroom as they walk by. 
Distracted by another conversation, the woman does not stop the pair. 
At one point as they are heading towards the restroom, the first man appears to swivel his head around at the front desk employee and the second man with a smile on his face. 
In another clip from inside the gym, the men appear to have picked up a third alleged assailant, also dressed in black from head to toe. 
The group walks toward the bathroom, even passing a man who looks up from his phone and turns his head to look at the trio of black-clad individuals. 

Video circulating online of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine receiving a beating in the men’s locker room of LA Fitness gym in Miami, on Tuesday
The bald attacker adds insult to the pounding and kicking the trio were dishing out to Tekashi 6ix9ine in men’s locker room of LA Fitness gym
In videos circulating online, the assailants called him a ‘rat’ who wouldn’t be tolerated in their ‘hood’
Tekashi 6ix9ine is shown curled up on the floor while being stomped by three men in the locker room of an LA Fitness, Miami on March 21
Daniel Hernandez, aka 6ix9ine, shows the effects after three men jumped him in the LA Fitness gym on Tuesday – five years after he testified for feds against his former gang colleagues
Although 6ix9ine artist was beaten ‘to a pulp’ in the ambush, without his security on hand, he ‘did his best to defend himself,’ his attorney Lance Lazzaro said
Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine gets jumped by group of men at Florida gym

The footage of the attack itself shows Tekashi 6ix9ine being beaten ‘to a pulp’ last night and humiliated in front of other gymgoers at the LA Fitness. 
The group of men who beat him later boasted about the attack on social media.
In videos circulating online, they called him a ‘rat’ who wouldn’t be tolerated in their ‘hood.’
While kicking and punching him, one could be heard yelling to another: ‘Take a picture, take a picture – I am going to be famous now.’ 

6ix9ine was arrested in 2018 on suspicion of armed robbery, attempted murder, racketeering and firearms possession 

According to TMZ, the rapper was taken to the hospital from injuries to his face, back, ribs and jaw. He is still receiving treatment in the hospital. 
Tekashi is not short of enemies; in 2018, he was labeled a ‘snitch’ after testifying for prosecutors against the likes of the Bloods gang and Cardi B.
Erstwhile gang member Daniel Hernandez, better known as the Tekashi 6ix9ine, cut a deal to lessen his own sentence after being charged with an array of crimes. He ended spending just two years behind bars, while some of those he snitched on bagged decades in prison. 
Tekashi had faced a 47-year minimum sentence and maximum of life in prison when he was arrested back in 2018 on charges including racketeering, firearm possession, armed robbery and attempted murder. 
It was part of a widespread crackdown on gangs in New York, during which nine members of the same gang were taken into custody. 
He quickly abandoned his co-defendants, cutting a deal with the prosecution instead and agreeing to be their star witness.
In court, he took the stand to describe the inner workings of the gang and his own ascent through it. 
‘We participated in a lot of crimes. Robberies, assaults, drugs,’ he said. 

After testifying for the government against gang members in 2018, the rapper [second left], was labeled a ‘snitch’ and beefed up his security team. They were not around when he was attacked in the gym on Tuesday 

As a result one of his co-defendants, Anthony Ellison, was sentenced to 24 years in prison. 
Tekashi was sentenced to two years in prison in December 2019.
Among those incriminated by Tekashi at the trial were fellow rappers Jim Jones and Cardi B. The latter was not charged and has since disavowed knowledge of 6ix9ine.
After testifying for the government against gang members and getting back on the street, the publicity-hugging rapper beefed up his security team. 

After his arrest in 2018 for gang related crimes, Daniel Hernandez, aka 6ix9ine, in a plea deal agreed to testify against his gangmates, [photo], some of whom went down for 24 years. Back on the street, he appears to have since been a target for retaliatory action at some point

At sentencing the rapper he had already completed 13 months. He was released early in April 2020 and allowed to serve the last four months of his term on house arrest, after pleading with corrections officials for early release because he was afraid of contracting COVID behind bars. 
Since then, he has done little to keep a low profile. He continues to boast about money and women on social media, where he has more than 24million followers, and is still making music.

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