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No charges for Texas granny, 53, who shot dead an armed robber who tried to hold up her food truck: 23-year-old robber’s gun jammed when he attempted to shoot truck owner

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Food truck operator shot dead an armed robber who tried to hold up her food truck in Houston, Texas, on March 28

Keshondra Howard Turner, 53, was cooking in her soul food truck at 1pm on Tuesday when a man posing as a customer before pulling out a gun and demanded her cash

Turner’s partner closed the window but the robber stuck his gun in and attempted to shoot her

Robber’s gun jammed, giving Turner time to reach for her licensed firearm and shoot several rounds at the criminal 

23-year-old would-be robber was declared dead at the scene

Turner was taken to a local hospital for a panic attack, but police said shot in self-defense and would not be facing charges

Keshondra Howard Turner, [photo], 53, was cooking in her soul food truck at 1pm on Tuesday when a man attempted to hold up the business and shoot her

A Texas grandmother with a licensed handgun took down an armed robber Tuesday who had attempted to hold up the soul food truck, she co-owns and operates with her brother.
Keshondra Howard Turner, 53, was cooking around 1pm inside the ‘Elite Eats and Cold Treats’ truck in a Houston parking lot when a 23-year-old Hispanic man drove up alongside the vehicle.
The man asked what was on the menu, but as Turner attempted to show him a bag of chicken, he pulled a handgun on her and the other employee working in the truck.
The would-be assailant then got out of his car and demanded cash.
Turner’s brother quickly shut the food truck’s open window, but the would-be robber forced it open, stuck his weapon inside and tried to fire.

The gun jammed, which was when Turner, who is licensed to carry a handgun, drew her own weapon and shot the man several times.
The young man took a few steps back from the truck before collapsing about 50 feet away, which was where authorities found him and pronounced him dead.
Turner suffered from panic-attack induced chest pains, brought on by the shooting, and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The black truck belonging to the robber, who was described as a 23-year-old Hispanic male, was seen at the scene with bullet holes through the glass

Keshondra Turner is scene here posed against her food truck and sporting a shirt with its name and logo. The 53-year-old grandma, is the cook behind the counter of the soul food truck. Her family started Elite Eats in 2020

Houston PD investigators said nothing was taken from the food truck and the robber didn’t fire a shot, but they were checking the area for surveillance video. Investigators also said that Turner is licensed to carry.
Police say they do not expect her to be charged because she fired her weapon in self-defense.
Law enforcement officers did not file any charges against Turner, but did stick around to gather evidence, which they will present to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Investigators collect evidence from the scene of the incident. Turner was not charged 

Derick Howard, Turner’s son, said it was divine intervention that had saved his mother.
‘She’s a Godly woman, that’s why the gun jammed – because God jammed it,’ he told a local news outlet.
‘My momma is a great person, you know? Good-hearted, looking out for everybody. She’d give the shirt off her back,’ he said, adding that his mother would not have opened fire unless she had no other choice.
The Turner family started their soul food truck and take-out business three years ago and have operated out of a parking lot in southwest Houston without incident until Tuesday. 

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