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Brian Walshe pleads not guilty to killing and dismembering DC realtor wife, Ana Walshe, for ‘$2.7million life insurance payout’ – Including a $2.2M policy taken out Jan 1, the day she was last seen

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Murder suspect Brian Walshe claimed in court that the victim, his wife Ana Walshe, was having an affair before her death

He pled not guilty to murdering and dismembering Ana for ‘$2.7million life insurance payout’

The defendant is accused of murdering his wife of seven years, DC based realtor Ana Walshe, on New Year’s Day

On January 1, after she was last seen alive, a $2.2million life insurance policy was taken out in Ana’s name, listing Brian as the sole beneficiary

Supplementing another policy, it totaled amount $2.7million benefiting Brian Walshe if his wife died while they were still married

Police say Brian Walshe killed Ana with whom she shares three young sons, at their home in Cohasset, Massachusetts, in the early hours of January 1

It’s believed that he beat her to death before hacking her bones apart with a hatchet and hacksaw  

Missing but presumed dead, her remains have never been found, as police say they were incinerated 

Murder suspect Brian Walshe in Norfolk Superior Court, Boston on Thursday, pleading not guilty to murdering his wife, Ana Walshe, on January 1 – ‘for $2.7million life insurance payout’ – while claiming she was having an affair 

A Massachusetts man on trial for killing his high flying realtor wife accused the deceased of infidelity.
Brian Walshe of Cohasset, claimed in court today that his wife Ana was having an affair before her death, as he pled not guilty to killing her and dismembering her body in what prosecutors have suggested was a desperate attempt to salvage a $2.7million life insurance payout. 
The defendant appeared in court this morning in Boston, Massachusetts, charged with first-degree murder in the death of the mother-of-three who vanished on January 1, and has not been seen since.
Walshe was seen arriving clean-shaven, with a new haircut and in a smart shirt and sweater – a stark contrast from his scruffy appearance during past hearings.  

DC realtor Ana Walshe [photo], was last seen at a New Year’s Day party hosted in the home she shared with her husband and three sons in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Her remains have not been recovered, but she is presumed dead

Police say Brain Walshe killed his wife Ana in their Cohasset home [back view], in the early hours of New Year’s Day then disposed of her body in a garbage dumpster. Blood evidence believed related to the murder has been recovered from a nearby garbage processing station

Police say Brian Walshe killed Ana in their Cohasset home in the early hours of New Year’s Day, beating her to death then later hacking her bones apart with a hatchet and hacksaw. 
Today, prosecutors alleged his motive – he suspected his wife, who’d launched a successful real estate career in a different state, was cheating on him. 
They say he had hired an investigator to follow Ana in the months before her death, though it’s unclear what that investigator discovered. 
Walshe denied those allegations through his attorney. 
They admitted that his mother had hired a private investigator, but that she did so independently. 

Ana Walshe who worked for a blue chip Washington Dc based real estate firm had a home in highbrow Chevy Chase and commuted to DC during the week to work, while Brain remained in Cohasset with the boys 

‘He told her she was crazy and that Ana was a good girl. He only discovered the affair as part of the discovery of this case,’ his attorney said. 
They did not name the man he believes his wife was cheating on him with. 
Prosecutors say he had been obsessively looking at the Instagram page of a ‘male friend’. 
Ana was particularly close with Abdulla Almutairi – a married colleague who frequently refers to her as his best friend. 
Neither Mr. Almutairi nor his wife have yet responded to Brian’s suggestion that Ana was cheating on him. 
Today, a judge denied Walshe’s bail and ordered him to return to court in August for a pre-trial conference.
Prosecutors laid out again why they believe he killed his wife, pointing to surveillance footage that showed him buying gallon-cylinders, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, plastic sheets and weapons at various stores after her death, and Google searches about how to remove blood from concrete floors. 
His attorney conceded that the Google searches, which were conducted on their son’s iPad, were ‘problematic’, but claimed they didn’t prove murder.

Walshe could be seen shaking his head as the charges were read aloud. His attorney has rejected the notion that the life insurance policies motivated the murder of his wife  

Ana and Brian Walshe shared three young sons. Following the timeline, the children were home when their mom was killed

She also claims another person’s DNA was found on an HVAC suit along with Ana’s. 
On January 1, after she was last seen alive, a $2.2million life insurance policy was taken out in Ana’s name, listing Brian as the sole beneficiary. 
Coupled with her $400,000 Tishman Speyer life insurance policy, Brian stood to gain $2.7million in total if his wife died while they were still married. 
Prosecutors say Ana was considering a divorce when she vanished suddenly in January. 
Walshe had previously been indicted on fraud charges for allegedly selling counterfeit paintings. He was on bail, and was unable to leave the state of Massachusetts.   
To keep the family afloat, Ana moved to Washington DC full-time to focus on her real estate career.  She spent the working week there, returning home to Massachusetts on the weekends to spend time with her husband and their three young kids. 
According to prosecutors today, days before she was last seen alive, Ana broke down during a dinner with a friend in DC: ‘She became uncharacteristically upset and told her friend he was going to be incarcerated… she was prepared to leave him and take the kids to Washington DC,’ Connor said. 

Brian and Ana Walshe in happier times tied. The couple had been married for seven years. Lately they appeared estranged  

On Thursday Walshe’s attorney suggested Ana was either killed either by someone else, or she simply chose to disappear.  She rejected the notion that the life insurance policies were motive for him to kill: ‘He doesn’t have a need for money,’ they said, pointing to his mother’s wealth and the fact she had ‘given Ana tens of thousands of dollars’ in the past.  
The missing woman’s remains have never been found, but traces of her blood were found in a dumpster along with the clothes she was last seen wearing. Police who believe they were collected by trash services and incinerated before they could be retrieved, spent time scouring a local garbage processing station close to Brian’s mother’s residence.
He will remain in custody until then, but is scheduled to return to court in August for a pretrial conference

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