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Doorbell cam footage captures man, 66, gun down his estranged brother, 65, on his doorstep before setting victim’s house on fire – Jeffrey Roberts traveled 750 miles to shoot his brother and torch the home

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Ring doorbell camera footage captured a man gunning down his estranged brother on the latter’s doorstep

Jeffrey Roberts, 66, then torched his brothers’ house with his sister-in-law inside and then dying in hail of police bullets

Scott Roberts, 65, who was killed, can be heard telling his wife Jodi was also injured

Roberts, who had traveled 750 miles from his California home, to Ogden, Utah, was then killed in a dramatic shootout with police

Police believe the shooting was linked to a ‘family issue’

Ring camera captured the moment Jeffrey Roberts, who traveled 750 miles from his home in Long Beach, California, to confront his brother in Ogden, Utah, calmly approach his brother’s home while the couple inside were having dinner

A California man ambushed and murdered his brother on his own doorstep in Utah before he was killed by police in a dramatic shootout that was recorded on a Ring doorbell cam.
Jeffrey Roberts, 66, killed his estranged brother Scott Roberts, 65, and also shot his sister-in-law, Jodi Roberts, before setting fire to the couple’s home.
Authorities said the shooting was linked to a ‘family issue’ but the full circumstances remain under investigation.

Jeffrey Roberts was captured on Ring camera shooting his brother Scott

Roberts, who traveled 750 miles from his home in Long Beach to confront his brother, then fired on police who rushed to the address in a quiet neighborhood in North Ogden before he was shot dead.
The Weber County Attorney released a tranche of shocking footage from both the Ring doorbell and police bodycam that showed how the incident unfolded on April 27.
Scott and Jodi’s daughter, Kelsey Turner, said on a fundraiser for her mother that Jeffrey was estranged from older brother Scott, but the motive for the horrific incident remains unclear.
She notes that ‘her mom is alive because her dad fought her uncle and told his wife to run.’

Jeffrey Roberts, 66, went to the home of his younger brother Scott Roberts [left], 65, in Utah at dinner time and shot him along with his wife, Jodi Roberts, [right]. Scott died at the scene

Roberts it is reported, calmly approached his brother’s home while the couple inside were having dinner.
After a brief exchange, Roberts pulls a weapon from his hoodie and shoots his brother, Scott. 
He then returns with a pump-action shotgun and a duffel bag stuffed with ammunition.
‘My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run. Knowing that my dad died a hero is bringing us a small bit of comfort,’ the couple’s daughter Kesley Turner said.
‘Because of the fire, my mom has been left with no clothes or personal items. We will be able to recover some things from the house but have been told most of the house was destroyed.’
Footage shows Roberts calmly strolled toward his brother’s front door at around 7.11pm while the Scott was having dinner with his wife, Jodi Roberts.
There’s a brief exchange in which Roberts appears to say he ‘came by to see mom’.

After a brief exchange, Jeffrey Roberts pulls a weapon from his hoodie and shoots his brother, Scott. He then returns with a pump-action shotgun and a duffel bag stuffed with ammunition

After after shooting the homeowners, Jeffrey Roberts starts a fire at the home of Scott and Jodi Roberts. The arson partially-destroyed the couple’s home

His brother says the person isn’t there and just moments later – and without apparent provocation – pulls a weapon from the pocket of his hoodie and fires a barrage of shots while barging his way into the home.
A man’s voice can be heard shouting while the shooting takes place. 
About two minutes later the motion-sensitive doorbell cam is reactivated as Roberts leaves the property. He is seen returning soon after with a pump-action shotgun and a duffel bag, which police later discovered was stuffed with fully loaded magazines.
The camera is activated again when police arrive and a fire alarm can then be heard after Roberts sparked a blaze inside the property. Bullet holes can be seen on the pillars of the porch.

Police bodycam captured the shootout with Jeffrey Roberts. The gunman was killed in the exchange with law enforcement

Roberts ran out of the property while firing a handgun before he was shot dead by police. Roberts then started a huge blaze which partially-destroyed the home in Utah 

Roberts then rushed out of the property firing a handgun and police respond with a volley of shots that cause Roberts to fall face first onto the porch, killing him instantly.
Bodycam from the aftermath shows flames spreading inside the home, sending up plumes of black smoke which prevented officers from immediately heading inside to aid Jodi Roberts.
Homes across the street were also peppered with bullet holes after the shootout.
Brandon Miles, the chief criminal deputy in the Weber County Attorney’s Office, said the shooting was linked to a ‘family issue’ which remains under investigation.

Jeffrey Roberts went to his brother’s house armed with a 9mm handgun [photo], and a pump-action shotgun

The killer had hundreds of rounds, police said. Photo shows some of the 23 loaded magazines that Jeffrey Roberts was carrying

Investigators are also thought to be conducting inquiries in California, where Roberts lived. It’s currently unclear how Roberts obtained the cache of weapons and ammunition.
Jodi Roberts has now been discharged from hospital but the home reportedly, is ‘uninhabitable’ following the fire.

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