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Mastermind behind website jailed for 13 years by UK court – the online operation enabled criminals to impersonate banks to defraud victims across the world of more than $124M

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iSpoof website mastermind jailed for 13 years over UK’s biggest fraud sting, that stretched across the US, as well as several other countries

Tejay Fletcher, who founded, was sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison by London’s Southwark Crown Court on Friday

Fletcher, 35, set up the online scam, described as ‘an international one-stop spoofing shop’, in December 2020 and had more than 59,000 users

Police took down the online operation which for a fee enabled fraudsters to impersonate banks, tax offices and other official bodies

The giant phishing operation defrauded victims across the world of at more than $124.3 million [£100 million]

More than suspects, identified as ‘prolific users of he website’ were also arrested in several countries


Tejay Fletcher, [photo], founder the iSpoof website was sentenced to 13 years in prison by court in London UK, on Friday. The website was a giant phishing operation that defrauded victims across the world of more than $124.3 million since 2020

An online fraudster who scammed his targets out of more than £100 million and spent it mainly on luxury cars has been jailed.
Tejay Fletcher, 35, who founded, will spend 13 years and four months behind bars, London’s Southwark Crown Court ruled Friday.

The website, which was at the center of Britain’s biggest fraud sting, allowed scammers to pose as bank phone callers so they could raid the assets in the target’s bank accounts.
In the wake of a multi-agency sting involving the FBI, Europol, Eurojust and Australian agencies, investigators in UK and the Netherlands took down, a website which allowed criminals to disguise their identity and make it appear as if they were calling from a bank.
Victims across the world were defrauded of at least $124.3 million [£100 million], the court heard, with at least £43 million from UK residents.

The website was taken down in November and the administrator, Teejay Fletcher, arrested in east London, UK

Fletcher bagged the ‘lion’s share’ of nearly $4 million [£3.2 million], in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, taking home some $2.5 million, prosecutor John Ojakovoh said.
Fletcher, the administrator of the website was arrested at his home in East London in November 2022. More than 100 other suspects who police described as ‘prolific users of the website,’ were also taken into custody in several countries.
With the loot he acquired property in east London property. The raid party recovered a Lamborghini, two Range Rovers, expensive jewelry and Rolex watches in his home.

The iSpoof website gave scammers access to tools to pretend to be phone calls from trusted organizations such as banks and tax offices

According to the Metropolitan Police, iSpoof – described as ‘an international one-stop spoofing shop’ – was set up in December 2020 and had more than 59,000 users, who paid around $6,214 [£5,000], per month in Bitcoin to access its software. 
The scam was on a global scale with 40 percent of the calls directed at US residents. The second largest chunk was the 30 percent aimed at UK residents.
Subscribers could pay in Bitcoin to use sophisticated tools to disguise their phone numbers as trusted ones, such as from banks, tax offices and other official bodies.
Some pretended to be some of Britain’s biggest banks such as Barclays, HSBC and Santander.
It was used to make 10 million phone calls between June 2021 and July 2022, with, at one point, 20 people being phoned every minute.
The largest single theft was $3.73 million [£3 million], while on average, each target lost $12,429 [£10,000].
UK police alerted 48,000 alleged targets, but estimate that at least 200,000 people were victimized across the world. Tricksters would, following the calls, then illegally crowbar people’s bank and log-in details to defraud their victims.

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