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Canadian socialite who killed a Belize policeman with his own gun while drunk, is ‘slapped on the wrist’ with sentence of $37,600 fine – Jasmine Hartin avoids jail, after pleading guilty to manslaughter

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Canadian socialite who killed a Belize policeman with his own gun while drunk is fined $37,600 by Supreme Court, but avoids jail

Jasmine Hartin, 33, shot Belizean police superintendent Henry Jemmott in June 2021, while the pair were out drinking on the beach at night

After her initial denial the mother-of-two pled guilty to manslaughter by negligence

Court ordered Jasmine Hartin to make video on risks of ‘drinking and making foolish decisions’

Hartin at the time was married to Michael Ashcroft, son of British property magnet Lord Ashcroft

She pled guilty to manslaughter by negligence and was sentenced by the Belize Supreme Court on Tuesday 

Jasmine Hartin, 33, leaves the Supreme Court after sentencing on her charge of manslaughter by negligence begins at the Belize City Supreme

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin was Tuesday night handed a $37,602 [£30,000], fine for killing a Belizean police chief with his own gun.
Hartin, 33, initially denied responsibility over the death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott before pleading guilty to manslaughter by negligence at a hearing in April.
At sentencing in the Supreme Court in Belize City on Tuesday, she was also ordered to perform 300 hours’ community service and required to record a video to teach others about the dangers of ‘drinking and making foolish decisions’.

The Supreme Court of Belize on Tuesday night handed Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin [in sun glasses], a $37,602 fine for killing a Belizean police chief with his own gun

The defendant who at the time was married to Andrew Ashcroft, son of British billionaire, Lord Ashcroft, had previously insisted the officer’s death was a ‘horrible accident’.
Belize police Supt Henry Jemmott was killed by a shot to the head while he and Hartin were drinking together late at night on a pier in 2021, near the Ashcroft family’s luxury hotel on the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye.

Jasmine Hartin [photo], claims she accidentally shot Henry Jemmott while handing him his service revolver while giving him a massage. The pair were drinking

Hartin, 33, initially denied responsibility over the death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott,[photo], but pled guilty to manslaughter by negligence at a hearing in April

Hartin claimed Jemmott had offered to teach her how to use his Glock-17 pistol for her protection.
She wept in court as she entered a guilty plea to manslaughter by negligence at the last-minute before her trial was due to take place.
Jemmott’s widow Romit Wilson, 39, criticized Hartin’s behavior throughout the court case, accusing the socialite of conducting an ‘international PR campaign’.

Hartin, [backing camera], was arrested in June 2021 for manslaughter by negligence after she told Belizean police that she accidentally opened fire as she passed Jemmott his Glock service revolver

At the time Jasmine Hartin [left] was married to British aristocrat Andrew Ashcroft [right]. The couple were seen at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new resort, just days before the shooting, on May 7, 2021

Wilson, who had three children with Jemmott, scoffs at the efforts by Hartin attempting to portray herself as the victim.
Wilson at the onset of the investigations had said: ‘I have not given any interviews to any media houses since the day Henry was killed.
‘I have focused on our children, taking care of them and dealing with our grief. I know they say grief comes in waves, but ours has been constant.
‘My children and I have had to endure Ms Hartin recounting in interview after interview, in full documentaries even, details of that awful night, details of her friendship with Henry and even details about my relationship with Henry.
‘She said she pled guilty to not put us through the anguish of a trial. I wish she had also thought about that before her international PR campaign.’

Supt. Henry Jemmott’s body is brought to shore in Belize the morning after he was shot dead in June 2021. It had been spotted floating in the sea

The Jemmott family’s lawyer, Leslie Mendez, also criticized Hartin for trying to ‘inject uncertainty’ over her plea. Mendez said: ‘You cannot waffle on the veracity of your guilty plea and, at the same time, maintain you want the family to have peace and heal.
‘It is reprehensible to inject uncertainty into the public discourse and the minds of his family when what they want is the truth and justice.’
A civil case is due to go before the courts in Belize at the conclusion of criminal proceedings against Hartin.
While on bail awaiting trial, Hartin gave several interviews in print and on camera. She has also featured in the documentary One Bullet in Belize on US streaming service Discovery+.
Hartin has described in graphic detail how she ‘accidentally’ shot the officer as they enjoyed a late-night drink. She said she ‘wriggled out’ from under the heavily built officer and was left covered in his blood.

Hartin, who denied responsibility for the killing, initially was held for five days in San Pedro Police Station in Belize before she was transferred to the central prison

Hartin is whisked away on Tuesday after the perceived ‘slap on the wrist’ sentencing sentencing for manslaughter by negligence at the Belize Supreme Court

While Hartin has denied the claims she was drunk, her ex-husband Andrew Ashcroft, 45, has said Hartin was ‘very drunk’ on the night of the incident.
Ashcroft’s claims contradict Hartin’s assertion she had only consumed a few drinks and was not intoxicated on the night Mr Jemmott was killed.
The couple separated shortly after the incident and have since been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their twin children.
Ashcroft said in his statement that they had attended a party at the Sunset Lounge until about 11pm on May 28, 2021: ‘Jasmine had been drinking heavily and had started consuming alcohol while getting ready to attend the party and continued to do so at the party,’ he said.
After the couple arrived back at the hotel, Hartin had asked her husband to join her for drinks with Jemmott, who was staying at the resort.
‘Jasmine appeared very drunk at this point,’ he added, saying he declined and offered to stay with the children before going to bed. He was woken by staff to be informed of the shooting at 1am.
‘I saw Jasmine standing in front of the Mata Rocks Pier covered in blood about 30 yards from me.’

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