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Three people killed, three more wounded in shooting during an ‘interpersonal dispute’ at a home in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday night

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Three people are killed and three more are wounded Sunday night, during a shooting after a dispute at a home in Annapolis, Maryland

Police Chief said the shooting was due to an ‘interpersonal dispute’

‘It wasn’t random,’ police said, noting that the victims ‘died outside’ the home’

Victims killed who range in age from their 20s to their 50s are yet to be identified

Cops announced they recovered a weapon, a suspect described as a ‘person of interest’ was in custody, and no charges had been filed. 

Three killed, three more wounded in shooting at a house in Annapolis, Maryland on Sunday night

In a breaking story out of Maryland, it was reported that six people were shot people were killed and during a dispute Sunday night at a house in the state’s capital city, Annapolis.
Three people died, one wounded victim was taken by medical helicopter to a local trauma unit and the other two victims were taken to local hospitals, police reported.
Police Chief Edward Jackson said that the shooting stemmed from what he described as an ‘interpersonal dispute’ and that there was no further threat to the public.

The victims of the shooting died outside the home and it ‘wasn’t random’, police said. 
Jackson said: ‘It’s a very active and fluid investigation. We’re still trying to determine everything that occurred. 
‘We’re still piecing it together. We have a lot more work to do.’
Police arrive at Maryland house after shooting kills three people

A crowd gathered on a residential street in in the 1000 block of Paddington Place in Annapolis, where police say multiple people were shot at a home on Sunday

Officers respond to the crime scene in Annapolis. Cops said the shooting ‘wasn’t random,’ while noting that the victims ‘died outside’ the home

Chief Jackson declined to elaborate on the relationship between the people involved, but said those killed ranged in age from their 20s to their 50s. 
He said that authorities hadn’t established a firm motive for the shooting.
‘It wasn’t random,’ Jackson said, noting that the victims ‘died outside’ the home.
Numerous police cars were seen in the residential area where the shooting happened south of the city center and near the waterfront. Jackson said officers responded to the shooting around 8 p.m.

Annapolis Police Chief Ed Jackson [photo], confirmed three people were killed and three injured in what he describe as an ‘interpersonal dispute’ on Sunday night

Police vehicles are seen on a residential street near the waterfront in Annapolis, Maryland, where six people were shot at a home, leaving three of the victims dead, on Sunday

The police statement said that a suspect was in custody, who was described as a ‘person of interest’ and with no charges had been filed.
The chief said that authorities have recovered a weapon.

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