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GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan, splits with wife of 25 years after ‘multiple affairs’ despite the South Carolina congressman building his political career by promoting himself as pro-family values and ‘traditional marriage’ advocate

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Jeff Duncan splits with wife after ‘MULTIPLE affairs’ despite South Carolina GOP congressman selling himself as pro-family values and ‘traditional marriage’

Congressman Jeff Duncan’s wife filed for divorce in South Carolina on Friday 

In her court filing, she claimed Duncan was carrying out several affairs 

Duncan’s alleged adultery flies in the face of his ‘family values’ image 

Congressman Jeff Duncan is estranged from his wife Melody [left] who filed for divorce on Friday alleging he has carried out multiple affairs behind her back. The allegations fly in the face of thew reputation of Duncan as a champion of ‘traditional family values’  

A GOP congressman from South Carolina, who touts ‘traditional family values’ as a core political tenet has left his wife after multiple alleged affairs. Ironically Rep Jeff Duncan has declared himself a ‘family values’ candidate who backs ‘traditional marriage.’
Duncan’s alleged dalliances were revealed by Melody Duncan, his wife of 25 years and mother of his three children, as she filed for divorce from the GOP lawmaker in a Laurens County courthouse on Friday. 
The court filings alleged that the outspoken Republican, a self proclaimed ‘conservative’ who claims on his congressional page that he is ‘a strong advocate for life and traditional family values’, carried out one of the affairs with a Washington DC lobbyist, named as Liz Williams in the document.
Duncan is now believed to be living with Williams. 
The news of the alleged adultery comes just weeks after Governor of North Dakota Kristi Noem, another hardline Republican who was even floated as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, was caught in allegedly cheating on her husband with Trump advisor Corey Lewandoswki. Noem and Lewandoswki are both married.

Duncan celebrated the birth of his first grandchild in February, posing beside his wife Melody before making a speech on the House floor about his ‘excitement’ at the addition to his family

According to Friday’s filing, Duncan made no secret of his affair with Williams in Washington social circles, and may have even quietly moved in with her according, to his estranged wife.
‘(Duncan) has admitted to (Melody) that he has an ongoing sexual relationship,’ with Williams, the filing claims. 
The court statement added that the Duncan further admitted to the ‘adulterous relationship to many other people, including the parties’ sons and members of his staff.’ 

All may not have been rosy in the family despite the portrait painted by GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan, seen earlier this year [photo], announcing the birth of his first grandchild on the floor of the House of Representatives 

In one instance alleged by Melody, it was claimed that as recently as August 28 Duncan was touting his ‘loving’ marriage to his wife when he hosted conservative fundraiser ‘Faith and Freedom BBQ.’ 
A day later, however, the filing claims he ‘went directly to the home of his paramour, Liz Williams. where [his wife], is informed and believes he continues to reside.’ 
Just four months before, Duncan celebrated the birth of his first grandchild, posing next to Melody as he cradled the child before making a speech in the House of Representatives about the addition to his family. 

The six-term House member, seen posing with an Ivermectin can as he arrives at the Capitol in February 2022, fashioned a reputation as a hardline Republican in his 12 years as a congressman. That image is now in jeopardy after his estranged wife filed for divorce citing philandering

‘[Melody] is informed and believes that [Duncan’s], extramarital relationship(s) is/are widely known in political circles of South Carolina and Washington D.C,’ the divorce petition adds. 
Homing in on perceived hypocrisy, Duncan’s facade as a ‘family values’ Republican is highlighted in the divorce petition, with Melody claiming her husband has crafted a narrative that his marriage was cold and loveless to ‘justify the hypocrisy of his public statements and private actions.’
For instance Duncan has opposed same-sex marriage, despite reportedly flouting his own ‘sacred’ vows on numerous occasions.
Furthermore the divorce petition alleges that the liaison with Williams is not the end of his philandering. Duncan is accused of having ‘an extramarital relationship with at least one other woman’. 
Her divorce proceedings are seeking alimony payments, and exclusive possession and use of their marital home and their home in Montana. 

The divorce filing calls out the hypocrisy of Duncan, seen [praying on the floor of the Republican National Convention], whose facade as a ‘family values’ Republican in public statements, who ‘has made faith a central part of his political identity’, is in sharp contrast with his actions in private life

She is also requesting Duncan be solely responsible for any of their debts, medical expenses, attorney and legal fees, and maintenance of hers and their children’s health insurance. 
Duncan who has represented South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District since 2011, is up for re-election next year. In his time in the House, he has become an outspoken conservative who’s Faith and Freedom BBQ noted in his divorce filing has grown to become a key fundraiser and speech opportunity for Republican leaders. 
In 2021, the keynote address was given by fellow conservative Kristi Noem, with Duncan saying at the time he offered the opportunity to boost her national profile as a future GOP leader.
But just weeks before his own alleged scandal, Noem saw her reputation as a staunch ‘family values’ GOP politician, devastated by allegations she had been carrying out a years-long affair with Lewandowski.

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