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Student gunman, 32, arrested after shooting three people at Rotterdam’s Erasmus university Medical Center and nearby apartment – Two dead including a teacher and a mother whose teen daughter, 14, was seriously injured

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Student in combat gear opens fire at Rotterdam university hospital and nearby apartment killing at least two, including a teacher on Thursday morning

Police have arrested a suspect after the shooting at Erasmus Medical Center, affiliated with Erasmus University in the city of Rotterdam

Police have now revealed that the 32-year-old suspected shooter, who wore a bulletproof vest, killed a 39-year-old woman and a 46-year-old teacher at the university

Shooter also left the 14-year-old daughter of the woman he killed seriously injured

The unnamed suspect also set fires to the woman’s home as well as a classroom on the university campus

Video showed a man being arrested by armed cops after they had stormed the building to see if the shooter was still inside

Armed police have arrested a suspect after a gunman wearing military clothing opened fire inside a classroom at a Dutch university hospital and a nearby house, resulting in at least two deaths and a serious injury. 
Terrified students, patients and health workers ran for their lives out of the Erasmus Medical Center, affiliated with Erasmus University, in Rotterdam at around 2pm today in the port city of Rotterdam. 
Police have now revealed that the 32-year-old suspected shooter, a 32-year-old student at the college wore a bulletproof vest, when he shot and killed a 39-year-old woman at her home and a 46-year-old teacher inside a classroom at at the university campus. 
He also shot and seriously injured the 14-year-old daughter of the woman who died in the attack which happened in his neighborhood, close to the college campus.  

Terrified students and medical staff were seen fleeing the university medical center at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, after a gunman went on a rampage on Thursday afternoon

In one video, those fleeing could be heard screaming after a loud bang, while a blaze also broke out inside the building.
Footage later showed a man being arrested by armed cops after they had stormed the building to see if the shooter, described as a tall man wearing combat clothing, was still inside. 
Dutch media reported that the gunman, a 32-year-old student at the university, fatally shot a 39-year-old woman at a house in his neighborhood on Heiman Dullaertplein in the west of the city of Rotterdam, and seriously injured her 14-year-old daughter.
After setting the woman’s home on fire, he then drove to the Erasmus University Hospital Medical Center, less than a mile away, where he entered a classroom and fatally shot a 46-year-old teacher dead, on Thursday afternoon.

Footage shared widely on social media showed scared students and staff sprinting for their lives at Erasmus MC on Thursday

Video purportedly showed a classroom on fire at the medical center in Rotterdam. It is still reportedly burning

The shooter was later arrested near the hospital, where he also set a fire.
His motive was unknown.
Officials had earlier confirmed that at least three people were injured across the shootings in Rotterdam this afternoon.
Inn an updated statement at 4.30pm local time, Dutch authorities said: ‘The two shooting incidents in Rotterdam resulted in fatalities.
‘We now first inform family and relatives. We will provide further explanation later.’

Medical staff wait outside the Erasmus MC Rotterdam hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Wednesday, after an attacker wearing military clothing opened fire in a classroom, and set a fire

The unnamed 32-year-old man was arrested under the hospital’s helipad and police were investigating his possible involvement in both shootings. Officers said the shooter was carrying a handgun. 
Rotterdam’s chief prosecutor said that motive for the shooting has still not been determined. 
Dutch media were reporting that there were fires at both the house – where the blaze has been put out – and the university hospital, where flames are still burning. 
De Telegraaf reports that the suspect shot two people at a house on Heiman Dullaertplein in the west of the city. It’s understood he then drove to the Erasmus MC, less than a mile away.

Dutch police checking the Erasmus Medical Center after the shooter who was wearing military clothing was in custody

Police officers direct members of the public away from the entrance to the Teaching hospital in Rotterdam, after it came under attack on Thursday

Patients were taken away from the medical center in Rotterdam after Thursday’s mass shooting

Medical staff are seen being evacuated from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, which has been cordoned off by police after the student gunman went on a rampage, killing a teacher

It was here that a second shooting reportedly took place in a classroom.
Several officers, including specialized arrest teams, have been pictured at the hospital which has been cordoned off. 
Armed police were pictured scouring the roof of the medical center, while police helicopters hovered over the city.
Footage shared on social media showed students sprinting through the corridors trying to escape the gunfire and flames. 
One student told the Dutch daily: ‘We just had to run away from the arrest team to behind the school. Something is not right.’ 
Nigel Jansen, a 26-year-old intern held at gunpoint by armed police, recalled being told: ‘Hands up, get out quickly!’ 

Police officers guard the cordoned entrance to The Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam after the mass shooting on Thursday

Several agencies, including officers from the special intervention service converged on the crime scene

He told AD: ‘The panic was great. People were running and crying. We had received something, but it was unclear what was going on.’  
One elderly patient was pictured being evacuated out of the medical center in a wheelchair as armed police swarmed the building which is home to Rotterdam’s Erasmus University’s faculty of medicine.
Earlier, police said the gunman possibly left the scene on a motorcycle, but they later said an arrest team was checking the Erasmus Medical Center to establish if he was still in the building. 
In July, two people and a gunman were injured in a shooting at a summer carnival in Rotterdam. 
The gunman was shot by police several times after opening fire. 
There have also been scores of small explosions and at homes and businesses across Rotterdam this year, blamed on rival drug gangs.

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