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Weeping Brooklyn stabbing suspect Brian Dowling, 18, appears in court charged with murder of Ryan Thoresen Carson – Teen faces life without parole if convicted

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Teen suspect Brian Dowling Jr, 18, appeared in court Thursday evening after being charged with murder of social activist Ryan Thoresen Carson on Oct. 2

The suspect was arrested Thursday morning at his parents home in Bedford Stuyvesant for Monday’s fatal attack in Brooklyn, NYC

A figure alleged to be Brian Dowling Jr, is seen on surveillance stabbing Ryan Carson in the heart at 3:50am on Monday – corroborated by two witnesses

Savage, unprovoked attack erupted while Carson, 32, and his girlfriend Claudia Morales were waiting for a bus after attending a wedding

The suspect was previously described as ’emotionally disturbed’ teenager 

Appearing before a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court, the suspect was seen weeping after being charged with first-degree murder

Dowling Jr who faces life in prison without parole, if convicted, was remanded without bail

Brian Dowling Jr, 18, appeared before a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday evening after he was charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Ryan Carson

The teenager accused of stabbing Brooklyn social justice activist Ryan Thoresen Carson to death appeared in court after being charged with first-degree murder. 
Brian Dowling, 18, was hauled before a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court shortly after he was tearfully perp walked out of an NYPD precinct following his murder charge. 
Dowling, still in the same white t-shirt he was wearing when he was arrested in the morning, looked somber and tilted his head into the air as the prosecution spoke at the hearing on Thursday.
At one moment he glanced at his parents in the courtroom, who were tearful at the sight of their son in custody before he was remanded without bail. 

The suspected teen killer seen during his hearing at the Brooklyn Criminal Court in Brooklyn on Thursday evening

The teen wept as he was marched out of the station, several hours after his arrest in Bedford Stuyvesant. Cops also seize a knife believed to have been used in the attack along with items of clothing worn by the assailant seen on surveillance footage. 
A figure alleged to be Brian Dowling Jr, is seen stabbing Ryan Carson in the heart at 3:50am on Monday in a savage, unprovoked attack that erupted while the he and his girlfriend were waiting for a bus after attending a wedding. 
His first-degree murder charge could see him punished by up to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, if he is found guilty. 

The Brooklyn youth was described as ’emotionally disturbed’, but neighbors have also reacted with surprise at his arrest and said he comes from a ‘respectful family’. He is facing up to a lifetime behind bars if found guilty 

Victim; Dowling Jr is accused of killing Ryan Thoresen Carson, [photo], in an unprovoked knife attack on Monday morning at 4am while he waited for a bus. The murder was caught by surveillance camera

At his arraignment hearing on Thursday, prosecutor Jordan Rossman argued that the defendant stabbed his victim ‘without provocation’. He told the judge that two witnesses identified Dowling as Carson’s killer from a photo line-up. 
The teen’s defense attorney Kenneth Montgomery told the court that it was the first time his client had been arrested. 
‘This is a difficult case for several reasons beyond the tragedy of the loss of life,’ Montgomery told Judge Joshua Glick. ‘You have an 18-year-old man — young man who has no criminal history.’

NYPD perp walk Murder suspect Brian Dowling Jr is escorted out of a Brooklyn police precinct on Thursday after he was charged with the murder of NY activist Ryan Carson

Montgomery asked the court to impose a ‘serious bail’ on his client, because there was no risk of the teen fleeing.
‘His parents are here and I assure you that there’s no risk of flight, he was arrested at his home,’  the defense counsel told the court.
The attorney’s pleas for leniency failed to convince the court, however, as Judge Glick remanded Dowling ‘given the nature of the charges and the narrative given by the people.’ 
When police issued a search warrant on his home, a sweatshirt was also seized along with the suspected murder weapon that matched the kind worn by the suspect in the video of Carson’s killing. 

18-year-old Brian Dowling Jr, the Suspect in fatal stabbing of activist Ryan Carson walked from police precinct

Dowling’s home is a five-minute walk from where Carson, 32, was stabbed to death. 
He was previously described as ’emotionally and mentally disturbed’, but neighbors have reacted with surprise at the grisly charges, say he is the ‘sweetest boy’ who is never normally in trouble. 
‘He’s a nice guy. His family are good people …very respectful,’ added a family friend outside the home. 
The teen is understood to work at a school in Clinton Hill, and his alleged unhinged behavior also led his own aunt reported him to police two months ago after he broke his girlfriend’s belongings in a fight. 

Authorities are working on the assumption that the female seen at the crime murder trying to dissuade Dowling from attacking Carson has a relationship with the killer

Ryan Carson victim was an advocate of social justice and left-wing causes, including spearheading a drive to implement drug injection sites across the city and was a passionate environmentalist. 
Carson’s girlfriend, according to now locked-down social media profiles, was an avid BLM activist who, among other remarks, used the cop-hating acronym ACAB in some posts.

Brian Dowling Sr, the father of the alleged knifeman, is seen outside his home on Wednesday

Teenage suspect Brian Dowling, 18, is marched out of the 81st Precinct in Bedford Stuyvesant today. Dowling wore a white t-shirt, shorts and sliders as he was perp walked – with his hands cuffed and legs shackled 

Dowling cried as he was removed from the Brooklyn precinct after being arrested on first degree murder and transported to Central Booking on Thursday afternoon

On Wednesday, the activist’s friends raised eyebrows after claiming that he would have felt sorry for the teenager who allegedly stabbed him to death, and would want his killing to be used to further left-wing policies.
‘I know he would have wanted people to use his death as a means to talk about structural wrongs in the city,’ New York State Assembly member Emily Gallagher told The Gothamist.
‘I’m absolutely positive that he would immediately see that this was a person who was suffering from a lack of resources in our community, who probably needs better mental health support, possibly housing, possibly drug support, drug treatment.
‘What he would want to avenge his death is for us to fix how broken this city is.’
Yesterday, friends set up a GoFundMe account for Carson’s girlfriend. They have so far raised $60,000. 
It remains unclear what prompted Dowling to attack. A suspect believed to be the 18-year-old was seen in the video at first walking past Carson and Morales, before turning back. 

Dowling killed Ryan Carson during an unprovoked attack in Brooklyn on Monday

Dressed in a suit, Carson was returning home from a wedding – and his girlfriend Claudia posted an image of them smiling together at the nuptials hours before the tragedy. 
Carson was filmed pushing the attacker in the chest several times before the first strike of the knife. 
At one point, the suspect asks ‘What the f*** are you looking at?’ before violently stabbing Carson in the chest. At the end of the video, his girlfriend could heard chillingly yelling ‘Brian!’ as the attacker fled the scene. 

Ryan Carson was returning home from a wedding – and his girlfriend Claudia posted an image of them smiling together just hours before the tragedy. They are wearing the same outfits seen in the security footage

The unprovoked attack on Carson by Dowling was caught on surveillance camera. Carson and his girlfriend were sitting at a bus stop in Brooklyn early Monday morning before the tragedy

The shocking After fatally stabbing Carson who is seen lying on the pavement, Dowling turned to berate the victim’s girlfriend . He spits in her face before leaving before his attacker fled the scene

Carson’s girlfriend Claudia Morales, who was present for the wrenching ordeal held him in her arms before he was taken to Kings County Hospital Center, where he later died

Detectives outside the suspect’s home in Brooklyn on Thursday morning when he was arrested. The home is a block away from the crime scene.

Detectives making the arrest also seized evidence including a knife and the sweatshirt worn during the attack used from the home. The teen who said to be enrolled in a work at a school in Clinton Hill, allegedly has shown signs of unhinged behavior in the past

One neighbor outside the home today said they believed Brian was influenced by drugs, while some questioned why Carson engaged in conversation with Dowling. 
‘I watched the video this morning it makes me sick to my stomach. I have been on that corner but definitely not at 3:45 am in the morning. I know better than that.
‘I feel sad and bad, but definitely would not have intervened in any kind of situation like that just knowing what happens in the neighborhood.
‘People tell you – who are born and raised in the area – just don’t make eye contact with people especially at 3:45 am in the morning. 
‘I would have walked across the street,’ said Sarah Walker, 31.
In response to the killing, friends of the slain Brooklyn social justice activist have raised over $68,000 for themselves to help the group to ‘take time off of work to properly mourn.’

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