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Clinton campaign and the early ball spike

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My Iowa Caucus notes

Clinton Campaign

We won!!!!! What was that all about?

Hilary Clinton’s campaign spiked the ball at the 5 yard line, then declared themselves victors in the 3rd quarter. REALLY?? How did that happen?  This looks like some sharp practice but who was being played?  They are not smelling right.

This sort of behavior is some of the reasons a lot of people have not been able to fully support her.  She is the most qualified person in the race but has a campaign team that could be  a lot better. Their turn around time is too slow.  Turn around time is much too long. It makes them look like they don’t know what they are doing.  They have to listen  to what everyone has to say and or wait for poll results to decide which way the wind is blowing, then take a position. Constantly morphing from one position to another has created the blurred identity. Hilary, take another look at that team so 2008 does not repeat itself.

Hilary Clinton. Credit politico

Feeling the Bern

Now this is a campaign that seems to know what they are doing.  Candidate and surrogates are clear on the message, unambiguous and always on point. Wow the heat is on!!
This is going to be a long fight.  May the best man or woman win.

Bernie Sanders. Credit secure.actblue

Democratic National Convention, DNC, led by Debbie

You are not looking good. When you are the match commissioner, you don’t just operate transparently, you have to be perceived to be above board.

Good luck charm
By the way, someone got one of those six quarters that always seem to  guarantee a win? I need to hit Vegas hehehe

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