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Republican presidential aspirant "I ought to be running as a Democrat"

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Governor John Kasich of Ohio                                              Photo: wikpedia

Gov Kasich jokes ‘I am in the wrong primary’, 
I think it is more like he is the right man in the wrong political era//

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Republican presidential aspirant Gov John Kasich of Ohio,  speaking to HBO’s Bill Maher joked ahead of Saturday night’s debate that he’s running in the wrong primary. This is a huge understatement for former investment banker,  widely perceived to be right of center in an election cycle otherwise dominated by extremist and nativist rhetoric.

“I ought to be running in a Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me — you have any Republican friends?”

the Ohio governor asked a Democratic voter who had told him that he was the only Republican who could possibly earn her vote. At the campaign stop in Manchester, he also jokingly asked a woman who identified herself as an election day worker.
“Can’t you just stuff the ballot for me? I mean, I signed this for you,”
he said, pointing to the paper he signed with a red Sharpie.
“Don’t tell anybody,” the woman responded, to which Kasich said, “OK, I won’t. Shh…”
Kasich, no stranger to off-the-cuff remarks on the trail, told CNN’s Gloria Borger on Friday that he would be “the worst vice president anybody could ever imagine.”.
Not surprising, so far he has struggled to make an impact with his moderate message in the 2016 republican primaries. He was eight in the Iowa caucus last week with 2 percent of the votes and no delegates. The next stop is New Hampshire on Monday. The most recent polls indicate Kasich is fourth (12%). Behind top three candidates with Trump’s field-leading 29%. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio climbs to second place with 18% following his strong third place finish in Iowa, followed by Ted Cruz (13%). Reviewing the subterranean currents running in main stream republican circles, read ‘Establishment’, you get the feeling they wished Kasich would strike a more strident cord. He would certainly make a more viable general election alternative to floundering former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

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For now it may remains wishful thinking, as the extreme conservative elements in the party continue to dominate the headlines. The establishment is looking longingly, stuck with the bleak prospect of an ’emergency’ consensus candidate in Marco Rubio increasingly handicapped because he has had to swing hard right to burnish his credentials for the primaries that he might have to pull a Houdini to get back main stream for the general. Not such an easy task, ask John McCain and Mitch Romney.

So far in tonight’s debate he has done nothing to harm his prospects, there might still be hope for GOP producing a competitive candidate from the 2016 presidential field.

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