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The Clinton Campaign Armarda – Fearful to look at but ….

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Hilary Clinton with Black Congressional caucus Leader, Elijah Cummings (D, GA).

The Clinton campaign Armada, quite intimidating from afar
Observing the mobility or lack thereof, of the Hilary Clinton’s campaign which had it’s maiden voyage in 2008, was a rather painful and at times exasperating experience. So cumbersome, it reminded an observer of the Spanish Armada of yore, pitched in a modern day yacht race.

Fast forward, eight years later this is 2016, the Armada is embarking on yet another voyage, re-branded but not necessarily refined for the race to the White House in 2016.

It is fearful to watch in action, large and brooding … intimidating overtly and behind the scenes. Who are those who dare stand in the way of that yearning to return to the White House? You see it on TV, the surrogates who are ready to talk you down with the mantra:”she knows everything about everything” if you have the temerity to question or critique Hilary’s campaign for the White House.

It is interesting watching the watchers sic journalists, roll over and suddenly lose independent thought when it comes to reporting about her.

Today, we got to see one of the arms of this Armada ,the NAACP present themselves with a show of support and strength. They had very strong words for the democratic field. The message was clear ……back off , else….  this looks like a movie we have seen before. These are, to use the buzz word of he day, “the establishment of the Democratic party.” quite disconnected from the consensus of their constituency.

One wonders if they are aware that the democratic base was quite apathetic to the current round of elections, until the emergence of a second candidate who looks viable. If the democratic establishment  interrupt the democratic process, 2012 will look like child’s play. They will be left at the ball, dancing all by themselves.

I wonder who they are representing. In 2008, this same group went against then Senator Obama. Treating him with the same disdain exhibited today and found themselves in the dog house with their constituency. The jury is out on their having recovered from that snafu, till date.  They must love it there. Is there a particular reason the play their hands so early and turn people off?

The NAACP barely find their voices when black men and women are killed daily on  the streets, neither do they have much to say when Trump or any other Republican dumps on people of color, which is everyday by the way, yet they have made themselves ombudsman men or gate keepers and attempt to speak for persons of color during political campaigns, every four years.

Have you guys talked to your electorate recently? Why are you always on the wrong page? Why is there a great need to apply undue influence on the electorate?

When Hilary Clinton did a hatchet job on President Obama, an administration which she was a key member, where were you? Where did this sudden conversion from constantly tearing the administration down, saying she would rather things were done differently turn to fawning and hugging the administration so tight they are almost choking, occur?

I don’t believe Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders need to make a pledge to protect everything Obama. If either of them becomes president and see stuff that needs to be addressed, we expect them to do so. The interest of the people is paramount.

 Bernie Sanders. Sent out in the cold by the Democratic establishment 

Oh,  I am all for supporting your candidate. It is part of the democratic process, as long as, the democratic process is not interrupted and the voice of the people suppressed. Super delegates, the people are watching.
Will the backroom back slapping succeed this time around?

The problem  with an armada is that while they can decimate you if you stand in their way, a team of swift boats handled by people  with good know how can disrupt and defeat it easily with the right strategy and organization. Could this be what we are witnessing or is it a fluke? I am for letting it play out, uninterrupted.

This is what happened in 2009 ad can possibly occur again. Prognosis? The people spoke on Clinton mania in 2014 and the results were not so encouraging. Let’s hope they have more success in 2016.

May the best man win. Good Luck

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