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Republican attempts to hijack Democratic caucuses sparks outrage in Neveda GOP

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Rance Preibus, Chairman RNC

The University of Nevada Reno College Republicans recently pointed out a loophole allowing for same-day Democratic registration, meaning a GOP voter could technically caucus on Saturday as a democrat and again on Tuesday for the Republican election.

  “It’s insulting to the American electorate and the height of mean-spirited, hyper-partisan BS,” he said. “This is why people have lost faith in politics.
– Don Dike-Anukam,  member University Republicans Group
The Guardian is reporting that attempts by some Republicans to hijack the democratic caucuses in Nevada has sparked outraged within the party. It has been reported that GOP activists were encouraging Republican voters to register for the Democratic caucus on Saturday and participate in both parties’ elections.

“Asking individuals to participate in both is not a normal activity but it is also not illegal; nobody will get arrested,” Miranda Hoover, president of the student GOP group, said in a statement.

Don Dike-Anukam, a student who is a member of the university Republicans group, though is  not currently active, said he was dismayed that anyone would even raise the idea. “It’s insulting to the American electorate and the height of mean-spirited, hyper-partisan BS,” he said. “This is why people have lost faith in politics.”

Dike-Anukam, who is also a member of the Washoe County Republican party central committee, said he hopes no GOP voters try to participate in both caucuses and said they should be held accountable if they do. “I hope if someone attempts to do it, they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We can’t go around talking about the integrity of the elections and then propose voter fraud.”

He also said he expects they would get caught. “I think the (district attorney) takes these kinds of things very seriously.” Election officials have said they are aware of the reports and are monitoring the situation. Democratic leaders said that voting twice would be illegal and possibly constitute a felony.

Some Republican leaders have condemned the idea, too. “I believe that if we participate to intentionally affect the results of the Democratic nomination, then we are ultimately losing the very freedoms that caused many of our parents and grandparents to come to this country,” Adam Khan, chairman of the Washoe County Republican Party, said in an email to constituents.

Dike-Anukam said he worried the controversy would tarnish the reputation of the party. “This is why people don’t like politics,” he said, adding, “Most Republicans are decent people.”

Courtesy: Guardian

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