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Swedish doctor in kidnapping case jailed for 10 years

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‘Swedish Fritzl’ Dr Martin Trenneborg, gets 10 years in jail for kidnapping a woman and keeping her in a specially constructed soundproof bunker.
 Photo: IBL/Rex/Shutterstock
Crime scene investigators outside the farmhouse in Axeltorp, southern Sweden.
Martin Peter Trenneborg, who held the woman for six days, had admitted to kidnapping her but denied and was acquitted of a rape charge. The prosecutor said he had planned to hold her prisoner as his girlfriend for years.
Photo: smh
Jailed: Dr Martin Trenneborg has been dubbed the ‘Swedish Fritzl’.
Stockholm’s district court said in the verdict the doctor had meticulously planned the kidnapping for a long time. “Furthermore, the doctor subjected the victim to serious risks by medicating her and by keeping her locked up in very unpleasant forms in the light and soundproof bunker,” it said in a statement.
Photo: Yahoo
The doctor, 38, drugged the woman with strawberries spiked with a sedative in Stockholm before bringing her to a purpose-built bunker in his isolated house in southern Sweden, about 340 miles away.
The bunker, built over several years, featured electronic locks and had several rooms, a toilet and a small enclosed courtyard.


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