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Billionaire brickie ‘used a computer app to fake having a bank account with $596 million’ to fool his lawyer and make bail after being arrested on drugs charges

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the billionaire bricklayer, remember him,  yes the tradie worth over $12 billion and had $596,000 cash on hand, with a further $1.56 billion in properties holding? Turns out he used technology(app) to fool everyone including his lawyer into believing his exaggerated net worth

    Phillip Harrison told his lawyer he had $596 million in his bank account
The lawyer logged in and check his bank details to confirm his wealth
The 29-year-old reportedly used an application to falsify the balance
He was caught in possession of Viagra, ecstasy and methamphetamine


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A self-proclaimed billionaire bricklayer facing drug charges used a computer application to falsify his bank account balance to fool the courts into giving him bail, according to reports.
Phillip Johnathan Harrison, who has been dubbed the ‘billionare brickie’, told his lawyer that he had $596 million in his personal bank after he was pulled over on Friday and allegedly found to have Viagra, ecstasy and methamphetamine in his Audi sports car.
But according to the Courier Mail, the 29-year-old from Noosa used a computer application to fabricate his wealth and fooled his lawyer into thinking it was legitimate as criminals awaiting trial are considered less likely to flee and often granted bail if they have substantial assets.
Jet-setting around the world doesn’t come cheap- but it seems, Phillip Johnathan Harrison (pictured), the self proclaimed ‘billionaire’ brickie can afford it
Mr Harrison’s duty lawyer Nick Handly told Brisbane Magistrate’s Court on Friday that he had checked Mr Harrison’s bank account and confirmed he had $596 million balance.
He also said Mr Harrison had $1.5 billion in property.
But when Mr Handly asked his client where his wealth had come from Mr Harrison said ‘he wasn’t at liberty to say’. 
At the time of his arrest he told police the Australian government had given him his luxury vehicle, and that he was a multi-billionaire worth $12 billion.


The tradie’s Instagram account tracks his extravagant holidays through Greece (pictured), The USA and France
The tradie  pulled over by police in a luxury sports car has more than $590 million in the bank but is not ‘at liberty’ to say how he got it 

Magistrate Anthony Gett granted Mr Harrison bail, but not before he demanded the 29-year-old tradie surrender his passport as his financial situation made him an increased flight risk.
Mr Harrison will return to court on April 18. 
The tradie’s Instagram account appeared to testify to his wealth, tracking several extravagant holidays through Greece, The USA and France. 
He is pictured in Zakynthos, a well-known summer resort Island in Greece.
Mr Harrison is also seen relaxing and enjoying a drink at a luxurious pool-side resort on the Greek Island of Santorini.


The billionaire bricklayer is pictured in Zakynthos, a well-known summer resort Island in Greece
Mr Harrison is seen relaxing and enjoying a drink (pictured) on the Greek Island of Santorini
The young bricklayer (pictured) is also seen at a luxurious pool-side resort in Santorini
The billionaire brickie can cross the Eiffel Tower (pictured) off his bucket list 
He has recently visited Paris, pictured in front of the Eiffel Tower and at the Louvre on the Right Bank of the Seine River.  
His pictures show he has visited the coastal city of Nice, the capital of the French Riviera in the south of France. 
The Instagram account also contains pictures of the bricklayers trip to the USA, pictured at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  


On Friday the court heard Mr Harrison (pictured) was an ice user 
‘We showed up in Paris on the day of Tour de France and this place was hectic,’ Mr Harrison said 

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