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Oil Baron’s Ex ‘No, you can’t have a baby with your new wife’ – Got injuction barring his new wife, 30, from getting fertility treatments and claimed she would seize any funds paid to the clinic in order to collect more money on her nine-figure divorce settlement

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Ashley Kozel filed a notice with New York Fertility Institute claiming she would seize funds paid to the clinic by her ex husband and his new wife

Ms. Kozel and her husband Todd divorced in 2012 and she received a nine-figure divorce settlement
As part of the settlement she also received 23million shares of Gulf Keystone stock, where her husband was the CEO at the time
Last September a judge awarded her an additional $38million in damages after Mr. Kozel missed a deadline for the transfer of stock to his ex-wife
A month later Ms. Kozel filed her notice with NYFI, where Mr. Kozel’s new wife Inga, 30, is receiving fertility treatments
The Supreme Court of New York issued a protective order Monday stating Ms. Kozel can no longer ‘serve enforcement procedures on NYFI’


kozell1Ashley Kozel with daughters


Inga, current Mrs Korzell. Husnband’s exwife has petitioned court to block her having IVF procedure

The contentious divorce between an oil baron and his socialite ex-wife continues to rage on not only in court, but also inside a New York City fertility clinic.

Ashley Kozel, the former wife of Gulf Keystone CEO Todd Kozel, received a nine-figure divorce settlement in the couple’s 2012 divorce settlement which included 23million shares of Keystone stock, a portion of which was delivered after the first deadline set by the court.

A subsequent judgment resulted in a Florida judge awarding Ms. Kozel $38million in damages last September in a ruling that Mr. Kozel, 48, is in the process of appealing.
Since that time, Ms. Kozel, 47, has gone to great lengths to try and secure that money, and in October of last year a notice was sent by her divorce lawyer, Jeffrey Fisher of Fisher & Bendeck, informing New York Fertility Institute of the ruling and letting them know that if they accepted money from Mr. Kozel ‘all rights and remedies’ will be pursued against the company to get those funds.

The notice came after Ms. Kozel reviewed her husband’s credit card statements and saw multiple charges to the facility, which was being visited by 30-year-old Inga Kozel, Mr. Kozel’s new Lithuanian wife.

kozell2Todd Kozel used their marital assets to buy the four-bedroom pad in December 2013 for his new wife, Inga, a blond bombshell from Lithuania, the court docs allege.

The notice to New York Fertility Institute, sent on October 22, was brief, reading; ‘We represent Ashley Kozel, former wife of Todd Kozel. Mr. Kozel is currently married to Inga Kozel.
‘We have reviewed Mr. Kozel’s credit card statements which show that many large charges were made to the New York Fertility institute.’Enclosed in as Asset Injunction and Order entered by the Circuit Court of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Sarasota, Florida on September 11, 2015.’
The injunction also informed New York Fertility Center that deposits or funds belonging to Mr. Kozel and his new wife ‘must remain frozen and cannot be used for any purpose pending resolution of these claims.’
A source close to Mr. Kozel and Inga said of the injunction; ‘What sort of woman seeks to prevent another woman she’s never met from having a child?’
Mr. Kozel and his new wife got some good news Monday however when the Supreme Court of New York issued a protective order stating that Ms. Kozel and her lawyer can no longer ‘serve enforcement procedures on New York Fertility institute or any other health car provider to defendant [Mr. Kozel] or Inga Kozel.’
Ashley Kozel (above), the ex-wife of Todd Kozel and Marco Radisic
The judge’s awarding of damages this past September came after Mr. Fisher claimed his client lost money due to the shares being transferred after the first deadline, and argued that Ms. Kozel could have sold the stock at its peak had she received them on an earlier date.
Mr. Kozel said in court papers soon after that he did not have the cash to cover the $38million awarded to his ex, and began to work on an appeal of the ruling. 
Ms. Kozel and her lawyer responded to this news by asking Sarasota County Judge Nancy Donnellan to allow them into the New York City apartment rented by Inga, having alleged in court documents that Mr. Kozel also resided at the property despite his claims to the contrary.
That request was initially granted, but a New York court later issued an injunction for access to the apartment.
The apartment is a 3,800-square-foot condo located the the Walker Tower, whose list of celebrity residents over the years has included Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, Ryan Seacrest, and Charlie Sheen.
Ms. Kozel also filed court papers soon after she was awarded damages asking that a lien be put on the $12.7million New York City property, despite the fact that neither her ex-husband or his new wife own the apartment. 
It is that same property that Inga was walking home to just last week when she was approached by two process servers on the street.



Inga Kozel (right) at a fashion event in New York City in March 2015

According to a police report filed soon after, Inga was walking alone down the street on March 23 when two large men approached her to serve her with court papers.
One said ‘take the papers’ and forced them on Inga while the other filmed the entire incident according to the police report.
The report also states that it was while the man was filming her that Inga realized he was armed with a ‘silver/black handgun.’

The two men, whose identities are still unknown, are being investigated by the NYPD for harassment. 
ingakozell4Inga Kozel  at the Paris haute couture shows

The report did not make mention of who was serving Inga with the papers. 
Inga has become a popular fixture on the fashion scene over the past few years, and a favorite of street style photographers.
She is frequently snapped attending the Paris haute couture shows in January and July outfitted in looks from designers and fashion houses including Azzedine Alaia, Alexander McQueen and Chanel.
Mr. Kozel’s ex-wife meanwhile lives in Sarasota with the couple’s two daughters, where she is heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors.
kozell4Mr. Kozel has accused his first wife of attempting to ‘annoy and unduly burden the former husband and Inga.’
Marilyn B. Chinitz, Mr. Kozel’s attorney, echoed her client’s sentimentlast month; ‘It’s a bit rich for Ashley Kozel to play the part of the wounded woman when she received an incredibly generous divorce settlement of stock, property and cash in February 2012 that exceeded nine figures and which was paid in full and the agreement was honored in its entirety.
‘The article completely failed to mention that it was only after her ex-husband had met and then married another woman that Ashley Kozel chose to allege additional monies owed in a completely separate case.
‘Ashley’s request for $38 million more in a Florida court is being vigorously resisted and we are confident the appellate court will find her cause of action for additional monies from her former husband without cause or basis.’ 
Ms. Kozel’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment. 

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