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The Brazilian police chase you -‘Should you surrender?’suspect as he tries to raise his arms in surrender

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Brazilian police gun down fleeing suspect as he tries to raise his arms in surrender

  • Videos show police car speeding and aiming at a silver vehicle

  • The man is shot down as he tried to escape and falls to the ground

  • Suspect puts hands up to surrender but more than 15 gun shots are heard 

  • Police are then seen to run away quickly from the scene of the incident 

This is the horrific moment a suspect was gunned down by Brazilian police, despite putting his hands up to surrender.
The footage shows three armed police officers surrounding the man, outside a hospital in Porto Algre.
And although he drops to the floor in submission, more than 15 shots are still heard, as the police continue to brutally attack him. The officers are then all seen to run away.
The suspect first comes onto the scene in a silver car as he speeds away from a police vehicle. Two policemen then dash out with guns and appear to aim them at the suspect’s car.

Slowly, the silver car reverses backwards.The police are initially seen to squat patiently behind their vehicle in anticipation of the suspect. However, they then begin to run and aim at his car. Looking for a way out, the suspect opens his car door briefly before changing his mind and slamming it shut again.

However, he eventually takes the plunge and sprints out of his vehicle, only to be shot down by the police officers.
As he lies on the ground the man is seen to put his hands up in a bid to surrender. But his offer is rejected and he is shot multiple times before the police make a swift getaway.

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