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30 Days 30 Minutes Day 13 – Getting up after a fall

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The very observant will notice that there was no Day 12. I did the exercises alright be allow Mr Procrastination to have a chat with my mind  and that prevented me from completing the task at hand which is journaling every about this 30 day 30 minutes program. A thousand apologies.

The hardest lift of all is lifting your butt off the couch – advanced molecular labs

This has been particularly true in the past couple of days. I dare say, I have stuck to the general principle of at least 30 minutes everyday except today. Now I have done my confession, how was your weekend? I hope you fared better than I did. It is time to start taking before pictures or take measurements so you can have a baseline for comparison.

I will be glad to put up progress reports, measurements and or pictures. You don’t have to send them to me but it will keep you honest about sticking to the program. It will also make you take this process more seriously. The ultimate goal is to feel better about ourselves and hopefully look good naked.

Back to business. Today, let us do some weight training. As mentioned in Day 2, this should be done every other day. This will give you muscles time to recover and guess what, changes in the body will be seen a lot quicker because of after burn.

You have the option of following this video also. From Popsugar. Enjoy


…see ya tomorrow


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