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Cruz confronts pro-Trump protester in Indiana

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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, right, exchanges words with Donald Trump supporters during a campaign visit to Marion, Ind., on Monday, May 2, 2016.

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday argued face-to-face with demonstrators allied with Donald Trump in Indiana, trying to convert them to his camp as he furiously campaigned for the state’s primary Tuesday that threatens to doom his run.
The Texas senator walked up to a half dozen protesters who were carrying blue-and-white Trump signs and shouting out “we don’t want you,” “do the math” and “time to drop out.”
The pro-Trump protesters  out ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ holding up their signs they yelled ‘Time to drop out.’
Cruz then, walked across a street and engaged with a protester,  his Secret Service detail watching.   The exchange was probably not exactly what Cruz was hoping for , as the pro-Trump protester was being totally irrascible.
“If I were Donald Trump I wouldn’t have come over and talked to you,’ Cruz said. ‘I would have told the folks over there go over and punch those guys in the face.’
The pro-Trump protester replied ‘You’ll find out tomorrow, America don’t want you,’ ‘America is a better country…’ Cruz said.
‘Without you,’ the irate protester quipped back.
‘And a question that everyone here should ask …’ Cruz continued.
The man then asked ‘Are you Canadian?’

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Cruz  stands with Fiorina at campaign rally in Indianapolis
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz holds a campaign rally to announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate in Indianapolis, Indiana

Ted Cruz’s standing among Republican voters has dropped sharply in the last couple of weeks, with more of the party’s supporters now having a negative impression of him than a positive one for the first time in this campaign year, new data from Gallup show.
The decline comes at a crucial time for Cruz. Tuesday’s primary in Indiana could be critical for his campaign as he tries to amass enough delegates to keep Donald Trump from gaining the majority needed to secure the Republican nomination. Recent polls have shown Cruz trailing Trump in the state.

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