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Eric V. Moyé, Dallas Judge warned to be on alert following death of prominent attorney, Ira Tobolowsky

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Dallas Judge,  Eric V. Moyé,  warned to be on alert following death of prominent attorney

Moyé has increased security following an image of his vehicle surfacing on social media, after a traffic misunderstanding

Incident possibly connected to death of prominent Dallas attorney Ira Tobolowsky, 68,  in suspected case of arson linked to dissatisfied client

Late Tobolowsky recently involved in contentious litigation.


Ira Tobolowsky. The home blaze that led to his death home fire could be arson

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office confirmed that their office has urged 14th Judicial District Judge Hon. Eric V. Moyé to be on alert following the death of prominent local attorney, Ira Tobolowsky. The Sheriff’s Office has provided additional deputies to patrol his residence and alerted the bailiffs in his court as well as his office of an increased threat.
A statement released by staffers working on Judge Moyé’s re-election campaign confirms the increased need for security following an image of the judge’s vehicle that surfaced on social media after a misunderstanding on the Dallas Tollway. According to the statement, a woman was allegedly driving alongside Judge Moyé just hours after he’d been warned to be cautious. Judge Moyé believed the woman was following him. Part of the statement reads
“Judge Moyé, who is licensed by the State of Texas to carry a firearm, and having been instructed by law enforcement officers to arm himself before traveling anywhere, removed a pistol from a compartment in the car and placed it on the passenger seat. Thereafter, the driver of this vehicle in question moved away.”
Authorities believe the house fire that killed a lawyer from a prominent Dallas family may have been arson.
The Dallas Fire-Rescue is still ainvestigating what might have led to the death of Ira Edwin Tobolowsky, a longtime civil lawyer who was found dead in his garage Friday morning.

Ira Tobolowsky (State Bar of Texas)

Firefighters believe both his death and the fire were “suspicious in nature.” It has been reported that investigators are looking into whether any of Tobolowsky’s past clients wanted revenge, after authorities discovered that he had been doused in fuel.
His law partner told the station that Tobolowsky had recently been involved in contentious litigation.
Tobolowsky, 68, comes from a prestigious Dallas family that has long been active in the Jewish community and the legal profession. His cousin is state District Judge Emily Tobolowsky. Other notable family members include Groundhog Day actor Stephen Tobolowsky and University of North Texas professor Peggy Tobolowsky, who is also a lifetime trustee of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.
Ira Tobolowsky graduated from law school at Southern Methodist University and had practiced law for more than 40 years. Much of his career was spent as a partner with Tobolowsky & Burk.

051320fatal20fire20folo_1463199114806_2277431_ver1-0Ira Tobolowsky’s body was found inside his burning garage
Dallas Fire-and-Rescue arrived at a burnt out home belonging to well known attorney Ira Tobolowsky. They have not ruled arson

He and his family had lived in the North Dallas neighborhood where the fire broke out for at least 17 years, property records show.
Tony Militello, who lives nearby, described Tobolowsky was known as a good neighbor.
“They’re a great family, good people, good family man,” Militello said. “Husband and wife have always been super friendly, they have three great boys that I know. It’s a sad day. It’s a sad day for the neighborhood, a terrible loss for a wonderful family.”
The fire ignited Friday morning. Crews responded just after 7:50 a.m. and found smoke billowing from the eaves and the attic of the two-story house in the 7400 block of Kenshire Lane, Dadllas Fire-Rescue said.
As firefighters extinguished the blaze, they found Tobolowsky dead in the garage.
Dallas Fire-Rescue Deputy Chief Michael Price told told KXAS-TV (NBC5) Friday that common chemicals, including gasoline, were in the garage and caused the fire to flash like an explosion.
Then, on Saturday, Dallas Fire-Rescue’s arson investigation bureau asked for the public’s help in determining what exactly happened. The medical examiner’s office said Saturday that Tobolowsky’s cause of death had not yet been determined.


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