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2 concertgoers, Katie Bermudez and Alex Haynes,die of suspected drug overdose at techno-music festival in Florida, scores hospitalized

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Two concertgoers die at Florida electronic music festival over the weekend

Drug overdoze suspected drug

57 other victims taken to hospital

33 arrested at the festival on various charges

An investigation was underway to determine the cause of two deaths and 57 people needing medical attention at the hospital after the Sunset Music Festival at Raymond James Stadium over the weekend.

drru_deaths_fl1.pngA 21-year-old college student and a 22-year-old man died of suspected drug overdoses at a Florida electronic dance music festival that sent another 57 concertgoers to the hospital.n Katie Bermudez and Alex Haynes were both rushed to Tampa hospitals Saturday after attending the two-day Sunset Music Festival.

Katie Bermudez,21,  of Kissimmee, died after attending the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa on Saturday and Sunday.

Bermudez, a student at Valencia College in Orlando, died Monday after suffering a high temperature, racing heart rate and brain swelling, her mother told the Orlando Sentinel.
“She was a good, wholesome kid,” Nancy Bermudez said. “But bad things can happen to good kids.”


Alex Haynes died from suspected drug overdoses at the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa

Haynes died on Sunday. While official causes of deaths have not been determined, medics believe both music lovers died from drug overdoses, local media reported.
Nancy Bermudez insisted that her daughter was “not into drugs” and claimed the 21-year-old likely was hanging out with the wrong kind of people at the festival.
“Life is choices, and your choices can affect you further on. We told Katie. Katie did not make this choice on her own.”




57 concertgoers were taken to the hospital during the festival — a “frightening” number of whom suffered from suspected drug overdoses.  Another 33 people were arrested , 25 for felonies and eight more on misdemeanor charges — over the two days, and cops wrote 16 civil citations for marijuana use, officials said. Four more people were cited for noise complaints.

Over 50,000 revelleres thronged the Sunset Music Festival at Raymond James Stadium over the weekend
The crowd getting into the spirit Party at the 5th annual Sunset Music Festival,Tampa


The party lasted over the  weekend
A spokesperson for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa said the number of people coming to the hospital for drug overdoses over the weekend was “frightening.”
A Tampa Fire Rescue spokesperson said crews transported 57 festival-goers to the hospital over the weekend.
A local doctor said that mixing designer drugs like Molly, or MDMA, with hot Tampa Bay area temperatures can be a deadly combination.
“I think people need to realize when they buy something called Molly, it would be like walking into the store and buying soda and not knowing what was in the bottle,” Dr. Tamas Peredy of the Poison Control Center said. Peredy told News Channel 8 both victims showed up to the hospital seizing and one of them had a “high, high temperature.” Both are side effects of Molly, he said.
Kat Fotopoulos, of Riverview, went to the concert both days. “You know, kind of like, closed eyes, very like, kind of out of it,” she said to describe how people looked and acted.
Fotopoulos said she had to help people who were stumbling around, lying on the ground and having trouble putting sentences together.
“It happens, unfortunately, at festivals where people, you know, take it to a level of sobriety where it’s not healthy,” she added.
About 50,000 people attended the Sunset Music Festival on Saturday and Sunday, organizers said.
“The health, safety and welfare of our fans and community is Sunset Music Festival’s first priority and we take every measure to create a safe environment at our events,” organizers said in a statement. “Any loss of life is a tragedy and we extend our deepest heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of those affected.”
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