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Amber Heard’s financial issues. Spends far more than she earns – seeks $50,000 a month in spousal support from Johnny Depp

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‘… Johnny is paying the price of stepping into the deep end with the illusion that he was getting into the wading pool. For Amber this was clearly a ‘jailbreak,’ it was all about the money, from the get go’

Amber Heard, 30, in dire financial straights, court papers reveal actress is spending much more than she earns

Heard earns $10,000 a month, spends  $50,000  a month on basic expenses – $10,000  rent, $2,000  clothes, $300 laundry services including dry cleaning and $10,000 on “entertainment, gifts and holidays.

Plus the running tab of high priced legal assistance at $550 per hour for her attorney

Prays court to grant her $50,000 a month spousal support from enstranged husband Johnny Depp

Amber who wed Johnny Depp 15 months ago, is currently locked in a legal battle for a share of estranged husaband’s $400 Million fortune

Amber Heard divorce documents: Her legal team filed the actress’s income and expenses documents in court

Amber Heard’s dire financial situation has been revealed as court papers show the actress is spending much more than she earns.


In documents made public today, the 30-year-old star’s basic monthly income is $10,000 a month but she spends $49, 275 on ‘basic expenses’.
Broken down, every month Amber – who is currently locked in a legal battle for a share of estranged husaband Johnny Depp’s $400 Million fortune – forks out $10,000 on rent, $2,000 on clothes, $300 on laundry services including dry cleaning and $10,000 on “entertainment, gifts and holidays.

The documents also show she spends $2000 on car expenses and transport costs, and  $10,000 on miscellaneous costs such as pet supplies, her publicist and agent. And they show she is paying her lawyer Samantha Spector $550 an hour to represent her in her divorce battled with estranged husband Johnny Depp.

johnny-depp-we3The Dream ‘Get away’ Wedding

Amber Heard divorce documents indicate that even with the money she earned from her movies, shewas left with just a small profit

The ‘running tab’ filed by Amber’s team

Last year, the Rum Diary star earned a total of $259,876 from films such as The Danish Girl, for which she received $31,112 and Paranoia, which paid her $45,314. She has $25,000 of savings in the bank and is still making residuals from her roles in The Rum Diaries and Magic Mike XXL.

Amber Heard & Jonny Depp: Amber is believed to have asked Depp for $50,,000 a month in spousal support

Amber also received money from high-end companies Tiffany & Co, who paid her $120,00 and Bulgari  $50,000, but with her expenses and spending taken into account, she only took home $51,461. The details of her finances from 2015 came as it was reported that she is seeking $50,000 a month in spousal support from Depp, who she filed for divorce from last week.
In the request she made for a restraining order against the Pirates of the Caribbean star, as well as the alimony, she wants protection for her dog Pistol and sole access to the Los Angeles home where she and Depp have lived since getting married.

tasya-van-ree-amber-heard1.jpgOpenly bi-sexual Amber and Tasya Van-Ree whom she is rumoured to have secretly married and filed for a name change

The restraining order and sole access to the property was granted but a judge declined to order Depp away from the dog or any temporary spousal support pending the next hearing.
Bisexual Amber has claimed she “lived in fear” of the 52-year-old actor during their 15-month marriage and claimed he left her bruised after throwing an iPhone at her face.

amberheard_abuse1Actress Amber Heard leaves Los Angeles Superior Court court on Friday, May 27, 2016, after giving a sworn declaration that her husband Johnny Depp threw her cellphone at her during a fight Saturday, striking her cheek and eye. The judge ordered Depp to stay away from his estranged wife and ruled that Depp shouldn’t try to contact Heard until a hearing is conducted on June 17.
Ambertold the court Depp left her bruised after throwing an iPhone at her face.

And in a written declaration she says she’d “endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse” and opted to speak out “as she cannot continue to leave herself open to the vicious, false, and malicious allegations.”
Lawyers representing the 30-year-old have said that she’s been “forced” to make a statement as a result of the way the Black Mass actor has behaved.

Johnny has been supported by partner of 14 yeras, model Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his children

However, police say the actress showed no evidence of injuries when police arrived at her home after the alleged incident, whilst Johnny vehemently denies any wrong doing.
And in what is being billed as the “ugliest celebrity divorce ever”, various friends and family members have been quick to take sides.

Daddy’s girl, Lily-Rose has come to the defense of her dad

Even Johnny’s daughter Lily-Rose and his former partner Vanessa Paradis have spoken out in the defence of the actor, describing him as “sensitive” and “loving”.
Lily-Rose, who was just named the face of Chanel No. 5, posted a throwback photo on Instagram showing her father holding her as a toddler.
“My dad is the sweetest most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same.”

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