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‘I was fired because I wouldn’t sleep with my boss’: Fashion designer Joanne Del Prete-Rosten accused of firing staff who ‘refused to put out’, though she is married to another company exec

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Love tango between middle aged  designer and her toy boy goes south, heads for the courts

Daniel Coyle, 39 files sexual harassment suit against ex-boss. Claims Canto NYC owner, Joanne Del Prete-Rosten, 52, fired him because he rebuffed her sexual advances

Affair led to job offer as CEO and part owner of Canto, however Del Prete-Rosten was already married to coy exec, Peter Rosten  

Coyle claims he tried to end the affair when Joanne got more insistent including jumping into his Vegas hotel bed, scantily dressed, grabbing his genitals

She laid him off because ‘Canto was going out of business,’ then launched Spring Collection and bought a Lamborghini

Del Prete-Rosten camp say’s the law suit is “nothing but a bunch of lies”


Joanne Del Prete-Rosten5Joanne Del Prete-Rosten12 Joanne Del Prete-Rosten and husband, fellow company executive Peter Rosten 

The young CEO of sporting clothing line claims he was fired from his job because he wanted to end his affair he with his ‘older’ boss. The relationship that begun even before  he went to work for her company died, so did his job.  He has now filed a sexual harassment suit claiming that he was sacked after he refused her insistent sexual advances.
Fashion designer Joanne Del Prete-Rosten, 52, who has a passion for luxury sports cars and leather outfits, allegedly gave Daniel Coyle, 39, the push when he rejected her advances.

Joanne Del Prete-Rosten6
Joanne’s firm makes her leather clothing for the racing industry

According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, the pair met three years ago at the NASCAR track at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Del Prete-Rosten who runs a company that makes racing inspired leather tops and pants,  got inside one of the exotic cars Coyle was driving to give rides to VIPs at an event. they became an item  after having sex twice in a fortnight. Joanne then persuaded Coyle to take a job as chief operating officer of her company, Canto NYC.

 Joanne Del Prete-Rosten13.jpg

Joanne modelling some of her creations for the racing industry

Coyle claims he took a paycut and negotiated an £800 a week salary in return for a 10 percent stake in the business. However, when he turned up for work in the Manhattan company, in 2013, he was shocked to find that Joanne was married to another executive there and he immediately ended the affair. He claims that Joanne continued to pester him, telling him: “I could love somebody like you.”
He said she made passes at him and other male employees and bragged that “on multiple occasions … she engaged in sexual intercourse with a person who penetrated her with a gun,” according to Coyle’s Manhattan federal court papers. Coyle claims that on a Las Vegas business trip, the married designer burst into a hotel room he was sharing with two co-workers, “noticeably intoxicated and wearing only her underwear … jumped into the bed, grabbed, his genitals.”

Joanne Del Prete-Rosten8
The boss was married to fellow executive Peter Rosten shows off one of her exotic cars

He claims that on another occasion, when he was dancing with a woman in a club, she “aggressively pushed him out of the way and kissed this woman” as a way “to demonstrate her power over Mr Coyle within the Canto hierarchy.”
She also ordered Coyle to take her assistant out and “f*** her brains out,” and told him “she masturbated with another person, and she thought about Mr Coyle while masturbating,” according to the legal claim.

Joanne Del Prete-Rosten9
Joanne Del Prete-Rosten (left) seen here with husband Peter Rosten (right), has dimissed  claims of sexual harrassment as ‘made up lies’

Daniel claimed he “suffered this vulgar conduct” because he feared losing his job, but when he finally complained, his boss gave him his marching orders by falsely claiming the company was going out of business.
After he left, he says, Canto released a spring and summer fashion collection, and his former boss bought “a very expensive Lamborghini”.

Joanne Del Prete-Rosten4
 Joanne Del Prete-Rosten in Canto designs: Leather outifits for racing buffs

Joanne Del Prete-Rosten dismissed the allegations as “nothing but a bunch of lies,” and denied any sexual relationship with her accuser.
Prete-Rosten’s lawyer Jonathan Sack said Coyle’s claims have already been dismissed by the state Division of Human Rights and described Coyle as a “certified extortionist”.
“He’s got nothing better to do than file spurious lawsuits.”



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