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Patrick Antoine-‘I killed my pregnant wife because she was a voodoo priestess – she cast spells to kill me’

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Patrick Antoine, 39, arrived Norwich Police Dept covered in blood, confessed to killing his wife before setting their home on fire

Told cops “I’m here” and “My wife is dead”

Margarette Mady, 37, mother of 2, was 8-months pregnant, husband believes the baby girl was not his

Truly believed wife wanted him dead. ‘She said I would be “dead by July as a sacrifice” prior to the child’s birth’

Charged with murder and first-degree arson, held on $2 million bond

Patrick Antoine1
Antoine Patrick at his arraignment. held on $2million bond
Margarette Mady1.jpg
Margarette Mady at her baby shower last week

Patrick Antoine went to the local police department , covered in blood and confessed to  his killing his wife, Margarette Mady, before setting their home on fire. Antoine from Norwich, Connecticut told the police he stabbed his his eight-month pregnant wife to death because she was a voodoo priestess who had been casting spells on him.
Patrick Antoine, 39, turned himself in to Norwich police officers Thursday and said that his wife planned to “sacrifice” him before the birth of the child.“My wife is dead,” he said after arriving at police headquarters, his clothing covered in a “red blood-like substance”.  He is being charged with murder and first-degree arson.

Patrick Antoine3Margarette Mady and Antoine Patrick wed in Haiti 5 years ago and lived in the Haitian community in Norwich Connecticut. Mady had migrataed to the US from her native Haiti 10 years ago

Antoine told police that he stabbed Mady multiple times duering an altercation after they had an argument early Thursday. According to him, at one point, he took a knife from the kitchen and put it in his pajama pants pocket and when Mady pushed him, he took the knife from his pocket and stabbed her multiple times in the head and feet.
He then used a lighter to set window curtains on fire and left the home.
Responders found Mady  unresponsive with several wounds on her body, including large lacerations on her head and stab wounds on her face. There were also severe burns on the back of her legs and defensive wounds on both hands.

Patrick Antoine2Antoine truly believed his wife cast spells on him because she “wanted him dead”

Antoine claims his wife “wanted him dead,” the police reports indicate he “truly believed”  Mady was going to kill him and had been making him “deathly ill over the past couple of years.”
Antoine told police that his wife was a voodoo priestess who had cast several spells on him over the last couple of years.
He told police that Mady was eight months pregnant with a child he believed was not his and that his wife said that he would be dead by July as “a sacrifice” prior to the child’s birth, the report said. The who had been married for 5 years both worked at Foxwoods Resort Casino.
Neighbors and friends described Mady, the mother of a son and daughter who was expecting a baby girl next month, as  friendly and an active Jehovah’s Witness who went to church when she could. Just las weekend, she was seen happy, celebrating at a baby shower held in her honor.

Patrick Antoine4
The burnt out apartmemt where Margarette’s body was found











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