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Ex-mistress told to stay away from Delphi Financial Group head Robert Rosenkranz, forever. Katherine Nelson, Granted 50k instead of the $10m she was seeking to ‘keep shut’ about their affair

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Katherine Nelson, 41, Ex-mistress tohead of  Delphi Financial Group, Robert Rosenkranz, 73 to get only 50K instead of her $10m she was seeking from financier

The embittered ex-mistress had launched a  $10m lawsuit in 2014, trying to void a confidentiality agreement with head of Delphi Financial Group, Robert Rosenkranz, 72

Nelson allegedly wants to waive the confidentiality  agreement so she could write a tell-all book about their affair

He was unwilling to give her more than $45,000

Rosenkranz also claims Nelson drunkenly visited the home of Peggy Hill, his ex-wife to blackmail him into handing over a hefty settlement

Ordered to stay away from Rosenkranz, forever

robert rosenkranz2Millionaire Rosenkranz, stuck his ground and paid only 5k above his initial offer

A mistress who tried to get her married ex-lover to fork over $10 million to settle an embarrassing lawsuit that exposed him as a Viagra-dependent Don Juan wound up with just $50,000 — and a permanent restraining order against her.

Kathrine Nelson wanted $10m, got $50,000, only. Ordered to stay away forever

Katherine Nelson, 41, was first ordered by a Manhattan judge to stay away from Delphi Financial Group head Robert Rosenkranz, 73, in 2014 after she threatened to publish a tell-all about their affair.
But Nelson “repeatedly violated the temporary restraining order,” Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits wrote in a decision revealed Wednesday.
In an effort to extract a hefty settlement, Nelson had revealed in court papers in April that Rosen­kranz needed Viagra.
Lebovits ruled that Rosenkranz can end the case by paying Nelson $50,000, and said he plans to sign a restraining order against her soon. Nelson said she believes Rosenkranz won because the ruling was written by a new judge, after the original judge overseeing the case was reassigned



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