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Michelle Copeland quits her post as school governor Primary after her racy pics are found on sex worker site

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Primary school secretary, Michelle Copeland, 39, prim and proper with the school children, also known as “ShellieC”, a “petite size 10” in the sex trade

Dresses up in school uniform to romp as a $145-an-hour escort, provides services from the garage of her suburban townhome.

Online sales pitch: “I’m very genuine and good company and I’m very, very naughty.” “I love to try out new experiences, maybe new role play

Copeland, 39, stepped down after British tabloid discovered hundreds of explicit pictures of her nude pictures  and in school uniform on sexworker site,, performing sex acts

Michelle Copeland published hundred of explicit photographs online. The X-rated profile also she boasts of her “32E tits”. Her range of services include ‘romping at $145 per hour, also offering webcam services and erotic stories with hundreds of explicit photographs of her in various nude poses, and wearing school uniform for the punters to chose from
Her online alter ego ‘Shellie’, says her favourite celebrity is Ray Winston and best TV show Masterchef. Her favourite gift is “perfume or sex toys” and her libido is at its highest “all day”

Michelle Copeland boasts that her her libido is at its highest “all day”

The images appeared were on website — used by sex workers to advertise their services. The site states she is “ShellieC”, a “petite size 10”.
It adds she attracts clients by boasting: “I’m very genuine and good company and I’m very, very naughty.
“I’m very genuine and good company and I’m very, very naughty.”
“I love to try out new experiences, maybe new role play scenarios if anyone has any fantasies you would like to play with me, I’ve got lovely suckable tits for all you boob lovers and in general I just love to get dirty with strangers, that’s my thing.”

michelle copeland1
Is Mrs copeland a school secretary or a hooker? She denies the latter and says the shots are not meant for selling sex, she doesn’t know how the sites got them.

Married Copeland denied she was selling sex through the site and insisted she did not know how the images had appeared on it., further claiming other sites had also used them without her permission, and she had asked for them to be removed.
Copeland, who drives a brand new Range Rover Evoque and lives in a quiet,upscale street , added: “I haven’t disputed they are my images, how they came to be there is a different issue.”
She is married to an employee of the local Bradford Council working at a municipal garbage tip.
She stepped down from her role distributing and allocating funds at Woodside Academy in Bradford, this week.
The school, funded directly by the Government, boasts online that it is “inspiring our future generation”.
Its day-to-day running is with school heads but they are overseen by individual charitable bodies called academy trusts.
Copeland was listed as a “company secretary” and “director” of Woodside Academy Trust on Companies House. She confirmed she was a trustee at the Academy.

michelle copeland7A punter can get on, (pictured) and for $6.95-an-hour, view explicit photos or webcam of Michelle Copeland in the nude or performing sex  acts on men and women

Yesterday afternoon the school submitted her termination as a trustee after being contacted by The Sun. Last night a spokeswoman for Woodside Academy Trusts said: “Mrs Copeland was a director of the Woodside Academy Trust between 2 July 2015 and 7 June 2016.
“This was an unpaid role, in effect as a parent governor, which she carried out on a voluntary basis.
“Mrs Copeland is not, and has never been, an employee of the Academy in any capacity. She resigned as director on 7 June 2016.



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