Rose Geil, started shaving as a 13 years old girl.

20 years of the shaving ritual, hormone tratments and laser removal did not solve her excessive facial hair issues

The 39-year-old Oregon woman ditched her razors, sports full beard

Claims wearing beard and exposing hairy chest makes her fell more sensous and feminine, attracting more ‘LOOKS’ from the men

lady beard2.png
A self-cofident Rose Geil, as an adult has shed the stigma of  her teenage years and prodly exposes her hairsuite nature

Rose Geil, a  39-year old Oregon woman, spent her teen years trying to bust her beard, shaving her stubbly mug every day. She

Apple Watch Sport, Space Grey Aluminum Case/Black Band, 42mmrecently came to the conclusion that happines lies in embracing nature’s gifts and letting her excess facial hair be. She has ditched her razors, grown a full beard, now she feels more sexy and feminine, she is even attracting second looks from the men.
Rose said she first noticed her tendency to grow excess hair when she was just 13 years old and resorted to shaving, immediately.
This led to a 20-year ordeal of having to shave every day in order to keep her fresh growth in check.