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Former Pirelli model, Christina Estrada, seeks BUMPER divorce payout from her Saudi billionaire ex-husband: A quarter billion pounds including £1million for clothes, £500,000 for cars and a £26,000,15 pairs of sunglasses £ 4,000, every year

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‘Divorce bounty, billionaire style’

Former Prielli model, Christina Estrada, 53, claims billionaire husband of 13 years divorced her without her knowing it

Ex Sheikh Walid Juffali, 60, tried to derail formal divorce, claiming diplomatic immunity conferred by a ‘third party country’

UK court quashed immunity arguement, now Saudi businessman Juffali (est worth £4b), facing expensive divorce

Estrada presented £250m laundry list, in divorce filings including £6.5million annual living expenses, £1 million for clothes and £500,000 for autos, every year

Walid’s attorneys say her “wish list” is “strongly”…  “in the terror region” and argues that it is “excessive and exaggerated”

Saudi Billionaire argues he’s already providing supermodel ex-wife with ‘more than adequate’ £70,000 a month, offering a total package of £32m

Christina Estrada divorce1
Christina Estrada
and Walid Juffali, attend London ball

International businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali, who has an estimated fortune of £4 billion,was married to Pirelli calendar girl Christina Estrada for 13 years. International businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali, who has an estimated fortune of £4 billion, divorced former Pirelli calendar girl Christina Estrada in Saudi Arabia but is now facing a suit in London’s Crown Court.
Dr Juffali, 60, claims he has made “generous” provision for his ex-wife, giving her a property in Beverly Hills, California, paying her 100,000 US dollars (£70,700) per month and meeting all the expenses of their 13-year-old daughter.

Christina Estrada divorce9
 Christina Estrada seeking £250million as divorce settlement

However Ms Estrada, 53, says Dr Juffali, 60, obtained their divorce without her knowledge and is demanding a financial settlement for their 13-year marriage.

Dr Juffali was appointed as the permanent representative for St Lucia to the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in April 2014.

The post grants Dr Juffali diplomatic immunity – exempting him from the UK laws – and may effectively grant him protection from having to settle Ms Estrada’s demands.

adada10.pngModel Loujain Adada married to Walid Juffali , who is a stage-4 cancer victim

His attorneys argued that at seventy thousand pounds a month he is already providing for his supermodel Ms estrada. However a UK court quashed the request for diplomatic immunity, allowing the former Pirelli model to seek a formal divorce.
Ms Estrada has not wasted the opportunity, in her court filings she  seeks £250m divorce from Saudi billionaire. The request, which includes £68m for a seven-storey London property, has been described as ‘firmly in gasp territory’


Christina Estrada divorce12
 Christina Estrada, still struts the catwalk
Christina Estrada divorce5 Christina Estrada and Walid Juffali, married for 13 years but divorce has exposed a lot of intrigue
A former Pirelli calendar model is seeking £238m in a divorce settlement from her Saudi billionaire husband, the high court has been told.
The request from Christina Estrada, 54, which includes £68m to buy a seven-storey property in London, was said to be “firmly in ‘gasp’ territory”.
According to documents before the judge, she is seeking “a quarter of a billion pounds just to meet her own needs” from Sheikh Walid Juffali, 61, with whom she has a daughter.
Estrada is due to put her full claim before a family court judge, Mrs Justice Roberts, at a five-day hearing later this month, starting on 24 June.
A preliminary hearing in London has revealed that the legal battle will involve an analysis of the sum Estrada is entitled to in order to maintain her ultra-luxurious lifestyle following the end of the 13-year-marriage.
adada6Walid Juffali  and current wife Lebanese model Loujain Adada: ‘Living it up’
Christina Estrada divorce13 Walid Juffali (R) and Ex wife American model Estrada; ‘Divorced without her knowledge’

Justin Warshaw QC, appearing for Juffali, described Estrada’s schedule as “an extraordinary document – to describe her budget without resort to hyperbole is quite difficult. We are firmly in ‘gasp’ territory.”
Juffali, who has advanced lung cancer, divorced Estrada in Saudi Arabia in September 2014 via the Muslim talaq process.
She obtained leave under the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 to make an application for financial relief in the family courts in London because she could not bring a case in Saudi Arabia.
Juffali’s lawyers have offered her an overall award of £32m. They described her demand for £250m as “striking, excessive and exaggerated”.
As well as the seven-storey house, Estrada is said to have asked for £4.4m to buy property in Henley-on-Thames, and £495,000 for three cars in London and two in Beverly Hills, California.
Her request also includes, according to court documents, a clothing and jewellery budget of “more than £1.02 million per annum, including £40,000 for a new fur coat every year, £83,000 for 15 new cocktail dresses every year, £80,000 for a special occasion gown annually, £109,000 for seven haute couture dresses annually, £197,000 on two white tie jewellery sets and £79,000 on cocktail dress jewellery sets every year. She also wants £58,000 for two luxury handbags,£23,000 for 6 casual handbags and £4,000 for fifteen pairs of sunglasses – every year.”
She is also said to be seeking £1.05m for art, and maintenance payments of £6.52m a year. Estrada would also receive £2m in maintenance payments for five years. A £6.5m home would be provided for their daughter, which Estrada would be able to occupy until the daughter is 18.

CHRISTINA Estrada £250M divorce settlement demand

£ 68m – Cash for New London house
£ 10m – return Chopard blue diamond ring
£ 6.5ma year – Overall, the cost of living
£ 4.4m – Berkshire Country house
£ 1m – Art Fund
£ 500,000 – Five cars
£ 335,000 per year – staff at his London home also live-in butler, housekeeper, chauffeur, two cleaners, cook and Head of Office
£ 109,000 – Seven haute couture dresses
£ 83,000 – 15 new cocktail dresses
£ 80,000 – ball Gown
£ 58,000 – Two luxury handbags
£ 40,000 – New Turkish
£ 26,000 a year – Mobile Phone expenses
£ 23,000 – Six casual handbags
£ 4,000 – 15 pairs of sunglasses.

She also asks Dr Juffali to return the £ 10million Chopard blue diamond, although he says he has been given that item away.

adad31Walid Juffali  and  Loujain Adada at their Venetian wedding

According to the details of her annual budget as released from the hearing she is seeking £250million which would be one of the biggest divorce settlements in the history of the UK.
Dr Juffali, which is a stage four lung cancer, claims that he has offered Ms. Estrada ‘overall plan fee “more than £32million including a lump sum of about $10 million and” maintenance rate of £2million five years .

Juffali’s £32m offer, it is argued, would be consistent with the settlement reached in his divorce with first wife , Basma,  whom he divorced after 20 years of marriage and a three children. Basma received $60m (£42m) following their divorce in England.

Juffali states Ms Estrada is already independently wealthy, with assets worth more than £16m, including property in Beverly Hills and a £3.5m flat in Kensington, London.
Juffali’s lawyers say they already provide her with $100,000 a month living expenses and more than $400,000 a year to meet the running costs of the Beverly Hills property.


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