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Rapper Kalyko had blood-alcohol content almost three times legal limit when he crashed while driving in the wrong direction, killing himself and two others – he’d partying with Bengal’s player Dre Kirkpatrick

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Ohio rapper Kory Wilson aka Kalyko, died in a crash, in April while driving in the wrong direction, two others killed too

Kalyko, 30, had blood-alcohol content almost three times legal limit after partying with NFL player Dre Kirkpatrick

Rapper Kalyko, died in a head-on collision in April, two other people were killed in the crash
An Ohio rapper who killed two people and lost his own life in a wrong-way crash in April after partying with an NFL player had a whopping blood-alcohol level of .209, authorities say.
Kory Wilson, who went by the stage name Kalyko, crashed his SUV head-on into another vehicle on April 9, taking the lives of 61-year-old Nazih Shtaiwi and his wife, 55-year-old Halla Odeh Shtaiwi.
The driver in a third car suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The accident happened on Interstate 75 north of Cincinnati.
Wilson’s blood-alcohol was almost three times the state’s legal limit of .08. No other drugs were found in his body, Evendale police Sgt. Doug Abrams.

Dre Kirkpatrick1.jpg
Rapper Kory Wilson, was partying with Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick before the crash
Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick was with the 30-year-old Wilson shortly before the crash and has said that he knew Wilson was drinking and didn’t stop him from driving.
“I just want y’all to know that was my friend that got killed last night,” he tweeted following the tragic accident, “And I was with him and I knew he was drinking and didn’t stop him.”
Kirkpatrick said he wasn’t drinking and was “just hanging out,” but knew Wilson “wasn’t able to drive and now he is gone. Rip.”

rapper-crash2.jpgThree automobiles were involved in the crash. Three fatalities including Kory Wilson

“Man I’m so hurt right now. bc I talk about drinking and driving all the Time and for me to leave him at that bar like that killing me,” he wrote, according to the station.
Wilson may have been initially heading in the right direction on the highway before making the decision to go south on the northbound lanes.
“Upon reaching the 13.6 [milepost], Unit #1 (Wilson) made a U-turn and for some unknown reason began traveling southbound on IR 75 in the northbound lanes,”  according to the police report .

Kalyko1Kory wilson aka Kalyko, 30, had blood-alcohol content almost three times legal limit

The rapper was born on a military base in England, according to his bio on his Facebook page. He moved to Cincinnati when he was 3, and started rapping when he was in elementary school. He started to perform on a regular basis in 2008.
The rapper’s songs include “Walk to Me,” “Get It” and “My Basement.” His “Walk to Me” music video has more than 35,000 views.


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