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Topless prostitutes in Madrid fight in the middle of the street as turf war breaks out between locals and newcomers

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Local prostitutes in Madrid, Spain engage ‘new comer’ East European competition in Catfights and full blown ally brawls

Scantily clad sex workers fighting over choice spots and access to punters

Local residents said they are sick of the brawling, which regularly sees women rip off each others clothes

When the women fight, sometimes it can be quite brutal

Warring prostitutes have been filmed taking part in half-naked punch ups in a battle over the best places to pick up punters.
The video shows the call girls fighting in the street after war broke out between local ladies of Madrid and Eastern European sex workers.
Locals have started filming them in the hopes of stopping the late-night bust ups outside their homes.
They claim the police aren’t doing enough to tackle the problem, as the ladies of the night keep them awake with their screaming and shouting.
They say that the women appear to belong to two different groups, with women from Eastern Europe on one side and Spanish locals on the other.

People living in the Malasana neighbourhood of the city who shot these videos told local media that they have to watch verbal and physical abuse between them on a regular basis.
They said it was bad enough with the women walking up and down the streets offering their services, but now that they were fighting it was becoming unbearable.
Locals said it was quite common to see the women rip off each others clothes when they get into brawls.

prostitutes fight5
Barely dressed or topless women are seen fighting in front of a car

After nightfall, it usually gets worse, according to local media, as the prostitutes have also been known to get into fights with drunken men leaving bars in the early hours of the morning
One of the locals, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Sometimes the fights are small, but sometimes they go there to fight and beat each other and it is really brutal.
“I am an adult but it is worse when kids have to watch scenes like this every day.”

prostitutes fight7
They slug each other with their purses and fists  as others run to join in the brawl

He said he was aware that the area was well-known as one of rampant prostitution and brothels when he moved there two years ago.
He said: “The doorman of the building where I live warned me. There are people who do not like the fact that prostitutes are there and, especially, the noise caused by the constant fights between them.”
The anonymous local went on to say: “They fight and get pushed against the cars. The drivers usually stop the car and wait patiently.”

Locals have filmed the brawls in the hopes of stopping it from happening
There is growing pressure on police to take control of the situation, but so far without much success. Locals have also reportedly tried contacting their local councillor, Jorge Garcia Castano, but say they never got an answer.

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