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Teen girl ends up with ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ suffers swollen blistered lips and third degree burns after teeth whitening treatment performed by non-professional

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Abbie Kilbrid, 18, having just been rid of her braces plunked for social media promoted teeth whitening treatment from  local lady , not a dentist

Teen was‘left with Kylie Jenner lips’, third degree burns and big yellow blisters ‘

 ‘I couldn’t drink and my whole mouth was numb’


Abbie an 18-year-old from Glasgow , Scotland got more than she bargained for when she went for a teeth-whitening treatment promoted by friends on social mecia
The teen, suffered from third degree burns and was unable to eat or drink after she had her teeth whitened, has sent out a stark warning on Facebook. She also suffered from swollen lips and big yellow blisters after having the complicated cosmetic procedure. She was left in agonising pain after she suffered a reaction to the teeth whiting treatment she’d undergone.

Abbie Kilbride noticed her lips were slightly swollen after she went to a local woman for the cosmetic procedure

The teen had gone to a local woman, who many of her friends on Facebook had been using, and appeared to be a professional at performing the procedure.
But since her reaction, Abbie has urged others in an frank social media status to be more careful – and her story has already been shared over 7,300 times in just two days.
“I had wanted to get my teeth whitened as I have recently got my braces out and I noticed a couple of people on my Facebook using a woman that is quite local to me so I booked in and went on Thursday night,” Abbie explained on Facebook.

A teen suffered third degree burns, swollen lips and serious blisters after she underwent a teeth whitening treatment

“She did it from home which I never thought anything of, as maybe it was just a part time job when she had spare time.
“I sat there for just over one hour and every ten to fifteen minutes she would top up the gel on my teeth.
“No questions were asked like my age , have I had my teeth whitened before , any allergies or patch test.”
Assuming that the slight swelling and numb feeling were part of the treatment, Abbie returned home and put ice on her lips to try and reduce it.
But alarm bells begun to ring for the 18-year-old when 24 hours later her lips were completely swollen and covered in painful yellow blisters.
“I woke up the next morning and my two lips were literally stuck together and the whole right side of my lip was huge as if I had been in the boxing ring,” she recalled.
“I always just assumed the only thing that could really go wrong with teeth whitening was that you don’t notice a change in colour.
“Not that you could end up like the next Kylie Jenner anyway.”


The teen thought the swelling would go down but the next day her mouth was in agony and she sought help from her GP and a chemist but unfortunately their advice didn’t help

After seeking help from both her GP and a chemist, Abbie was sent away with antihistamines, which she was already taking, and Bonjela that caused the blisters to erupt in her mouth.
Bank worker Abbie soon became unable to speak because she was in, so she turned to Glasgow Dental Hospital in a last ditched attempt for help.
“After being seen by three different dentists and nurses as none of them had ever seen anything like it, they came to the conclusion my whole mouth has 3rd degree burns and a possible allergic reaction explaining the swollen lip,” Abbie said.

NINTCHDBPICT000244535194Eventually, Abbie attended Glasgow Dental Hospital and was correctly diagnosed with third degree burns and given the right medication

“The dentist was so shocked, he also took pictures and was showing the other nurses because of how bad it is.
“The dental hospital was great, unlike my GP, I have now been given the correct medication to hopefully get my mouth back to normal.
“The moral of the story is – do not just go to anyone to get your teeth whitened.
“I was completely unaware that only a dentist can do this treatment so if you’re booked in anywhere other than a dentist, please please stay away.”

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