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Footage emerges of how Seattle student Jon Meis, disarmed 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooter, Aaron Ybarra, with pepper spray

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Court orders release of video showing student Jon Meis, disarming 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooter, Aaron Ybarra, with pepper spray

Video shows Ybarra entering lobby of Otto Miller Hall on SPU campus waving a shotgun, killing a 19 year-old-student, injuring two others.

Student Jon Meis ambushes Ybarra with peper spray, secures gun and takes suicide weapon [knife] from shooter.

Meis holding down killer until help arrived. He was honored in 2015 for acts of heroism

Aaron Ybarra1.png
Aaron Ybarra, the SPU shooter was disarmed by a student with a can of pepper spray

Harrowing video has been released showing a heroic student take down the gunman in the 2014 Seattle Pacific University shooting with pepper spray, rip the shotgun out of his hands and detain him until cops arrive.
On June 5, 2014, 27-year-old Aaron Ybarra walked into the Seattle school’s campus with a firearm and killed one student and injured two others — the video shows him walking into the college’s Otto Miller Hall looked for more victims.While Ybarra turns his head down to reload the double-barreled firearm, Seattle Pacific University student Jon Meis swiftly emerges from a nearby room and sprays the gunman with pepper spray.

Jon Meis1
Jon Meis spraying the shooter, Aaron Ybarra, with pepper spray before tackling and disarming him
Aaron Ybarra2.png Responders surveying the scene after. Meis disarmed Ybarra and sat on him till help arrived

Before Ybarra could cause more bloodshed, Meis rips the weapon out of his hand and scurries away. Seconds later, Ybarra reaches for what cops later say is a hunting knife he intended to use to commit suicide — Meis yet again springs from a nearby room and detains the shooter until another man arrives and kicks the blade out of reach.

Jon Meis5
Congressional Medal of Honor for John Meis as a Citizen Honors Program honoree in 2015. He stopped the attacks with quick thinking and pepper spray

The two men restrain Ybarra until authorities arrive. Meis, of Renton, Wash., was recognized by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as a Citizen Honors Program honoree in 2015 for his acts of life-saving heroism.

Aaron Ybarra5.png
Aaron Ybarra pictured trying out vaps, was charged in the killing of a 19-year-old student and wounding of two other young people at Seattle Pacific University.

Victims of the shooting and the Seattle university tried to block the video’s release, arguing that it violated victims’ privacy rights and that the footage could inspire other copycat crimes, the Seattle Times reported.
Ybarra killed Paul Lee,19, and injured students Thomas Fowler, Jr., and Sarah Williams.

Thomas Fowler Jr1.png
Shooting victim Thomas Fowler Jr. University officials and the victims’ families tried to fight the release of surveillance footage

“We are disappointed by the release of the surveillance videos of the June 5, 2014, shooting on our campus,” a statement from Seattle Pacific University read. “We, along with others, have pursued legal action to stop the videos’ release in order to protect individual privacy and prevent the emotional distress these images will have on our community. Seattle Pacific University remains strong and resilient as a result of God’s faithfulness to us. Our foremost concern continues to be the welfare and safety of not only our students, faculty, and staff, but of the victims and witnesses of the tragedy.”

SPU during aaron Ybarra shooting1.jpg
The SPU campus during the shooting rampage by Aaron Ybarra in 2014

Ybarra told investigators that he was inspired by and identified with the Columbine shooters and said he hoped to kill more people, according to videos of his interview with detectives.
The Mountlake Terrace native carefully planned the attack and selected the small Christian college. He had no connections with the school.
Ybarra was charged with one count of premeditated first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of second-degree assault.
He is schedule in September and intends to pursue an insanity defense.



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