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Florida man, Eduardo Ravelo, drugged elderly patient in his care stole $500,000 from her to buy Lamborghinis, jewellry, other luxury goods

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Florida care giver Eduardo Ravelo, 36,  drugged elderly  widow, wrote himslf checks on here account

Put himself on her credit card, even  impersonated her in a phone call to American Express

Used her money and credit to buy $500,000 worth of luxury goods  including Lamborghinis, Porsches, BMWs , high-end jewelry,  pricy nipple pasties

Convicted of money laundering, theft from the elderly and fraudulent use of identification

Sentenced 17 years in prison. Prosecutors plan to seek $500,000 in restitution.


Eduardo Ravelo1 Eduardo Ravelo, drugged and robbed his elderly patient of her money

A Florida man, Eduardo Ravelo, took care of aging Irene Boyansky for a decade. The problem is he didn’t believe he was being paid enough for his services so he took matters into his hands.
Ravelo, 36 was handed a sentence of 17 years in prison after being convicted on charges of  drugging the  elderly woman for three years, so he could steal her money..
As the Bal Harbour widow began to lose her eyesight, Ravelo uesd that opportunity to  write himself substantial checks from her account. He went further to add his name to her credit card, going so far as impersonating her during a call to American Express.
Between 2011 and 2013 he spent a massive amount of the widow’s money, financial investigator Ed Gutman said, which he then used on luxury goods.  Half a million dollars of Irene Boyansky’s funds was spent on jewelry, Lamborghini rentals, paint-ball equipment and high end nipple pasties.
Ms Boyansky  died at the age of 88, she died of natural causes before the trial, but her family is quite upset that final years spent in a haze.
Investigations revealed that while Riva mixed sleeping pills in Boyansky’s orange juice to keep her compliant which left her in constant state of stupor induced by the pills.
The care giver spent $90,000 of the widow’s money on luxury car rentals alone, including Lamborghinis, Porsches, BMWs  etc. He shelled out another $43,000 at high-end jewelry stores. Some strange items in the discovery includes purchases of predictable items, like pricy nipple pasties from upscale lingerie retailer Agent Provacateur, an item that retails  for $135 to $270.

Ravelo rented and bought luxury items with money stolen from his elderly patient

He also used his ill-gotten gains on luxury watches, paint ball equipment, electronics, iTunes purchases, furniture and glasses.
However, the unlikely event of the his elderly patient regaining her sight led to the discovery of the theft. Ms Boyansky had surgery and recovered her her sight, subsequently she caught on to her caretaker’s financial treachery
When confronted by the police, Ravelo admittedhe had stolen the woman’s money for hisshopping spree — but said he only did it because he wasn’t getting paid enough. Ufortunately, Boyansky died of natural causes died at 88, before the case went to trial.
In May, a jury convicted Ravelo of money laundering, theft from the elderly and fraudulent use of identification.
He was This week sentenced this week to a 17 years in a  state prison. Prosecutors plan to seek for $500,000 in restitution.




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