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When the guy feels so entitled – Player posts facebook message asking his wife and mistress to get along , else?

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Texas love rat Lonnie Turner ’s Facebook post demands wife and girlfriend to get along ‘cos he is entitled to his fun, having worked so hard

With wife Tammy at home and a “jump off” outside, Lonnie claims he’s getting sick of the pair’s fighting, he would rather they got along and let him have both cakes and eat them, too!

Is this a case of ‘lust gone wild’,mere insensitivityor shameless self-promotion?

Lonnie ‘da player’ doesn’t care, one way or the other, the ladies should just deal with his infidelity


lonnie turner15.jpg

Lonnie Turner – shameless plugging

Lonnie Turner set off a media swirl when hposted a brazen message on his facebook wall. The love rat  posted a picture of his wife, in a business suit, alongside a snap of his “jump off”, posing in her bikini.

The married Turner added a message asking the two women in his life to set aside their obvious differences for the sake of HIS happiness. According to him he has worked very hard for what he;s got and deserved to be happy, which inludes having and ‘eating his two cakes’

lonnie turner3
Love rat’s Facebook posting set off social media storm as he rationalized his ‘fast and  loose’ ways
The ‘terrible’ post which  embarrassed both wife (left) and mistress (right)

The cheating husband posted a picture of his wife, in smart business gear, alongside a snap of his “side chick”, posing in a bikini on a beach. The narcissistic self-styled texan enterpreneur added the the jaw dropping message for his feuding wife and mistress: “These two better learn to get along.
“I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake & can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes!!”

The man and his luxury toys

The sleek operator also included the hashtags #Wife, #Chic, #BestOfBothWorlds alongside his status, which has attracted outrage and ridicule in the time since it was uploaded.
Whilst some viewers admired his honesty, others slammed selfish Lonnie, describing his controversial status as “beyond disrespectful.”
The onslaught of reactions range from outright condemnation to grudging repect for his brazen effontry or what one female commentator described as her ‘admiration for his honesty’.
One said: “I wonder how you would feel if your mother was treated like this,” prompting one woman to pile in and defend Lonnie’s post from the onslaught of fury it had caused.
The woman said: “I admire his honesty that’s all. At least he is honest – there are no secrets! If they choose to stay with him, is it really his fault?”

Disrespect... someone close to Lonnie shared their take on the whole series of events

While some commentators appear to be admiring his honesty, a post from an observer obviously close to the couple , suggests there may be more to the story than lust gone wild. However,  another commentator describes Lonnie’s  post as “humiliating” for the unlucky ladies involved, in this spectacle.
For Lonnie himself, nothing is amiss here. The married father  showed no remorse about the insensitive post.

NINTCHDBPICT000249285846Narcissism in large doses from the self absorbed family man
lonnie turner5Wow! Now that’s a serious god-complex as he tells the ladies to handle their business or shipou

In an extensive comment defending himself, he claimed he was entitled to juggle the two women, because “everyone can’t do what he does.”He commented: “I’ve chosen to deal with these two for the past couple years, but it seems to be becoming too challenging because of the hate they have for one another.
“As I stated earlier, they have choices. Both of them can make the choice to become ‘regular.’
” If either one of them leave the situation I’ve set forth, they will be fine. I’m simply stating what my desire is so they both will understand what is required.
“I’ve told them both privately. Now they should know I’m dead serious, and we have the entire world as witnesses.
“I’m not a regular guy. I have the ability to change lives. I’m also very generous. My wife had a great life before we ever got married because of the fact we had children.
“They both remember how life was before me. I’m sure they don’t want to go back to eating leftover taco meat and soup.”

lonnie turner16.pngLonnie believes the women are lucky to have him as his face book wall isplastered with images of a ‘high rolling’ life style


Irony:  Lonnie’s actions would  suggest otherwise from the slogan on his shirt
lonnie turner14.jpgSelf promotion: Lonnie flaunts the signs of success in the ‘business’ world

But another user was quick to remind love rat Lonnie that money can’t buy happiness, suggesting that he is a man with personal unresolved personal issues. She adds that happiness will continue to elude him unless he fixes those issues.




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