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Gangster Shameke Walker caught on tape during a robbery plans on presenting ‘sophisticated cognitive bias’ defense to prove he’s not the man on the tape

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Career criminal, Shameke ‘Bonafide’ Walker, 41, insists he is not man caught on tape by suerveillance cameras during a 2015 robbery even as eye witnesses prepare to identify him

Supect plans on presenting a novel cognitive bias’ defense  to prove mistaken identity

The feared, high-ranking Bloods gang member faces 30 years if he’s convicted.

Prosecutors say “Mr. Walker denies that he is the robber,” rather  “This is a case of misidentification”

Shameke Walker,  aka ‘Bonafide’, allegedly shot his way out of a situation, after his cornered in a robbery gone bad in June 2015. He shot and  wounded an innocent bystander in the leg during his escape. The victim was  standing across the street from the convenience store in East New York , that the supect was attempting to rob.
Walker, 41, gwent on trial Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court for that armed robbery, facing off against the clerk, Bazel Almontaser, who grabbed a machete, ran outside and locked the glass door trapping the him inside the store.
Walker did shoot his way out of the situation, as his bullet narrowly missed Almontaser who later picked Walker’s mug shot out of a police photo array. His federal probation officer reportedly is also prepared to fidentify him as the man in the viral video, and his fingerprints were found on a carton of cigarettes touched by the robber during the botched robbery.Shameke Walker1.jpgInspite of the solid evidence, the career criminal  says this is not a slam-dunk case against him. If conviicted he colud spend upwards sof thirty years behind bars, he therfore planning to mount a very sophisticated defense, based on proving ‘mistaken identity’.
According to federal defender Mia Eisner-Grynberg “Mr. Walker denies that he is the robber,” “This is a case of misidentification.” Eisner-Grynberg stated in court papers.
The shopkeeper, Almontaser recently admitted to the feds for the first time that he had previously sold synthetic marijuana to Walker and prosecutors are expected to grant him immunity to testify. the anticipation is that the defense will argue he has a motive to falsely accuse Walker in the robbery..
Defense lawyers also intend to attack probation officer Tanya Parris’s identification of Walker and the fingerprint expert’s match by calling Dr Itiel Dror, a Harvard-educated neuroscientist, to testify about a new theory called “cognitive bias” which suggests experts’ conclusions are susceptible to subconscious bias due to “perceptual distortion and inaccurate judgments,’ according to court papers.
Asisstant US DA for Brooklyn, Andrey Spektor, disclosed in court papers that Walker is a member of the Bloods 9 Trey Set and was promoted to the rank of “High Stain” after the former leader Garland Tyree was killed in a shootout with the NYPD and U.S. Marshals in Staten Island in 2015.
“The defendant is a dangerous, high-ranking member of the violent Bloods gang and a career criminal who has proven to be a menace even in prison,” Spektor stated.

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