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Inmate Larry Darnell Gordon killed in Michigan county courthouse after he snatched a deputy’s sidearm and killed two bailiffs, two others injured

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Inmate Larry Darnell Gordon, grabs cop’s gun and kills two bailiffs in Michigan county courthouse, deputies kill him to stop rampage

The ‘in-custody inmate’ also shot Sheriff’s deputy and a civilian, both in stable condition

Authorities trying to unravel how inmate was able to grab a deputy’s weapon and open fire 

courthouse shooting4.jpg
Rattled courthouse staff being comforted by the cops

Three people were killed in a shooting at a Michigan courthouse, around 2.30 PM, Monday afternoon. Two bailiffs were fatally shot by an inmate Larry Darnell Gordon,at the Berrien County Courthouse, as he was beeing transfered, Monday before he was also killed, sheriff’s authorities have confirmed. Gordon was being transferred from his holding cell into a courtroom when he made his violent grab for an officer’s gun, said Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey.
According to Bailey, Gordon was in custody for “several charges.”
Two other people, a deputy  and a civilian were also injured in the shooting that happened around 2:15 p.m. at the courthouse on Port Street in downtown St. Joseph, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey said. Both were reported to be in stable condition at the Lakeland Medical Center in St. Joseph.
During a news conference Monday afternoon, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey said some “brave officers” were able to take down the suspect, who has not been named. Officers were able to come to the rescue and take the shooter down,” Bailey said in an emotional press conference on Monday, outside the courthouse. He told reporters felt “terrible” learning his friends were shot.

inmate, Larry Darnell Gordon1.jpg
Inmate, Larry Darnell Gordon, grabbed a deputy’s hand gun and killed two bailiffs before being killed himself
courthouse shooting5.jpg
Deputies patrol the taped off courthoue premises

Court employees scrambled for shelter when gunfire erupted on the building’s third floor, during court session, Monday. The courthouse remained under lockdown after the shooting broke out.

The inmate, identified by local media as Larry Darnell Gordon, was killed by other court officers, who shot him moments after he opened fire.

Gordon wounded two others in the courthouse, authorities said.

The gunfire erupted just after 2 p.m. at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, a small western Michigan town not far from Indiana.
Gordon was being transferred from his holding cell into a courtroom when he made his violent grab for an officer’s gun, said Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey.
He was in custody for “several charges,” Bailey said, without elaborating further.

All probation staff are safe and accounted for. Meanwhile, govenor Rick Snyder said Michigan State police has secured the scene, and were investigating the shooting. Police are still trying to figure out how the shooter was able to get his hands on a gun in the courthouse.
“We ask people to pray for the families of the deceased and we will have further information for you as we investigation,” Bailey said.
The shooting occured in St. Joseph, in far southwestern Michigan, which borders Indiana and Illinois and shooting comes in the wake of a deadly attack in Dallas, where army vet, Micah Johnson  shot 12 people killing five police officers and wounding 7 others during a  march in protest  of death of wp black men , Alton Sterling and Philando at the hands of law enforcement officers.


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